Anupama Thursday Update 30th June 2022


Anupama Thursday Update 30th June 2022

Samar with Bapuji helps Vanraj rest on his bed and goes to bring water for him. Vanraj asks Bapuji to go and sleep as its late. Bapuji says its late, doesn’t matter for which reason, the problem is its really late; Pakhi is happy with his party. Vanraj asks what about him. Bapuji says he will be really happy when Vanraj will return to his house. Vanraj holds his hand and apologizes for the drama at Toshu’s wedding, that was the most sad moment of his life, he couldn’t attend his own son’s wedding ritual, he is made a joke. Bapuji people’s ego has me in them, but even in his sorrows he has only me in him, doesn’t he see anyone else than himself. Vanraj says truth is he is suffering the problems more than anyone else. Bapuji frees his hand and says its new year and Vanraj should try not to make more mistake, he is also sorry as he cannot forgive Vanraj as they forgive one who realize their mistake, but Vanraj is not realizing it at all, he may forgive Vanraj when he really realizes his mistake. Vanraj reminisces insulting Kavya repeatedly. Samar brings water and says he is in the room and he can wake up when he needs anything.

Next morning, Anu visits home temple and sees a watch kept there. Samar and Bapuji says its their gift for her to visit her new job on time. Anu happily thanks her and says she never bought or wore watch before. Bapuji says one who wants to walk with time needs watch, but house’s Laxmi moves 2 steps ahead of time, so she doesn’t need a watch. Samar says its just for her to reach work on time, she need not worry about Vanraj as they will take care of him and Nandini will take her online dance classes. Anu tells Bapuji that he cannot hide sugar and cream roll, but is trying to hide his worry for his daughter. Bapuji says Vanraj is a fool, but is a son. Anu asks him not to worry, relationship is not like before, but she will take care of Vanraj like before. Baouji says they all will take care of her and shows Samar, Mamaji and Pakhi peeling vegetables and Jhilmil preparing tea. Anu insists them to go out and let her work, but they stop her and say when she is doing so much for the house, can’t they do a bit for her. Anu smiles.

During breakfast, Baa says Sanjay and Dolly went to office early. Samar says Toshu had called and said his new year went well. Mamaji jokes that even their new year would have gone well if Baa wouldn’t have been with them. Baa asks where is bahu. Jhilmil says getting ready for school. Baa yells that people celebrate new year with family, but bahu is adamant to go out. Bapuji jokes that she should also go out so that they can celebrate new year properly. Vanraj walks in and greets everyone good morning. Baa asks if he slept well. Vanraj nods yes. Jhilmil wishes him happy new year, and he replies back. Pakhi hopes papa spends whole year at home. Anu walks in ready for school and tells Baa that she has finished all the work and Jhilmil will do the rest; Samar will take care of Vanraj’s medicines, soup, and tea. Baa yells that she wants to go out and enjoy. Vanraj says let her go as he will manage with Samar. Samar goes to get bike out. Anu touches Bapuji and Baa’s feet and take their blessings. Pakhi wishes her all the best followed by Vanraj. Anu reminisces Vanraj wishing all the best before with Kavya and leaves home replying thank you.

Kavya hears Vanraj’s recorded happy new year message and thinks what happened to V, they celebrated new year together since 8 years; Anupama is serving V with quality food and trying to grab him back, before Anu does that, she needs to do something. Anu reaches school greeting Jai Sri Krishna to watchman and others. While returning home, she buys fruits from fruit vendor outside school thinking Vanraj always brought fruit for whole family, she needs to buy fruits for Bapuji and Vanraj now. Bapuji sees Baa angrily waiting for Anu and asks her to calm down. Baa yells she is late on the first day itself. Anu returns, and Baa yells that she came late on the first day itself. Anu says she stopped to take fruits. Baa yells what about her son. Toshu and Kinjal return home from their honeymoon and wish everyone happy new year. Pakhi hugs them both. Toshu sees Vanraj’s condition and worriedly asks what happened to him. Vanraj says he met with a small accident. Baa says whole car trumpled and by god’s grace, he escaped death. She yells at Kinjal if she left sanskars in Udaipur.

