Anupama Tuesday Update 6 September 2022


Anupama Tuesday Update 6 September 2022

Anupama informs Baa that her school will start from tomorrow, she need not worry as she will finish household chores and then go to school. Baa says ok. Samar says how is it ok as she used to tell that bahu performs all the household chores. Kinjal says he is right, she and Kavya will do the chores and reminds Kavya that she cannot take further leave as office will start from tomorrow. Samar says she cannot even take leave from job. Kavya says she knows as she cannot afford to lose it because Vanraj is jobless now. Vanraj walks down hearing her comment, but doesn’t react. Anu tells Samar that she will start online classes from tomorrow. Vanraj yells that she is showing off that she has job and he is jobless. She asks why he thinks that she does everything to make him jealous. He shouts that is the fact. She says it his wrong perception and there is no treatment for that, they fought before divorce and now after divorce he should stop fighting with her. Kinjal tells Vanraj that Kavya spoke about his job and not mummy. Kavya yells at her to stop provoking her husband against her. Vanraj walks away, and she walks behind him asking to have food. Anu suggests Kinjal to stop creating an issue. Kinjal says Kavya provoked her first. Anu says to maintain peace in the family, one has to ignore many issues and she should respect Kavya as a MIL from hereon. Baa comments to give her gems of knowledge to even maide ki katori Kavya. Anu jokes she will give all her gems to Baa. Baa replies may god save her from her knowledge and asks everyone to go and sleep now. Bapuji looks at Anu. Anu asks if he is thinking that he made a mistake by keeping daughter in his house, she will go if he wants. He warns to dare not say that. Baa says maide ki katori should go and not her. Anu says her name is Kavya.

Kavya locks room door and tells Vanraj let us eat baby. Vanraj scolds her to stop calling him baby and humiliating him in front of family. She says she was reply Kinjal and not humiliating him. He says she creates a drama always. He says if he feels so, he should find a job and shut his family’s mouth. He says he will. She says this is the only way to give a befitting reply to Anu.

In the morning, Anu performs tulsi pooja. Newspaper man throws news paper towards her as usual. She thinks her entity changed, but a few things ever changed. Neighbor ladies gossip about her, call her and ask why is she doing here when she has divorced Vanraj and Vanraj has married Kavita. Anu says its Kavya. Neighbor says how can she stay in sasural after divorce. Baa enters and asks how stays in maika after marriage, asks when their daughter can stay in maika for months after marriage and son stays out of house for 1 week, what problem they have with Anu. Neighbor says he goes to ashram. Baa asks if there is ashram in Bankok and warns that if she tries to sneak into other’s house, even their windows are open to show their family issues. Neighbor says she was just curious. Baa asks what problem they have if a daughter stays in her parent’s house, they should look at their family first. Neighbor says whole locality wants to know how can Vanraj stay with 2 wives, they will not let this dirt in their locality. Baa if she is a protector of the locality and threatens to give her a tight slap. Anu stops her and says she is not Mr. Shah’s wife and they are divorced, he is married to Kavya, she stays in the ground floor with her parents and children and Mr. Shah stays in first floor with his wife, so when she, her parents, her children, her brother don’t have any problem, why are they bothered; in which book it is written that a divorced woman cannot stay in her husband’s life. Neighbors walk away humiliated, and Baa continues taunting them. She says neighbors are right, they cannot shut everyone’s mouth. Anu says let them question, we will continue to answer.

Vanraj hearing their conversation says she convinced Baa, but how will she shut society’s mouth. Anu says she just spoke truth. He continues yelling at her to stop her lectures as she is always wrong. Baa informs Bapuji what just happened. Bapuji praises her and says he will throw Leela named tanker on people if they trouble Anu. She says she will not spare if anyone tries to trouble her family. He says she shouldn’t. Anu offers them tea. He says why she started working again, he just wants his beloved daughter to be near him. She says she likes serving them. Vanraj walks to them and touches their feet. Anu asks him for tea, then getting conscious walks away. Baa asks why didn’t his wife come down. Kavya wearing a short nightie walks down wishing good morning to everyone and asks Vanraj how to prepare his protein shake. Anu says 1 spoon protein powder in 1 glass water. Kavya yells if she asked him and asks Vanraj again. Bapuji feeling shy walks away saying he will have tea in the lawn. Baa scolds if this is broad mindedness, Bapuji felt embarrassed, their kerchief is bigger than Kavya’s dress. Kavya says she brought this lovely nightie from London. Anu says dress is bad, but the place is. Kavya yells if she asked her opinion. Anu says just like she cannot wear home clothes at office, she cannot wear bedroom clothes in living room, so she should be careful from hereon. Baa comments Sweety and Gudiya’s dresses need more cloth than this dress. Kavya apologizes Baa and blames Vanraj for not informing to not wear nightie outside and goes to change. Baa says she should change herself along with clothes.

