Anupama Wednesday Update 8th June 2022


Anupama Wednesday Update 8th June 2022

Anupama tells Vanraj that she is not forcing him away from his family, his arrogance is; a door of relationship is small and one has to bend to get into it. Vanraj says he will never bend and she can think it as his ego, arrogance, or self-respect, it is very precious for him. Anu says he is carrying an unnecessary thing and he should try to sell it if its precious, he will realize that he is carrying a waste thing; he should go down and apologize everyone, else they both know that he knows to create differences but not to clear them. He says she never used to speak in front of him, now she is giving him gyaan. She says she wasn’t having fear of him and was having fear of protecting a toy of relationship, toy is broken and fear is gone; he should go down and apologize everyone. He claps and says he didn’t understand in 25 years that she is an intelligent player, she acted innocent and now snatched his family and children from him; now Samar doesn’t even speak to him, Nandini showed attitude, and Mrs. Dave insulted him.

She says at least for blaming for his mistakes, she is helping him; if kids marks are less, its her mistake, if his parents are ill, its her mistake, if he is getting late for office, its her mistake; he didn’t find time for her in 25 years, but found only mistakes; Rakhi taunted him for his mistake; she made many mistakes unknowingly, but he made same mistake repeatedly and doesn’t want to change. He shouts shut up you. She calls his name and warns to mind his language. He says she is showing her feathers. She says if she has to fly, she has to use feathers. He tries to slap her. She holds his hand and warns to dare not do that, it wouldn’t be good if he shout or try to hit her or her children. She walks away saying she brought prasad, but the hand which raises on a woman doesn’t deserve it. She walks down crying and wiping her tears joins family and burns crackers. Nandini clicks their pics. Baa says her festival is incomplete without her son.

Next morning, Kavya opens door hearing door bell and seeing bouquet says she thought he is upset after last night’s incident, but he.. Delivery boy asks if she is Kavya, its for her. Kavya receives it and picks message happily thinking Virat sent it, but seeing Anirudh’s name throws it away and thinks Vanraj didn’t even think of wishing her and she thought he will celebrate her birthday 2 days ago, Anirudh is better than her who wishes her at least.

Anupama touches Baa and Bapuji’s feet and wishes them happy new year. They both greet back, and Baa yells its her responsibility to take care of Vanraj and where was he last night. She tries to speak, but stops seeing Vanraj behind. Bapuji says why don’t she ask Vanraj himself. Vanraj touches their feet and wishing happy new year apologizes them. Baa says he made their diwali unhappy last night by not celebrating it with family. Bapuji says meeting friends is important, but family is more important. Baa asks Anu to touch Vanraj’s feet and take his blessings. Vanraj smirking at Anu says she has to touch his feet now after yesterday’s speech. She bends and picks a coin on floor instead, irking him. Toshu and Samar walk in wishing happy diwali. Toshu touches Vanraj’s feet first and asks where was he missing last night. Vanraj says he got some work. He then touches Anu’s feet and leaves. Anu asks Samar to get angry on her husband but not on his father, especially today. Samar touches Vanraj’s feet and walks to Baa and Bapji to show them pics, leaving Vanraj irritated more.

Vanraj calls Kavya. Kavya asks if there is anything left to say. He apologizes her for venting out his anger on her. She asks to speak something new. He says he makes mistakes repeatedly. She asks if he is fine. He says this diwali is his life’s worst diwali, his family used to run around him, but not anymore; he is feeling lonely and wants to go on a vacation with her in 2 days which she planned. She asks if he really wants to. He says yes, it will be their most memorable trip. She gets happy. He informs Baa and Bapuji that he is going to Hyderabad on a business trip. Bapuji asks if he is going with Kavya. He says alone.

Kinjal asks Rakhi why didn’t she wished happy diwali to her in-laws while she wished all her investors and friends. Rakhi says she wished her father-in-law already who was found in Kavya’s building. She asks what about Anu, Baa, Bapuji, Samar, Toshu, Sweety; she will come along today and wish them happy new year. Rakhi thinks she will make their new year worst.

