Anupama Tuesday Update 1 November 2022


Anupama Tuesday Update 1 November 2022

Host welcomes Anuj in dandiya competition. Anuj and Anu dance on Ghunghat Me Chand Hoga Anchal Me Chandni.. song. Baa, Vanraj, and Toshu burn in jealousy seeing this. Kavya asks Vanraj to concentrate on their dance. Kinjal also scolds Toshu. Ladies gets smitten by Anuj’s handsomeness plan to click selfie with him after dance. A gujrati song plays next. GK tells Bapuji that Anuj is dancing freely by heart for the first time. Bapuji says Anu is dancing with a partner for the first time and prays god for their long-lasting friendship. Host announces today’s last performance. Anuj and Anu dance energetically on Dholi Taro Dhol Baje.. song. Baa stands aside frowning. Toshu walks away after losing followed by Vanraj. Samar and Nandini lose next. After performance, host announces awards. Kavya wins best dress award. She receives it frowning. Baa and Bapuji win best senior jodi award. Host requests Baa to present best jodi award to its winners and announces Anu and Anuj as winners, leaving Baa and her team frowning more and Anu’s team rejoicing. Host praises Anu and Anuj’s jodi and asks Baa to present winning cheque to them. Devika praises Kanhaji’s sense of humor. Anu and Anuj touch Baa’s feet and take her blessings and receive cheque and trophy from her. Everyone clap for them. Anu thanks Baa. Baa says she will not say anything here, but will not be quiet at home.

People discuss that there must be something brewing between them. Anu tells Anuj that her loan’s 55555 rs are less now and thanks him for his support. She slips while getting down the stage, and Anuj holds her. Anu’s team congratulate her while Leela’s neighbor badmouth about Anu and warn Leela to control her bahu or else they will kick her family out of locality. Samar clicks a selfie with Anu and Anuj. Kavya praises Anu and Anuj’s jodi next, leaving Vanraj frowning more. Baa walks to Anuj and humiliates him. Bapuji tries to stop him, but she continues yelling at Anuj and warns him to get out of here and dare not to return to her locality again. Samar and Kinjal try to stop her in vain. Baa shuts their mouths and asks Anuj again to leave with her GK kaka.

Devika confronts Baa to stop her nonsense. Baa taunts her back that she is divorced because of her ill behavior. Devika gives her a befitting reply and shows Baa a mirror. Toshu shouts to stop misbehaving with Baa. Devika calls him pent house citizen and shuts his mouth. Baa continues her yelling. GK tries to stop her, and she calling him a servant warns to shut his mouth. Anuj gets angry, but GK calms him down. Neighbor back Baa and yell at Anu next. Vanraj backs them and tries to humiliate Anu. Anuj with GK tries to leave. Anu stops him. Baa warns to slap her. Anu reminds her of her forgotten morales/sanskars and decides to perform ravan dahan with Anuj.

Anupama opposes Baa’s order and says Anuj will not go from here. She prays god to keep her until control and speak only truth while answering. She says Baa and all her supporters alleged her and Anuj’s friendship, but their thinking is heinous and cheap. Baa says a boy and a girl can be friends in America and not here. Anu says she already told her that a boy and girl’s friendship’s example is in their culture; Draupadi and Kanhaji were friends and not lovers or siblings. Neighbor Sarla says she can keep her friendship in Anuj’s locality and not here. Anu asks why didn’t they have problem when Kavya used to visit the locality regularly, why is only woman blamed and man not questioned at all. Vimla says she is a divorcee. Anu says even Mr Shah is a divorcee, why can a man have a girlfriend before divorce and woman cannot even have a friend after divorce; why only women are blamed always for divorce and not men. Sarla warns Baa to shut her daughter’s mouth. Anu warns her to shut her cheap thinking. Vimla says its good she is divorced as she is unfit to be a bahu. Anu asks if she is fit to be a saas/MIL as she physically and mentally harasses her bahu each and every moment and seeks dowry from her on every occasion; warns her to keep her mouth shut or else she will exposed totally.

Anu then tells Baa that Anuj is a humble and well-cultured man. Baa says she saw what he is. Anu says he would have destroyed them easily, but he never crossed his limits even after Baa humiliated him and GK; his only mistake is he supported her, protected her son, and gave her a job, and instead of Baa thanking Anuj for saving her grandson, Baa is criticizing a savior; Anuj respected her more than Mr Shah or Toshu did. She continues describing society’s wrong thinking and says people like them alleged Seetamaa’s character then and now just the faces have changed; when they couldn’t spare Seetamaa, why will they spare Anupamaa. She says a woman is another woman’s biggest enemy and they need to change this thinking; friendship can happen between anyone without looking at the gender, race, age, etc; she knows Anuj will never cross his limits and their friendship will never end; just like Baa’s son, grandson, and husband’s friends visit home, even her friend will v isit their home and locality and if Baa cannot respect him, even she will not let anyone disrespect him.

Bapuji claps followed by everyone except Baa and her team. Anu takes Samar’s phone and clicks her and Anuj’s selfie and says photo came well not because of good camera but because of their good heart. Vanraj warns her to come home and bear the wrath. Anu stops him and says they will go home, but first she wants to finish another task. She takes everyone to ravan dahan venue and says evil takes over them often, so they burn ravan’s effigy to show that evil cannot survive in front of truth and kindness. She gives bow and arrow to Anuj and says Ravan was ended on dussehra, but their wrong thinking should end today. Anuj shoots arrow at Ravan’s effigy and burns it chanting Jai Sri Ram. Vanraj’s face is zoomed like a ravan’s face. Baa says after what Anu did, they can’t stay under same room.

Anuj with GK returns home and rejoices thinking Anu took a stand for him and remembering the incident; he was waiting for this moment for 26 years and it was a priceless moment for him. GK also gets happy seeing Anuj happy. Anu returns to her room, removes her jewelry, and goes to sleep remembering today’s incidents.