Anupama Wednesday Update 29th June 2022


Anupama Wednesday Update 29th June 2022

Bapuji apologizes Anupama for ignoring her feelings while everyone are concerned only about Vanraj. Anupama changing the topic tells Bapuji that doctor told Vanraj cannot have masala, so she will prepare khichdi. Kavya reaches outside Vanraj’s house and thinks Vanraj met with an accident because of her, so in this guilt she let Vanraj go to Anupama’s house, he left Anupama’s house for her and now she doesn’t want him to leave her back for Anupama, Vanraj is only hers and he should return to her at any cost. She looks at Anu cooking in kitchen and thinks she knows Anu is trying to get into Vanjraj’s good books and grab his attention back, but she will not let that happen. In the evening, family helps Vanraj lie on bed. Pakhi asks him to call her if he needs anything and has to pay all his attention towards her, thinking mummy’s attention is only towards Kinju baby/Kinjal. Vanraj nods okay and thanks Sanjay for his help. Dolly asks him to call them if he needs their help and walks away with Sachi and Sanjay. Samar corrects Vanraj’s blanket.

Baa asks Vanraj not to worry as everything will be fine soon. Pakhi takes Samar along to prepare coffee for Vanraj. Kavya back home thinks why Vanraj is not understanding her feeling, she used to let him with Anu thinking it was a drama, bu tnow she can’t as everything is real. Her and Vanraj’s pic falls down. She picks it and thinks tragedies shorten differences and even increase them, hopes her differences shorten and Anu’s increase.

Vanraj asks Baa about Toshu and Kinjal. Baa says they have gone to Udaipur. He says he feels good returning home. He says there is peace at home. He says during his accident, he remembered her, Bapuji, and children and realized who are important in life during tough times. Baa says he is important to them and asks her to rest. Kavya calls him, but he switches it off. Kavya thinks Vanraj must be asleep after consuming medicine, Anu must have switched it off. Baa sings lullaby to make him asleep. Kavya calls Anu and says she wants to speak to Vanraj, but someone switched off phone. Anu says she doesn’t have his phone, but will let her speak to him. Baa takes phone and yells its time for dignified people to sleep and disconnecting call scolds Anu to not let her sautan speak to her husband and keep her away from him.

Next morning, Anu is back in kitchen when Samar greets her and asks if she is fine. Anu nods yes and asks what about him. Samar says he will get Vanraj’s medicines and reminds her about dance class today at Nandini’s house. Baa walks in and asks Anu if she prepared palak soup for Vanraj. Anu says yes. Baa says she knows she doesn’t like all this, but until Vanraj gets wlel, she should stop her dance class. Anu says she will do whatever Baa says for Vanraj, but will not stop dance class. Baa says her work is important than Vanraj. Anu says work is important as they need money to run the house and guest is staying with them for a few days. Baa asks if Vanraj is a guest for her. Anu says he left the house and she didn’t ask him to go. Baa says she will not lose lakhs if she doesn’t work for 4 days, she knows Vanraj’s condition and doctor warned him not to even move his hands, a mother is weak and cannot help her son and Pakhi is busy in studies, so if not a mother or daughter only wife can handle husband and anyways he left Kavya and returned home choosing Anu over Kavya. Anu says he chose himself when he left home and even when he returned; she will obey Baa’s words as she is her bahu, but she shouldn’t expect anything which she cannot fulfill.

Samar buys medicines from pharmacy. Nandini walks in and asks to give even stress relieving tablets. Samar asks for whom. She says for him, either he can consume tablets or ignore it like she does. He says stress is not a neighbor to ignore; its about mummy who has already work and home pressure and now Vanraj’s accident and him coming home and Baa dumping his responsibility on her, he doesn’t know how will she handle all this stress alone. She says she knows Pakhi can’t help and Toshu and Kinjal are out, so we both have to help Anu aunty. He says why wouldn’t anyone love her, she is so lovable. She asks what. He says nothin and diverts attention. She thinks how to explain him that love is not her cup of tea anymore.

Vanraj thinks he is feeling relaxed after a long time, one’s home is always peaceful; switches on phone thinking he needs to speak to office CEO and insurance people. He sees Kavya’s messages and reminisces her fight. Kavya video calls him and says she is trying to contact him since last night and his phone was switched off, she is worried for him, why is he ignoring her. He says because of found peace after a long time as she only fights with him and doesn’t speak. She asks how is he. He says she shouldn’t bother as she kicked him out of her house. She apologizes and requests to let her meet him. He says he doesn’t want to speak to her and disconnects call. Anu asks Baa to give soup to Vanraj as he cannot have medicine without food. Baa shows her cloth covered hand signalling she is praying. Anu calls Samar. Bapuji says he went to bring Vanraj’s medicine, so he will take it. Anu asks him to rest and takes soup for Vanraj.