Vanraj walks to Anu and says he knows Kavya made a mistake, but only and his parents can scold her and not her. Anu says this is also her husband and one has to stay in limits in a family. He asks if a divorced woman will teach him about family. She asks if an unfaithful man who betrayed his wife will teach her then. She says when she came in this house, she learnt form Baa and Kinjal learnt form her. She doesn’t want to correct Kavya, but he didn’t say anything even after noticing Baa and Bapuji’s embarrassment, so she had to. He says after grabbing the house, her attitude has changed. She says attitude is same, but his view has changed. He fumes that he has to listen to wife and ex-wife both, but he will not let them control him and will do whatever he wants.

After sometime, Kavya walks down getting ready for office and asks where is breakfast, she is hungry. Everyone look at her. Baa says they had aloo and gobi paranthas and finished them. Kavya asks what about her breakfast. Baa says they thought she will have raw veggies and fruits. Kavya asks what about Vanraj. Baa says she told her V will have whatever she will serve him, so they thought she would have served him healthy food. Kavya says she should have asked her once before assuming. Baa says she should have controlled her tongue. Kavya says she is late for work and Vanraj late for job interview, who will prepare breakfast for them. Baa says she should prepare it herself. Anu says there is thepla and green chutney. Vanraj says no thanks and asks Kavya to prepare bread toast for him. Kavya does. Everyone leave for their job. Anu picks her bag, touches Baa and Bapuji’s feet and says she will go now. Baa asks her to finish her tiffin box and not share it with students. Anu sees Vanraj having bread toast angrily looking at her. She prays god and leaves home smilingly.

Kavya gets her boss Mr. Dholakia who scolds for being late and says Kinjal informed that she will be heading today’s meeting. She says she is on the way; complains Vanraj that she is the first MIL who has to obey her MIL and leaves kissing Vanraj and loudly shouting I love you baby. Bapuji in a jovial mood asks Baa why she is calling him baby, if they are planning a baby. Baa says now a days, young couple do that. Kavya takes Vanraj’s car asking him to hire a cab. Vanraj fumes. Bapuji messages Mansukh for bikeand informs Vanraj that he he can take bike. Baa encourages him that his interview will go well and he will get a job for sure. Vanraj touches there face, says howmuchever a child grows, he needs parent’s support always. Once he leaves, Bapuji tells Baa make a popcorn baby. She says okay baby, walks to home temple and prays god that Vanraj’s whole family works, so he should also get a job.

Anu reaches school and greets watchman. Watchman says she came after many days. She says she was on leave and gives mangoes for his daughter. He thanks her and says she remembers everything. She says how can she forget such a lovely child. He says even children are missing her and ask him daily about her. She says she will go and meet them. Peon gives her signature book. She asks if she can get a name change form as she wants to change her name from Anupama Shah to just Anupama. He gives her a form, and she fills it. Student happily runs and hug her and request not to take a long leave again, they have made a greeting card for her. Samar calls her and says they need to visit factory for dance academy planning, so he and Nandu will pick her up after school.

Vanraj attends an a job interview. Interviewer says they need young blood who can grow the company aggressively and themselves grow professionally during the process, but people of his age lose their passion to work, so he may leave. Vanraj says he knows a 46-year-old woman who is not much educated and spent 25 years of her life in kitchen and taking care of her family, but today she teaches in a school, takes online dance classes, and is planning to open a dance academy; if she can do all this, why can’t he; company is not run only by young blood but experience is also needed; all his young candidates and him have only passion, but he has both passion and experience. Interviewer says experience doesn’t guarantee growth. Vanraj says youth doesn’t guarantee innovation and walks out of cabin.