Kinjal touches Vanraj’s feet and asks if he is fine. Vanraj says yes. She asks he should go to his house then. Baa yells this is her son’s house. Kinjal says this is her mummy’s house; if he had thought so, he wouldn’t have left home; if he had thought them as dear ones, he wouldn’t have let the drama happen during wedding; in fact she is shocked that he is staying here even after so much happened. Baa yells that maa didn’t give her sanskars and even some conscience and shame. Kinjal asks what about his shame, his girlfriend created such a drama even in his presence, mummy had to perform all the rituals and in fact he held Kavya’s hand and left home; he didn’t participate in their happiness or sorrows, but when he fell in trouble, he came back shamelessly; sorry to say she didn’t see such a selfish person in her life.

Pakhi warns her to mind her language. Kinjal warns to dare not interfere between elders. Anu requests her to calm down. Kinjal says she cannot after seeing what is happening with her. Toshu asks if she can’t see papa is in pain. Kinjal asks can’t she see mummy’s pain; she doesn’t know about him, but she can see her mummy’s pain, mummy must be remembering his betrayal repeatedly when he comes in front of her and trying to forget it unsuccessfully, she can’t see mummy like this.

Baa yells to close her eyes then. Kinjal says like she has closed her eyes and cannot see anyone except her son. Baa yells at Anu that Kinjal is misbehaving with her, so Anu should slap her. Anu asks what is she saying. Kinjal tells Toshu that if that person/Vanraj stays here, she will not stay here. Anu asks her to calm down and relax, they can speak later. Kinjal says she doesn’t know how Anu gets so much courage to tolerate Vanraj. Baa yells Anu that her bahu is misbehaving and she is silently listening without slapping him, if she is making her bahu speak her mind. Kinjal says she is saying this and if Vanraj stays here she will not stay; tells Anu that a man always does mistakes and woman compromise. Anu requests to listen to her once. Kinjal says she will listen to her, but will not follow as she cannot forgive a person who troubled her mother so much. Baa yells if she is England’s queen to not forgive anyone. Toshu asks her to not stretch the issue. Kinjal says even she doens’t want to; tells Anu that what Anu cannot, she will do it even if Anu doesn’t agree, so she is going from here. She walks towards her room while everyone watch shocked.

Kinjal walks towards door warning that she will not stay in the house if Vanraj stays there. Baa yells at her as usual. Just when she is about to step out of house, Anu stops her and says they cannot set off fire with fire, Vanraj made a mistake and even she is trying to make one, one cannot be happy leaving their home. She continues that they can erase love and relationship from hear, but should not erase relationships; whatever Vanraj has done to her, she will not do wrong to him, especially in his bad condition. She holds Kinjal’s hands and says relationships are like key bunch and like if one key fails, they will not throw away whole bunch away; why should they snatch rights of other relationships just for one relationship; she is intelligent and well educated and should take decisions after thinking well. Kinjal calms down and says she will prepare tea for them all. Vanraj apologizes and says a father protects children’s happiness, but he is ruining children’s happiness, apologizes again.

Rakhi enters saying whoever ruins the happiness, she will be blamed. She pampers Kinjal and seeing Vanraj comments laut ke buddhu ghar ko aaaye, this is shocking, asks how did this miracle happen, then says its side effect of Kavya’s drama during wedding. Kinjal tries to stop her, but Rakhi continues and asks if he is apologizing for that. Baa says she had dreamt with open eyes during wedding where she was playing sitar/slap on someone’s cheeks. Rakhi asks whom. She says who else than her. Mamaji jokes not to play sitar on Rakhi’s cheeks, else he will feel bad. Baa scolds him to stop. Bapuji says Rakhi is Anu’s samdhan. Baa says let her behave like samdhan and bring fruits for Samdhi, instead she is showing nagin dance and because of her, Vanraj is in this condition.