On the way, she thinks she should control herself and not get weak as its just a matter of few days, reminiscing entering his room after marriage. She sees Kavya video calling Vanraj again and requesting to let her meet him and him scolding her and dropping phone. He bends down to pick phone. She rushes and helps him and looking at Kavya’s video call says Baa is praying, so she brought him soup. She walks out nervously. Samar returns from pharmacy. Anu scolds him for coming late as Baa is busy praying and she had to enter Vanraj’s room. He apologizes, hugs and consoles her. She says she can prepare food for him, but cannot go to his room as she feels suffocated there. He apologizes her again and says he will do whatever she says. After some time, They both return to Vanraj’s room and seeing him having breakfast, Samar takes his plate to warm food. Anu shows him medicines and says Samar will give it to him. He says sorry.

Vanraj tells Anu that whatever happened at Toshu’s wedding is not right and he is very sorry for what Kavya did. Anu says she is not a bit sorry for whatever she did as it was about her son’s wedding, but if he met with an accident because of that, she is sorry for that. He says she didn’t like her coming here, so he will hire a full-time caretaker. She says Baa, Samar, and Pakhi are there are to take care of him. He asks even after what he did to her? She says their relationship ended completely and there is nothing left and he is just a son, father, brother, and father-in-law in this house and nothing else. She walks out of his room. Samar sees her and asks if something happened. She says his grandfather used to say devotion in temple, endless love in burial ground, and love in problem happen for a short time but never stay forever.

He asks why is she telling this to him. She says she is reminding it to herself as in their country they are taught to forget husband’s biggest mistake, taught to think husband’s tears of pain as tears of repenting, taught to forgive husband after whatever he does; they are taught to think husband’s stubbornness as self-respect and wife’s self-respect as stubbornness; now everyone will tell her to forget her husband as her husband returned; this society doesn’t give a wife right on her pain, but she will take her right at any cost; she even informed his papa that she cannot be his husband from hereon. Samar praises her and says though she is old fashioned, her thinking is most modern. She asks him to go and feed his papa. He says he is not sorted like her. She says he is brave though and insists.

Samar takes khichdi to Vanraj and says once he finishes khichdi, he should have medicine; seeing his difficulty feeds him khichdi. Once finished, Vanraj asks him to type a leave application on his phone. Samar hesitantly agrees and writes leave application himself. Vanraj asks if he wrote leave application so soon. Samar says he is not a topper like Toshu bhai, but not a loser also. Vanraj asks him to do one more work. Samar agrees and reaches Kavya’s house. Kavya opens door and asks what is he doing here, if Vanraj is fine. Samar says Mr. Shah told her to dare not meet him again or else he will take restraining court orders. She gets tensed, but realizes she is imagining. He says he came to take Mr. Shah’s laptop. She gives him laptop with a note written on it for Vanraj to let her meet him once. Vanraj seeing that note angrily crimples it.

Pakhi forcefully takes Anu to living room saying papa is calling. Vanraj gathers whole family and says he wanted to give a surprise to them. Mamaji jokes and thanks him for his surprise birthday party. Baa says his birthday is after 4 months. Mamaji repeats his usual one-liner, I know manu remember che. Vanraj says he wants to celebrate new year as last year was very tough on him and he suffered scandals, humiliation, public insult, his children and parents were angry on him and went away; even they had to suffer because of him; so he wants them all to forget past year and welcome new year with a new hope. Baa says if he has to celebrate, he should have informed her to decorate the house. Pakhi says she decorated the house. Sanjay hopes people also change with new year, pointing at Vanraj. Dolly says year has changed and let us hope that situation will also change. Mamaji jokes and asks to start party. Pakhi insists Vanraj to sing a song. Vanraj sings Haste Haste Katjayen from Om Shanti Om movie..looking at Anu.

Pakhi says this is old song, he should sing some new happening song. He signs Dekho Dekho Hai Raat Badi mastani and stucks. Mamaji jokes he has gone on him. He says he remembers. Pakhi plays the song and whole family mimic and dance well. Samar drags Anu and even she dances. Kavya thinks V didn’t call her, so she will wish him happy new year, but when he doesn’t erply thihnks he must have slept. After performance, family cuts cake and feed each other. Vanraj feeds everyone and walks towards Anu nervously, but she walks away. Kavya then calls landline, Sachi picks call, and Kavya in the background hears family partying. Sachi tells family that they will play a game in which they will write their wish in a chit and put it in a bowl. Samar writes that he gets both work and his love this year, Nandini writes that she makes a name via dancing, Bapuji writes to keep his daughter/Anu happy, Anu writes to handle both work and family well, Pakhi from Vanraj’s side writes just family.