Anupama Wednesday Update 30 November 2022


Anupama Wednesday Update 30 November 2022

Anupama asks Anuj if something had happened because of her. He says not because of her but because of his stupidity and he didn’t think issue would exaggerate so much, remembering the event. Anu says someone people don’t grow up and would stay innocent like kids, Mukku is same and she cannot hide anything and expresses her anger and love directly; they are habituated to the worldliness and live in fear and don’t know how to react when they see a true person, etc.. At Shah house, Malvika asks Vanraj should they name their 4 restaurant names based on 4 seasons. Pakhi taunts Samar that a restaurant will be named winter. Vanraj says let us decide other things first. She says people check restaurant name first and then decide to visit it. Bapuji and Baa praise Malvika’s business sense. Malvika thanks Pakhi for her dress and says she is her soul sister. Toshu sand Samar also praise Malvika. Kavya gets jealous.

Anuj tells Anu that he has lived without her for years but cannot any more, so she shouldn’t go away from him; her and Mukku’s places in his heart are different, he loves Mukku the most and he also loves her the most too, Mukku leaves him often, but she shouldn’t; he cannot stop his younger sister Mukku, but cannot let Anu go away from him. She feels nervous and silently sips tea looing at him repeatedly. Pyar Kiya To Nibhana.. song plays in the background. Samar senses Nandini tensed, takes her aside, and asks reason. Nandini says she feels weird, Malvika is a nice girl, but she cannot stay at someone’s house. He jokes that 2 stars of his lives Anuj and Nandini are both imported from US. She cheers up and says she feels concerned for Kavya as Vanraj had made a mistake earlier. He asks her not to think too much like Kavya.

Anuj visits office after sometime holding a box and sees Anu working playing with his magnet. He calls her magnet thief/chumbak chor. She gets angry and asks him not to say that. He continues taunting her. She says its her magnet which he stole when they were in college, so he is chumbak chor. She then asks what is in the box. He shows Malvika’s favorite decorative stuff to decorate Malvika’s cabin. She sees an empty frame and asks whose photo will he fix in it. He says he will tell later.

Malvika and Vanraj then get into a heated argument deciding cuisine for their restaurants. He shouts she should go back to wherever she came from. She threatens that he will incur huge losses if she goes. He says even she will incur crores of losses. She plays ludo to decide who won in argument and gives up to Vanraj. Kavya thinks earlier Vanraj used to return to her at least for argument, now he has outsourced even that. Malvika says she transferred 50 lakhs in company account. Baa is surprised to hear 50 lakhs. Vanraj says they argue and take a decision. Malvika says they had a big argument during their first concall and took decision with a toss. Pakhi asks Malvika if her business meeting is over, can she discuss her travel stories with her. Malvika says there is one more announcement and offers Toshu a job in her company. Toshu is amazed to hear that. Malvika asks Mamaji to handle cafe and welcomes Toshu to Vanika Team Works. Pakhi takes her in to hear her travel stories. Baa feels weird about Malvika. Vanraj says however she is, she is his fate. Kavya asks then who is she. Vanraj says Malvika helped him when nobody did and he can’t lose her.

Anuj expresses his desire to guide Malvika in business and feels sad that she chose Mr Shah instead. Anu asks if he thinks Mukku didn’t choose a right partner. He says he didn’t mean that. She says his words mean that and he should speak up openly. He says something is off in Mukku and Mr Shah’s partnership, both fight a lot and are unpredictable.

Anuj tells Anupama that he didn’t mean that he doesn’t trust Vanraj’s competency. Anu says he spoke a lot in a few minutes. Anuj says he cannot imagine Vanraj and Malvika’s partnership. Anu says as an elder brother, its his right to worry for his younger sibling, but Mr Shah’s 100% focus is on his business now; Mr Shah may have betrayed her, he cannot be cheap and is not an womanizer; he should trust his sister as she is intelligent and will not go wrong. He says how to explain her, a person can never change his nature, similarly she knows what Vanraj Shah is and he cannot forget what he did with her; though Vanraj acts as changed, he cannot trust him easily or anyone who broke Anu’s trust; he needs to speak to Mukku and ask her to either back off from the project or let Mr Shah handle his project alone.

Kavya asks Vanraj if he is attending Christmas party. He says yes. She says he told he never attended Christmas party. He says he will now. She warns him to maintain his distance with Malvika as Anuj like any other Indian brother is protective about his sister. He warns her not to speak more or else she will stoop much lower in his eyes, she never understood him, he never was a womanizer, whatever happened between them was love, he now doesn’t have time for her and even anyone else. She thinks he should save his attitude for Anuj as Anuj’s big brother protective nature will be out sometime soon.

Anu offers water to Anuj to calm him down and asks him to listen to her peacefully. He says he always does. She says her brother Bhavesh is 6 years younger to her, she thought him walking and feared he would fall even after he learnt walking; similarly, his sister has grown up and learnt to walk herself; he told her once that she is her story’s both hero and heroine, he should say same to Mukku and be a side hero until she herself seeks help and just chill. He says okay. She says there are rare people like him who consider women as equal and a friend, a world needs him and she respects and loves him for same. He gets alert hearing love. She nervously says she is impressed by him. He says she is plainly lying as her cheeks turned pink due to nervousness. He thinks what is going on that he is unable to understand and asks her to speak. Malvika enters angry and shouts what the hell..

Baa notices Kavya with tiffin and asks what is she doing. Kavya says she is trying be a good wife and taking tiffin for Vanraj. Baa asks her to stop acting, she knows she is going to spy on Vanraj and Malvika. Kavya says she will as zero figure women will lure men easily. Baa warns her not to disturb her son on his first day of job and just sit at home. Kavya asks how can she let Vanraj whole day with Malvika. Baa says there is Anuj, Anupama, and whole staff there; then thinks and says it can be as even she had an affair in office. Kavya gets more tensed hearing that and thinks a lot happens in office other than work.

Anuj asks Malvika what happened. Malvika says property agent told owner doesn’t want to sell property. Anuj asks her to chill and let him handle it. She says its okay as Raj/Vanraj will handle it. Vanraj enters and says of course he will. Anu says its good. Malvika informs that she transferred 50 lakhs in company’s project account. Anuj is shocked to hear that. She says his tone reveals he has problem as she is a hippie, he is fabulous businessman, Raj is a pro, and Anupama is marvelous. Anuj says he didn’t mean that, issue here is. She asks question here is why did she give 50 lakhs to Raj, why he has problem with Raj. Vanraj says even he wants to know why he has problem with him. Anu says she is an outsider but wants to speak. Malvika says she has right to speak. Anu says Anuj trusts her and Mr Shah’s talent, but Anuj like any other elder brother is very protective. Malvika says she is right and asks Anuj to speak to her directly if he has any problem next time. Vanraj says lets keep it like that as he doesn’t want any more problems.

Bapuji, Pakhi, Mamaji, Toshu, and Kinjal bring Christmas tree home. Mamaji jokes. Pakhi thanks her soul sister Mukku for throwing party. Baa objects and says lets Mukku celebrate at her home or hotel. Bapuji says people celebrate festival at home and party at hotel, so they should let Malvika celebrate here. Anu and Malvika start a cute competitor nok jhok with Malvika. Anuj supports Anu while Vanraj supports Malvika. Malvika taunts Vanraj that he is a big idiot that he divorced such a perfect woman. They all 3 feel awkward hearing that. Malvika goes out to have something. Anu scolds Anuj to trust Mukku or else she will get angry and will go away again. He says he will do anything and not let Mukku go. She says he should take chill pill along with medicines.