Rakhi asks how. Baa says if she had not brought maida ki katori/maida bowl Kavya here and created drama, Vanraj wouldn’t have met with an accident. Rakhi says in that logic, she should be blamed as gave birth a colorful mood/casanova son. Baa asks Mamaji to bring a broom. Rakhi says her son played casanova and she wants to beat her instead, she is a typical Indian mom who sees everyone’s mistake except her son. Baa shouts to bring her broom. Rakhi asks if this drama suits her. Anu asks them both to stop fighting as kids learn from elders and they are teaching their children to fight. Kinjal asks Rakhi why did she come here. Rakhi says she came to check on Vanraj as her daughter never informs her anything and she gets news from others. Baa says others means Kavya or her husband’s friend; once she gets broom, she will beat her and even her new friend if she comes in front of her. Rakhi argues with Kinjal next.

Kavya enters. Anu remembers all the drama she made during Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding. Rakhi says what a fabulous timing, she was just remembering her. Kavya shouts just shut up. Anu warns Kavya that if she has come to meet Vanraj, she will let her in or if she has come to create a drama again, she will not. Kavya says ifs he knew a drama creator/Rakhi is already present here, she wouldn’t have come here. Rakhi shouts to mind her language. Kavya shouts she should mind her language as she provoked her and called her during Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding to create a drama, because of which Vanraj met with an accident. Anu warns Kavya to stop her drama as she doesn’t want to repeat that day’s act and then warns Rakhi to be in her limits or she will not spare even her, asks if they both want to create drama even now. Vanraj asks Kavya why did she come here. She says she was worried for him and was missing her and walks towards him. Baa stops her and says if there is a degree in shamelessness, she would have come first. Rakhi thinks one gets more entertainment than TV in this house.

Kavya requests Vanraj to explain Baa. Baa says he returned home after escaping from her. Kavya tells Vanraj that they need to talk as new CEO is creating problems in office and they all don’t know that his job… Vanraj shouts fine and asks her to come to his room. Kinjal warns Kavya that she will let Kavya enter the room as they want to discuss office issue. Baa praises her and asks Anu to learn from her bahu as her bahu knows what is wrong and right. Anu says they are going to talk and room or living room doesn’t matter as they are not in room alone for the first time. Everyone feel embarrassed hearing that while Rakhi smirks. Anu asks Kinjal to accompany her to prepare tea and asks Kavya to go with Vanraj. Rakhi stops Kavya and asks to remove her slippers outside as Baa doesn’t like it. Kavya leaves her slippers out and walks behind Vanraj. Rakhi taunts Baa that her family is very modern as nobody tolerates son’s girlfriend entering home when bahu is already present.

Anu prepares tea with Kinjal. Vanraj enters room with Kavya and reminisces her fighting with him. Kavya closes door when Samar passes by and watches it. Vanraj bends his head in embarassment and Samarw walks away fuming. Kinjal asks why didn’t she stop Kavya. Anu says if situation will change if she stops Kavya, why everyone are blaming her; Vanraj loves Kavya, so Kavya will obviously come to meet him; Kavya entered her house 8 years ago itself. Kinjal asks if its easy to see all this. Anu says when relationship burns, its intolerable, but when one sees its ashes, they get habituated to seeing it; she doesn’t need some pitying on her, but peace in her house. Kavya asks Vanraj why he asked peon to bring files and Samar to bring his laptop instead of her, he is not even picking his phone and they didn’t celebrate new year’s eye, their 1 fight cannot break their 8-year-old relationship, she is really sorry for what she told and she really loves him. She hugs him, but he doesn’t react. She asks him to speak at least or else she will stop breathing.

Vanraj says he doesn’t have anything to speak, so she should go from here. She says its not an anger of 1 day, what is the issue. Vanraj says when they used to meet in the evening, they used to enjoy, but when they started staying together, they didn’t spend a single night without fighting, he cannot fight from hereon and doesn’t have strength to fight. Kavya says their fight was with the world and Anupama and they won it. She pleads him to return home or else she will shatter and give her a last chance, they came together after a lot of difficulties and she will take good care of him. Kinjal tells Anu that her anger spoke about her pain. Anu thinks why this relationship is not leaving her even after breaking up.