Anupama Thursday Update 2nd June 2022


Anupama Thursday Update 2nd June 2022

Anupama encourages Samar saying she knows her son will achieve great success in life and this is his first step towards his success. He asks why don’t she teach Indian dance to his students. She says Nandini will and asks him to not get angry on her as she thought of his mother and not her aunt, good friends are very difficult to find. She cheers him up, and he says lets dance. She says his papa’s tiffin, then stands sadly. In park, Vanraj practices boxing with Toshu and gets aggressive. Toshu asks him to relax and asks if he is tensed regarding mummy, she is right on her side and he should give her some time. Vanraj angrily asks if he is on his side or his mummy’s. Toshu says he is just asking him to leave it on time. Anu walks to kitchen and seeing Baa there asks what is she doing here. Baa says she is reacting as if she saw a ghost and says Vanraj asked her to prepare his food until she gets well. Anu asks where is Jhilmil. Baa says Jhilmil will come and start cleaning. Anu calls Jhilmil who informs that Vanraj gave her leave saying family is going on vacation for 3-4 days. She sends Baa out and starts cooking. Vanraj walks to her and taunts that he is reminding her that he is the boss of this house and if she flies high like boiling water, she will evaporate.

Nandini dances to vent out her frustration when Samar joins her. They both dance beautifully and hug expressing their feelings for each other. Samar then gets conscious when Nandini’s phone rings.

Anupama serves tea to Baa, Bapuji, and Mamaji. Vanraj getting ready for office walks to dining hall remembering Anu’s words and asks Anu to serve him tea and breakfast, grinning. Jhilmil serves him breakfast instead. He angrily asks Anu who gave her permission to call back Jhilmil. She asks who asked him to give leave to Jhilmil. He says she forgot that one who gives rent can give leave. She says he is a habitual forgetter. He asks what did he forget. She says self-respect, respect for others, morales, etc., but she is not reminding him that. He asks what is she reminding him then. She says 3 months ago when Jhilmil’s daughter got ill, Bapuji gave her advanced salary till December.

Vanraj asks what after December, will she pay salary. She says yes. He smirking says she is not well educated and was kicked out of her last job. She says she doesn’t expect his support either before or now, she will go out and find her way and is not well educated like him, but not illiterate. He says she can cook well, but even servants do and what is the difference between her and servant. He keeps breakfast plate aside and showing tiffin box says she can only cook and will do only that. Anu thinks if he thinks she can only cook, he is wrong; a woman in kitchen considers plate as moon, but if she goes out she can convert even moon into plate. She accepts Vanraj’s challenge. She writes “Anupama can doing it” on plate and keeps it as reminder, thinks what she will do.

Vanraj walks to office yelling at staff. Kavya asks why is he venting out Anupama’s anger on staff. He says he is the boss both at office and at home, but Anupama thinks she is the boss and is ignoring him, she didn’t give him breakfast or tiffin for the first time in 25 years. Kavya says she doesn’t think Anu will divorce him, so he should sort out this mess soon. Vanraj says he knows what to do, He will force Anu to run around him in 4 days and knows what to do. She says even she hasn’t done her breakfast and they can together while preparing PPT. Vanraj opens tiffin box and finds it empty with 1 biscuit and a note.

Kavya asks Vanraj to read the letter. Anu has written that Indian wives don’t express their love by saying, they express it by showing care. She was taking care of him since 25 years. Now her mind is empty, so is the lunch box. She was compromising until now because she had love and respect for him. Now there is no reason to compromise. They serve food even to strangers, and he lives there, so she will serve him too. If he tries to trouble her family members, then like today, lunch box will be empty too. He can eat pasta if he gets hungry. Vanraj fumes.

Bapuji asks Anu why she doesn’t teach dance to kids. Kinjal comes and asks her to agree. Mamaji and Samar are also on Bapuji’s side. Baa says there is no need. If she teaches dance, then who will do house work? Samar argues, but Anu asks him to quiet and she goes back to kitchen. Kinjal goes to kitchen to help Anu. She tries, but she doesn’t know kitchen work. Anu guides her. Kinjal says Baa will agree, but before that, Anu needs to agree. She motivates her saying everyone is with her and asks her to take first step at least. Paritosh hears it. Anu recalls Samar convincing her as well. She receives a call from Vanraj. She disconnects. He fumes saying how dare she.

Kinjal asks Paritosh why he’s angry. He asks her to stop encouraging Anu. She has been living as a typical housewife. She tried doing a job before either, but she couldn’t do it. Kinjal says it’s not about whether she can do it or not. She can at least try to come out of her current life. He says what’s problem with current life. She has been happily living it for 25 years. All she needs to do is forgive Vanraj, but she doesn’t want to do that. She says that means Vanraj has rights to do mistakes, but Anu can’t punish him? He says there is no need for her to interfere in his parents matters, so stop brainwashing Anu. She says it’s not brainwashing, it’s supporting. He can support Vanraj. She will support Anu because she’s correct. Faster him and Vanraj understand that, better it will be for them.

Vanraj storms in his room. Anu is reading a book. She says there was a lot of work in home, so she cut his call. He says it’s just an excuse. She says she never asked him about his office work, when he came late, when he was with Kavya. She has no right asking question about work that she doesn’t know about. Likewise, he has no right to question her about housework. He tells her to shut up and answer why his lunch box was empty. She says she wrote reason in the letter. Didn’t he read it? And it’s not like he stayed hungry. He asks why he would stay hungry. Kavya ordered food. She says very good, she has so much care about him. Now she won’t have to worry about his lunch box. He asks for how long she will do her drama? She says his drama went on for so many years, so let her drama go for some time.

He tells her not to forget she’s still his wife legally. If Baa, Bapuji find about her drama, then think what will happen. She says and if they find out about what their son is doing, then he can’t imagine what would happen. They can go and talk to them now, if he wants. He’s quiet now. She asks what happened? He doesn’t want to tell them? He says he will tell whenever he feels like. She was leaving. He stops her saying he is not done. She tells him go ahead. He says him and Kavya are getting married soon. She says congratulations. She asks whether he will marry before Paritosh or after or together? She tells him this time either lie properly or fulfill his relationship better. She leaves. He is angry.

Everyone is at dining table. Anu serves dinner to everyone. Samar tells her to sit with them and eat from today. They will serve food by themselves. Bapuji agrees. Baa asks what happened suddenly. She tells Samar not to try changing his mother. Bapuji opposes her. Everyone supports Bapuji and makes Anu sit with them. Samar and Bapuji say they will serve food to Anu today. Anu is sitting beside Vanraj. He stares at her. Anu gets emotional. Baa asks Anu to have some shame, her father-in-law is serving food to her. Bapuji says, not father-in-law, but a father. Now Baa tells Anu to serve food to Vanraj.

Anu tells Vanraj to take by himself. Baa is shocked. Anu says Vanraj just told her that he ate delicious lunch, so he must not be that much hungry. He can take as much as he wants. Baa again speaks in Vanraj’s favor, but Mamaji answers has back this time. She watches Vanraj serving food to himself. Anu says she has taken a decision today. She will teach dance to kids. Samar and gang is very happy. Vanraj is angry. Baa says she said no, right? Anu says she will take care of housework as well. Baa asks what’s the need to do all this? Anu says, there is a need now. Paritosh’s marriage is coming and they will have many expenses. Bapuji tells her to do whatever she wants and she likes. They all are with her. Samar wishes her best for new start. Vanraj and Anu look at each other.