Anupama Wednesday Update 15th June 2022


Anupama Wednesday Update 15th June 2022

Vanraj returns home with his bag and calls Baa. Baa gets happy seeing him. Anu stands silently while Baa walks to him, and he touches Baa’s feet. Baa reminisces slapping him. He asks if he can come in. Baa looking at Anu nods yes. He smirks thinking wife can get son out of mother’s house and not heart. Outside, Nandini gets her cycle repaired while Samar passes by on his bike and stops. Cycle mechanic thinks they broke up and are not talking to each other, so he prays god to continue their love story. Samar starts bike. Nandini calls him and asks if they can speak. He says in the evening. She says at his house. Mechanic gets happy and prays god again to continue their love story. Vanraj enters home. Bapuji asks if he got back into his senses just in one night. Vanraj says his bag is empty and he came to take some important documents.

Bapuji says he lost everything. Vanraj comments gaining and losing is part of life, when he has lost, he will gain also soon. He touches Bapuji’s feet, but Bapuji backs off. Baa requests him, and he goes and sits on sofa. Vanraj angrily looks at Anu. Baa asks him sit. Vanraj says he needs to pick his items. Bapuji says why don’t he pick and go. Baa makes him sit. He offers her money for home expenses. She looks at Anu. Anu says they don’t need it. Bapuji says Anu is right. Vanraj says he used to run the house till now. Anu says from hereon she will. Bapuji says even he is still alive, old but not waste. Vanraj thinks Anu took his parents and children away from him, he will snatch her children from him soon. Pakhi in room is unable to concentrate on studies, and Toshu scolds her to concentrate. Anu walks in and informs that their papa has come and they can go and meet. Pakhi runs down happily to Vanraj followed by Toshu and Samar. Vanraj offers Toshu his advanced course form and fees cheque. Toshu looks at Anu. Vanraj says he shouldn’t show his anger on studies. Toshu accepts. Vanraj thinks soon he will take away all children and will leave Anu alone to cry. He says he will pack his belongings now and asks Pakhi to help. Anu thinks he wants to take away Pakhi from her to vent out his anger on her.

Kavya returns home with groceries and thinks Vanraj was right, she needs to do his chores and by the time he returns after client meeting, she will prepare something for him.

Anu goes to kitchen to prepare food. Baa walks in and says she is still angry on Vanraj, but a mother cannot see her son hungry, Vanraj must be hungry since last night, can she prepare something for him. Anu says khichdi, papad, dahi, achar. Baa says yes. Baa gets happy and walks away. Pakhi helps Vanraj pack his bag. Vanraj says her anger is valid, but he cannot stay away from her, so she should accompany him and they both can live happily with Bestie/Kavya. Pakhi stands thinking. Anu prepares meals and brings them on dining table. Baa says she sent Bapuji with Mamaji or else he wouldn’t have let Vanraj have food with his taunts. She writhes in pain. Anu asks her to sit. Vanraj walks to her with bag and says he will leave now She insists him to have food and go. He sits on chair. Baa tries to get up to serve him, but again writhes in pain. Anu asks her to sit while she serves him food. Vanraj smirks and thinks Anu knows to prepare many achars/pickles, he will shred her pride and turn it into achar. Anu picks plate when Samar stops her and serves food, leaving Vanraj fuming. Vanraj enjoys food while Baa looks at him emotionally. Kavya calls him and asks if his meeting is finished. He says yes. Baa from behind asks him to have more khichdi. Kavya gets suspicious and walks near Vanraj’s house, stands fuming seeing him having food, and thinks she rightly heard Baa’s voice and he lied to her again.

Kavya gets angry seeing Vanraj in his house. She turns and sees Nandini standing who says the speed with which Vanraj left house, she didn’t think he would return home so soon; earlier he used to lie to his family for Kavya, now he is lying to Kavya for his family; she used to get angry on her, but now feels pity. Kavya gets more angry. Vanraj greets Baa and leaves home. He taunts Anu that he changed everything within 24 hours of he left home yesterday Baa slapped him and today she fed him, he convinced Toshu and Pakhi on his side and soon whole house will be on his side and she will be left alone as he is a son and house runs on a son and not daughter, soon this house and family will be his; she broke his house, he will break her pride and snatch everything including Baa, Bapuji, and children. Anu says one snatches what they don’t possess, his parents and children are his and will always be, woman doesn’t leave self-respect even in hatred; he shouldn’t fall so down that when his anger vanishes, he shouldn’t feel ashamed of himself. He shouts Anupama. She warns him to control his tone or else his family will be in pain seeing his real face, Bapuji will not get sleep even after taking sleeping pills, Baa’s heart will ache along with knee pain, relationship are followed and not snatched and if he tries to snatch, he will lose the remaining ones. He angrily hits wall.

