Anupama Wednesday Update 27th April 2022


Anupama Wednesday Update 27th April 2022

Vanraj asking Anupama to spend time with Devika, but be careful that he has office in morning and children have to go to school. Anupama says yes and goes. He calls Kavya and recalls Anirudh’s words. Devika says we are spending time after a long time, maybe your family doesn’t like it, because I m a divorcee. Anupama says no, Baa just taunts, Vanraj has sent me to you, are you happy. Devika says when relation is namesake, it becomes a burden, I tried to manage my marriage, but both the persons should try, my husband was keeping a relation with his secretary, I used to love him a lot and believed his lies, my trust, heart and relation broke, I didn’t let my courage break, I m free and happy now. Anupama says stay the same. Devika asks her to tie her hair. She says you are lucky to get a loving husband and lovely children, its a perfect family, person should love own self also, you forgot yourself.

Anupama asks why are you saying it. Devika says you keep yourself at last, how did you lose the job, I got to know from Samar, I don’t need to know the reason, this is not Anu who I came to meet, dance was a worship, a passion for you, you know to live for yourself, I m not saying that your love for family is wrong, you can get alone when children settle. Anupama says no, Vanraj and I will get time to spend when children settle down. Devika jokes and laughs. Pakhi asks Anupama to let her sleep. Devika says promise me, you will never stop living, you will wear real ghungroos and dance, you will remember your name, become anything, but let Anupama be Anupama, promise me, you will find that lost Anupama again.

Anupama promises and smiles. Samar looks on smiling. Devika says if you have any problem, I m just a phone call away. Anupama thanks her. They have a pillow fight and laugh. Samar talks to Varun. Varun sends the girl’s video. Samar says its her. Varun says I just got the cctv footage, I couldn’t find her name. Samar gets to see her tattoo and says her name starts with N. Varun says then find her on social media. Samar says I m not a despo. He ends the call and gets dreaming about the girl. Shaher ki ladki…..plays….

Its morning, Jhilmil comes and says you look happy. Anupama says my friend has come and that’s why I m happy. Jhilmil says your friend is great. Devika greets Vanraj and says I wanted to say bye to you. Vanraj says I hope you didn’t had any trouble. Devika says not at all, we had a great time, take care of my friend, she is special. Vanraj says sure, what work do you have in Mumbai. Kavya comes. Vanraj smiles and greets her. Devika looks on. Anupama asks Kavya to come and have breakfast. He introduces Kavya to Devika. He asks Kavya to sit. Mama ji asks him to book a movie ticket for him. Kavya asks them to see dead pool, its a nice movie, we watched it last week, I went with my friend. Anupama recalls the ticket.

Baa says I m finding my 5rs coin. Mama ji says I got that coin, have it. He laughs and gives it. He asks her not to spy now. She thinks where did she go. Mama ji says Anupama went to drop her friend, she will come. Baa says Devika is affecting Anupama, don’t know what fight she will initiate now. Devika says I want to tell you something, listen to me before reacting. Anupama asks her to say. Devika says Kavya and Vanraj work together, are you sure that there is nothing between us except friendship, I feel there is some relation. She says family knows it last, everyone knows it. Anupama shouts enough, not a word against my husband. Devika says I know, its not easy to tolerate this against husband, but I will tell it, I feel Vanraj and Kavya have a relation. Anupama raises hand on her and stops. Devika gets shocked.

Anupama saying you have slapped my pride, I m not educated like you, you have hurt my trust now, I can never believe this, my husband can never give my right to anyone, don’t say anything against him. Devika asks why did you stop your hand, slap me, I will tell the truth, you have seen your house, I have seen the world, I understand the difference between friendship and such relation. Anupama says I didn’t see the world, you are modern and still have such thinking, you also work and have friendship with men, why are you blaming Kavya, I know her well, she has made her place by difficulty, she is everyone’s friend here, she encouraged me when I got a job, you don’t know Vanraj, I know him for 25 years. Devika says a wife can see everything, but not her husband’s lie. Anupama says I trust him a lot.

Kavya comes to Vanraj. He says don’t tell me that you have to go early, you have a meeting with the lawyer. Kavya smiles and says I get angry sometimes and I feel proud sometimes, you look cute right now. She gets close to him. Anupama says I know wrong has happened with you, so you are thinking the same, Vanraj isn’t like that, we have fights, it doesn’t mean that he has an affair, he calls me out when he comes home, he loves me a lot. Devika says I wish you are right and I m wrong, sorry, I didn’t wish to hurt you, I don’t want you to undergo the pain like me. Anupama says this will never happen. Devika says I didn’t lose any bet till now, I want to lose this time, I will pray that you win. She leaves. Kavya says I told you to find a house for my niece.

Vanraj says I forgot, I will talk to broker. She says no, there is no time now. He says I forgot because of Anirudh, will PG work. She says no, my niece is independent, she is 24 years old, she handles everything after my sister’s divorce, I will keep her at my home. He thinks Anirudh will go soon, but her niece can’t stay with her. He says I got the house, its in my neighborhood, Patel’s house, she can stay there, you can visit her and also get an excuse to come home. She thanks him and hugs. He thinks I won’t let anyone come between Kavya and me. Baa tells Anupama about Janmashtami. She says this time, we will celebrate it well, don’t call your Maayka, its good your brother stays at home, he earns less. She calls someone.

Anupama cleans a cradle. She recalls Devika’s words. She says I m his Rukmani, Kanha ji will save our relation always. Samar says how sweet, you wrote your names on the cradle. She says you won’t understand. He asks her not to give him any work today. She says you are this house’s Nandlal, prepare a dance such that Vanraj feels proud. He says he won’t feel proud. She says you should dance so well that your dad recognizes your talent. He agrees and goes to practice dance. Vanraj asks Gupta to cancel the meeting, its Janmashtami. He sees Kavya with Anirudh. He gets angry. Samar helps Anupama. Kinjal comes home. Baa keeps her feet ahead. Kinjal asks what’s wrong, did anything happen to your feet. Baa says nothing. Kinjal hugs Anupama. Pakhi compliments Kinjal.

Kinjal asks about preparations. Anupama says its Janmashtami tomorrow, doesn’t this happen at your house. Paritosh says no, her mum and dad stay busy in work. Baa says we should keep 10% time for Lord from our schedule. Kinjal says she is right, we don’t do puja even for special occasions. Mama ji jokes on Baa. Anupama asks Baa shall I invite Kinjal and her parents tomorrow. Baa says fine, they will know what’s values. Anupama says I will ask them if they can come. Baa says we are groom’s family, just tell them, I have called Kavya to celebrate.

Anupama asks Kinjal to invite her parents for puja. Kinjal offers help. Anupama asks her to do work, its her house. Samar says just become my assistant. He jokes on Paritosh and runs. Anupama smiles. Paritosh asks Samar to take Pakhi to Anupama and help. He says I should be with Kinjal, she is my GF. Samar says sorry, no romance during puja preparations. Paritosh says when you get a GF, I will make you fight her. Samar says I will have a GF, but she won’t be cute like Kinjal, she will be fire. The girl is seen riding a cycle. Samar says I will get everything. He leaves from the house. He gets hit by the cycle. He sees the girl. Pyaar pyaar….plays… He says why do we always meet, is this destiny or not.