Anu gits sports shohes to Bapuji and insists him to go on a morning walk. Bapuji says even she should take care of her health and walk with him. Baa says she walks around the house, that is enough. Bapuji says Bahu’s health is very important and if he falls down while walking, she should be there to hold him. Anu agrees and wears sports shoes.

Nandini comes to teach yoga. Anu and Mamaji greet her good morning teacher. She replies and says lets start yoga class. Vanraj sees Anu’s sport shoes in sari and comments. Bapuji says sari depicts sanskar and shoes depicts raftar/speed, his daughter is carrying them both. Vanraj comments to walk carefully, else she may stumble and fall down. Samar comments one who falls on earth will wake up, but one who falls in eyes will not. Bapuji says he is right, one who falls will try to move ahead. Anu says falling down is not bad, not trying to get up is bad. She leaves with Samar, Bapuji, and Nandini leaving Vanraj fuming. She walks on road with them happily. Badal pe naav hai…sonng..plays in the background. Nandini teaches them yoga while Samar looks at her. Anu performs yoga and also helps Bapuji. Bapuji says its enough for today. Samar takes Bapuji to get him tender coconut.

Nandini asks Anu if she is feeling tired. Anu says not at all. Nandini nature is refreshing and says let us meditate now. She gives her headset and asks her to close her eyes and feel her innerself. Anu imagines Vanraj’s betrayal and romance with Kavya and gets panic attack. Nandini consoles her and says her inner problems triggered out, she should really get out of her problems and not feel pain even if she faces it again. Anu says she will become strong and make her weakness as her strength. Samar and Bapuji return with tender coconut. Anu asks time and returns home where she sees Vanraj leaving for a trip. She comments that at least he will celebrate someone’s birthday without hurting their feelin, they thought her as fool and she thought Kavya as dear one and she never forgets dear one’s birthday. Vanraj walks away murmuring he doesn’t have to see this inauspicious woman’s face for 2 days.

Rakhi with Kinjal visits house. Anu greets them in. Baa taunts that she thought Rakhi forgot diwali, at least she remembers happy new year. Kinjal greets happy new year and says papa apologized for not visiting yesterday during diwali. Baa says its okay and taunts Rakhi that if she has learnt so much English, she should learn to even say sorry. Rakhi sits fuming and asks where is Vanraj. Baa says he has gone on a business trip. Rakhi comments she missed the opportunity, she means to wish Vanraj; she must say he is a hard working man who runs 2 families. Everyone look at her confused. She says she means his family and Anu’s mother’s family.

Baa says both families are one. Anu says good she came, they wanted to discuss about Kinjal and Toshu’s wedding. Rakhi says why so hurry, let them complete their exams. Baa says they are not fixing muhurat tomorrow morning. Rakhi says let her know them more first. Baa says she is sitting in front of her, she can know her right now. Rakhi says her friend’s daughter got married recently and her saas was found to be characterless. Baa says then she should check Rakhi’s character also. Rakhi gets angry. Anu requests them both to calm down. Rakhi says she feels pity for the wives whose husbands have an affair and go on vacations in lieu of business trip. Anu says when one is not in partner’s heart, it doesn’t mean if they stay near or far. Rakhi says she is going on a vacation and came to inform about it. Baa says she came to spoil their new year instead. Rakhi leaves.

Rakhi checks into a hotel in Vadodara where Vanraj and Kavya enter as honeymoon couple. She murmurs that she thought she is in Vadodara, but its seems to be Hyderabad. Manager calls Kavya as Mrs. Kavya Vanraj Shah and informs her that her honeymoon suite is not yet, so they both can go on a hotel sight seeing till their room is ready. They both go on sight seeing to hotel’s garden. Rakhi thinks these 2 love birds are enjoying here and she got a good reason to break Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding, she will destroy Vanraj and his family now. Kavya and Vanraj get romantic on hotel garden. She gifts him casual shirts and asks to be casual and not her boss here. Their romance continues. On the other side, Anu walks into Vanraj’s room and remembers his betrayal. She picks her clothes and walks out and thinks parents teach girls to make someone’s home as hers, but her house is taken away, they don’t teach what they should do then.