Vanraj returns to Kavya’s home and gifts her bouquet saying he got late as client kept him busy. She serves him dinner. He asks can he have food later as he had a lot of snacks with client. She asks what is stuck on his hand. He reminisces having food with hand and says must be something. She says she knows what it is as even she has consumed Anupama’s food, she heard Baa’s voice in the background when she called him and came to check out of curiosity and saw him having food at home. He says he went to take his files and Baa insisted him to have food, so what is wrong if he had food. She says she doesn’t have any problem with him going his home and having food, problem is he lied to her, she doesn’t want him to lie just in one day of their new life. He says he will inform her from hereon. She says she thought riding on 2 boats was his helplessness, but now she thinks its his hobby; he cannot ride in 2 boats and has to choose one; he used to hate Anupama as she smells of masalas, now even he smells of masalas. He reminisces yelling at Anu to keep her masala hands off him. She warns him that its okay if the smell is for 1 day, but if it continues, even their relationship will go on the same path. He sits fuming.

Anu writes down expenses in book when Bapuji walks to her and asks if she didn’t feel bad when Leela pampered Vanraj. Anu says she can understand mother and motherhood. She continues counting. Bapuji calculates in one go. She praises him. He says he was praised as calculator Shah in college and he will give Toshu’s calculator to her for her ease. She says even then its difficult to run the house. He asks her not to worry as he will support her with his savings and Samar will take up a job. She says house runs on love, but a bit of money is needed for sure.

In the morning, Anu gets busy in kitchen when Samar walks to her and greets good morning. She asks why he woke up so early. She says woke up early or didn’t sleep whole night. He asks how does she know. She says its winter season and she came to his room to check if he wore blanket or not. She asks if he has any problem, he can discuss with her or if not Bapuji or Toshu. He says nothing sort of that. She says if he is tensed regarding Nandini as she knows he loves her. He, surprised, asks how does she know. She says she is a mother and will he not know if he doesn’t speak, she noticed the way he speaks to Nandini and looks at her, did he propose her. He says he did, but she didn’t reply and ran away from there; his first love is left incomplete. Anu says his father is her first love and even her first love is left incomplete, reminiscing Vanraj’s betrayal. She tells him that it is not necessary if they love someone, that a person loves them in return; he has friendship on his side, which she lacks with his papa. She continues that friendship is the one relationship in the world that which they can live with freely and breathe freely, but not in love. Nandini walks in for yoga. Anu says they get friendship with great difficulty and he shouldn’t lose it. She tells Nandini that she will wear her shoes and come down. Samar sadly looks at Nandini.

Vanraj wakes up writhing in back pain and asks Anu to apply him balm, then realizes he is at Kavya’s house and asks Kavya if she has balm, sees her missing at home and thinks if she went to Anirudh, then thinks she must have gone for jogging. He goes to park and searches him and stands fuming see Kavya chatting with a young lad. He walks to them and says they are laughing a lot, can they share a joke with him also. Kavya asks what is he doing here. Young lad leaves saying asking her to call him. Vanraj asks why should she call him. Kavya shouts what is wrong with him. Vanraj calls young lad saying madam is missing him. Kavya warns him to stop. He asks why she came here when she usually does yoga at home. She warns him to stop interfering in her decisions and her life. He turns and sees Anu and Nandini standing. They both cross paths ignoring each other.

During breakfast, Baa likes the dish and says its Vanraj’s favorite and Anu should prepare it when he visits them next. Pakhi joins them and reminds Anu about the course she wants to join. Anu says its expensive. Bapuji says he will get her admission. Baa asks its fees. Pakhi says just 80000 rs. Anu and Bapuji sit tensed hearing that.