Anupama Tuesday Update 7th June 2022


Anupama Tuesday Update 7th June 2022

Vanraj asks Anupama why didn’t she deny property papers in front of Bapuji. Anu says Bapuji gave his blessing wrapped in these papers, she kept blessings and is giving him papers. He asks why. He says her name is in Baa, Bapuji, and her children’s hearts and not needed on papers, she doesn’t need his property and she doesn’t snatch anyone’s right. He yells that she doesn’t have a status to snatch or give something. She says Diwali is after 2 days, but she gave him half property as gift. Vanraj angrily burns her name on paper angrily and thinks he will burn her pride. Bapuji senses Baa’s dilemma and asks her to speak. She says she didn’t like him transferring property. He says whatever they possess belongs to children and he gave it when he is alive. She says even then. He says she is angry as he gave half property to bahu. She says every mother will object as son is their blood and daughter-in-law/DIL is an outsider. He says she is also a DIL and her name shouldn’t be on any document then; he continues that relationships are of 2 types, blood and heart. Baa says blood relationship never break. Bapuji says blood relationship may abandon them, but heart one will always support them.

Anu hears Sajna Hai Mujhe Sajna Ke Liye…song… on FM and reminisces getting ready for Vanraj. She changes channel and hearing Bijli Girane Main Hoon, gets ready and says one should get ready for self also. She walks out of room. Vanraj asks where is she going getting ready. She says she got ready for herself and is going nowhere, but he goes outside always; he should correct his kurta if he is going to someone. He corrects his jacket and thinks kurta and her words are hurting him, clothes were fine until she was fine, she must have asked Jhilmil to add more starch in his clothes. He walks into Kavya’s house and imagines Anu in Kavya.

Kavya greets him happy diwali and giving him gift kisses and hugs him and says at least for a few minutes he came to her during diwali for the first time. She says she made all the decoration, how is it. He says nice. She says she thought he would be happy. He says he is happy, but can’t jump like children. She serves him food saying she prepared them all and knows he likes home cooked food, so he should taste and review. He imagines Anupama again and asks why is she behaving like Anupama. She says she is trying to be his wife as they marrying. She says she has dressed like Anupama and copied her. She angrily removes her jewelry and shouts that he is obsessed with Anupama; people imagine girlfriend in wife, but he imagines wife in his girlfriend.

Anu draws rangoli. Nandini walks and giving her diwali gift emotionally says her mother used to draw rangoli like Anu, but she can’t. Anu warns her not to say that as even she used to think same, but when she tried she could. She teaches her. Samar walks to Nandini and feels romantic.

Vanraj explains Kavya about Bapuji transferring half property in Anu’s name and says he was angry for that. Kavya suggests to give Bapuji’s house to Anu after divorcing her as her family is not well off and to shift to Kavya’s house after marrying her. He thinks he will not let Anu win and yells that he comes here for peace, but she doesn’t have anything to speak other than marriage and divorce; if he has to hear same thing, its better he stop coming here. She asks him to go wherever he wants to, he is the one who bring Anupama in between always; Anirudh was right that married man’s mind and heart is always filled with his wife. He shouts. She warns him not to shout at her as she is not Anupama and to leave her house. He walks away. She angrily destroys decoration and cries loudly.

Vanraj gets into lift. Rakhi walks in and taunts that she thought sanskari people stay at home during festival for pooja. He says pooja wasn’t over yet. She says he must have thought to meet dear ones as Kavya is also his dear one; she is here as her coaching center’s business head stays in this building. Vanraj reminisces Anirudh telling about it once. Rakhi thinks she found out truth and soon evidence, then she will show him what she can do. Vanraj thinks he will show her what he can do as he is a seasoned player. Rakhi says Kinjal is tensed now a days thinking Toshu may follow his father’s path and may betray her. He shouts. She says when elders consider themselves as young and have an affair, what example they set on youngsters. She warns him that if her family’s reputation is at stake, she will end Toshu and Kinjal’s alliance.

Vanraj returns home and sees Samar happily lifting Anupama and informing family that her first online class fees came into her account. Everyone congratulate Anu. Anu touches Bapuji and Baa’s feet. Bapuji says their real lakshmi is Anu whose entry in their lives changed their fate and Vanraj saw great success in life. Vanraj fumes seeing that. Boss calls him, and he thinks he will get his bonus and show Anu how big his salary is. Boss scolds him that they lost their last project because of his poor presentation and warns him if they doesn’t fix it he may lose his job. He imagines Anu who asks why is he tensed even after she gifted him half house. He says its his house and will always be, she lost it. She says she is happy losing everything, but he looks lost instead. Kavya walks to him and says boss called to inform they loss the project, so she came worried for him. He yells that because of her they lost the project. She says they did it well, but client didn’t like it from before. He yells that she fought earlier today and now because of her; he thought he would get bonus today for his hardwork, but he had to bear boss’ anger because of her stupidity. Kavya walks away saying its not only her mistake, he should come for presentation on time then. He sits on nearby bench yelling.

Family waits for Vanraj for pooja. Dolly asks where is bhaiya. She says he didn’t inform her. Baa asks why she didn’t ask. She says he is not a kid. Bapuji says Bahu is not a watchman to guard him. Baa yells he always targets her son. Mamaji jokes. Baa sees soanpapdi box and asks who bought it. Nandini says she got it. Baa jokes who brings soanpapdi, she thinks this box wouldn’t have been opened since her childhood and must be passing on, etc. Watchman asks Vanraj diwali gift. Vanraj gives 50 rs. Watchman says even flat people give 100 rs. Vanraj starts yelling at him. Baa asks someone to call Vanraj. Toshu tries, but he is busy fighting with watchman. People gather and ask him to stop fighting. Anu asks Samar to call Kavya. Samar hesitates. Anu says family is bigger than ego. Samar calls Kavya, but she disconnects it and messages that his papa is not here. Anu thinks where he must have gone, since 25 years he performed pooja, muhurat is passing on.

Neighbor takes watchman away saying not to argue with a mad man. Vanraj shouts he is mad, his whole family is mad. He then checks mobile and seeing Toshu’s multiple calls rushes towards home for pooja, but finds Anu already performing it and walks away fuming. Baa complains Bapuji that he gave pooja right to Bahu instead of son. Bapuji says its better than not performing pooja, they cannot make god wait. Anu thinks Vanraj should have kept his ego away and performed pooja. She sings Jai Lakshmi mata..bhajan and performs aarti. Vanraj walks to terrace and breaks flower decoration in anger reminiscing Anu, Kavya, and Rakhi’s taunts.

Pooja completes. Dolly says bhaiya didn’t return even after pooja finished. Her daughter insists to burn crackers. They all go out and burn crackers. Anu walks to terrace and tells Vanraj that he is anger on his wife and not his parents and family, so he should have attended pooja. He shouts that she performed pooja without waiting for him and snatched his 25 year old right; this house, family, everything belongs to him. Anu says before piggybank is broken, it thinks all the money is his, but it is just following responsibility of protecting money; this house and its family’s happiness is his responsibility, in his absence she fulfilled that responsibility.