Anupama Tuesday Update 28th June 2022


Anupama Tuesday Update 28th June 2022

Baa blames Anupama and Kavya’s for Vanraj’s condition. Bapuji asks her not to create a drama in hospital. Baa then blames Kavya that because of her, Vanraj couln’t attend his son’s wedding, she created a drama in wedding and must have even at home; because of Kavya, Vanraj left home and disconnected from family, etc. Bapuji asks her again not to shout in hospital. Baa orders Kavya to get out of hospital as she doesn’t want her shadow to fall on Vanraj. Kavya says this is a hospital and not her house that Baa can send her out. Baa holds her hand and drags, but Kavya frees her hand and says she cannot stop her from being near Vanraj. Baa says she will not fall for her crocodile tears and drags her again. Kavya pleads Anu to stop Baa.

Anu requests Baa to let Kavya stay here. Baa says she knows who Kavya is. Anu says your son’s love, may be he will get well soon with her presence and will ask her; they shouldn’t think bad for others when they are in bad situation. Bapuji says Anu is right. Baa stops. Samar asks Anu when she saw what Kavya did in Toshu’s wedding, why she wants to forgive Kavya. Anu says even he forgave his father, sometimes situations make them forget their pain. Kavya enters Vanraj’s room and apologizing for fighting with him requests to forgive her and get well soon as she reallly love him. Anu silently watches via glass dooor.

Doctor checks scan report and gets tensed. Samar over phone tells his friend that they will get a clear only after scan reports come. Anu and Kavya pray god. Doctor informs Anu that there is internal injury and patient needs immediate surgery, asks his blood group. Anu and Kavya at once say O positive. Baa requests to take her blood. Bapuji says her blood group is different and requests to take his blood. Doctor says he cannot due to his age and health issue. Anu says even her blood group is O positive and she will give blood. Kavya says she is also O pisitive and is much younger and healthier than Anu, so she will give blood. Doctor takes her in. Baa yells at Anu that she didn’t give her blood and is taking revenge from Vanraj. Anu requests to stop taunting at least today, she tolerated her taunts for 25 years and will for another 25 years.

Pakhi cries at home and writes a note for Vanraj. Nandini consoles her and asks her to just believe that her father will be fine. Pakhi nods yes. Back to hospital, doctor takes Vanraj on a stretcher towards operation theater/OT. Baa pleads Vanraj to open his eyes and asks what happened to him. Doctor says they can only say after operation and takes him into OT. He starts operation and hurriedly coming out says they need more blood. Kavya says she already gave blood. Doctor says sometimes patient negatively reacts with a few people’s blood, they need blood immediately. Anu requests to take her blood. Doctor takes her blood and hopes that her blood suits patient, else anything can happen. Sanjay hopes Anu’s blood suits Vanraj and asks Samar to keep his friends informed as they may need more blood. Baa worries saying don’t know what is happening inside.

Nurse comes out and says Anu’s blood suited patient’s body. Baa taunts Kavya that even Vanraj’s body knows what is wrong and right and asks Anu if she is feeling dizzy. Anu says no. Baa continues taunting Anu. Doctor comes out of OT. Baa asks if her son is fine. Doctor says surgery went well and patient should be under observation for 24 hours, so 1 person should stay with patient overnight. Kavya says she will stay. Doctor says only a family member can stay. Baa says he is right as outsiders look good outside home, Anu took care of Vanraj since 25 years and will continue. Doctor says Mrs. Shah can stay and they all should leave. Bapuji tells Anu that Sanjay or Vanraj will stay outside if Anu needs any help. Anu says she will manage. Baa walks away asking Kavya to leave first. Anu tells Kavya that she will inform her when Vanraj wakes up or she can call Vanraj whenever she wants as his phone is with her.

Samar returns home and seeing Nandini hugs her emotionally and says he thought he hates his father, but he doesn’t; a father-son relationship is unique, a son can be angry o father but cannot hate him; his father lived a great life with family, but now he has nothing; mummy spent 25 years with papa, she spent most of her live around him, but he betrayed her; Baa easily ordered mummy to stay with papa, but didn’t realize what mummy went through; its very difficult for mummy, but she will manage. Back in hospital, Kavya tells Anu that she is staying with Vanraj to take care of him and should show concern and not right. Anu says right is only Kavya’s, but pain is everyone’s. Kavya says pain must be everyone’s, but Vanraj is only hers. Anu says she didn’t forget, even then will remember.

Anu sits beside Vanraj whole night looking at him in coma while Kavya returns home and cries. At home, family also cries without sleeping whole night. Anu apologizes Vanraj if she is the reason behind his bad condition. Next morning, Vanraj opens eyes, sees Anu sleeping on sofa nearby, and calls her. She wakes up and feeds him water. Kavya returns to hospital and fumes in anger seeing Anu feeding Vanraj. She angrily tries to enter room, but nurse stops her and informs her that visiting hours haven’t started yet, so she should come later. She shouts that she is patient’s family. Nurse says patient’s wife is already with her and if she doesn’t do out, she will call hospital management. Vanraj murmurs accident and thinks how did he come here and how Anupama came here. Anu informs Samar about Vanraj waking up. Baa excitedly says she wants to meet her son right now. Bapuji says they need to visit during visiting hours, Samar will go if Anupama needs anything.

Doctor tests Vanraj and informs Anu that she needs to take care of his diet along with multivitamins and not let his right shoulder move. Vanraj says his pain is fine, but he is having some discomfort. Doctor says he can go home in 2 hours, but Anu should take care of him well. Kavya enters just then and says great, she will take Vanraj home. Vanraj reminisces Kavya fighting with him. She hugs him and says she wanted to stay with him whole night, but Baa didn’t let her in. Baa with family enters and says why should she. She gets emotional seeing Vanraj. Vanraj says he is fine now. Bapuji asks how is he. Pakhi says she was writing get well note for him whole night. Baa says everyone were praying for him in different languages. Samar asks him how is he now. Vanraj says he is fine now. Samar asks to inform him if he needs anything. Kavya asks him to finish discharge formalities as she will take Vanraj home.

Baa warns her to leave her son’s hand and then him, her son will go home with her; asks when she cannot even prepare tea and goes to office, how will she take care of Vanraj. Kavya says she will manage. Baa says her bahu will take care of Vanraj. Kavya says Anu took care of Vanraj whole night and now she will take her home. Baa warns her again that she will take her son home as his bad condition is because of Kavya. Kavya says its because of Anu and not her. Their argument continues. Kavya asks Vanraj to stop his mother and say where he will go. Vanraj, reminiscing Kavya kicking him out of house, asks Baa to stop and says he will go where he will find peace, he will go where his family and children are. Baa gets happy hearing that and asks Kavya if he heard that, her son will go home. Anu asks Kavya if she has any problem. Kavya says no.

At home, Baa eagerly waits for Vanraj to return. Bapuji asks her to calm down. Dolly says she cleaned bhai’s room. Sachi says she prepared welcome home card for mamu. Vanraj returns home in a cab with Samar and Sanjay. Baa excitedly performs Vanraj’s aarti and asks Anu to bring red chillies and perform Vanraj’s nazar/ward off evil eyes. Anu reminisces Vanraj’s bitter words. Baa says she has neck discomfort. Anu again reminisces Vanraj’s misbehavior and hatred for him and walks away after performing his nazar. Pakhi and Sachi welcome him. Anu keeps chillies in backyard. Bapuji walks to her and says Leela/Baa thought as a mother, Pakhi as a daughter, him as a father, but nobody thought of her. He apologizes her.