Anupama Thursday Update 28th April 2022


Anupama Thursday Update 28th April 2022

Samar and Nandini argue. He asks her to say sorry. She asks him to get aside. He stops her and asks what’s the work, its my house. She asks what, it doesn’t look so. He goes and jumps over the wall. He thinks he also jumps over the wall. Anupama falls down. Nandini holds her. Everyone shouts Anupama and run to her. They ask is she fine. Baa asks are you fine. She says if anything happens to her, then I have to do all the work. Mama ji says selfish. Anupama says I m fine, thanks for holding me. Nandini says maybe Lord me for this.

Anupama asks you… Nandini says I m Nandini Iyer, Kavya is my aunt. Pakhi says so you are cool. Nandini says Kavya asked me to take keys of the house, you are really sweet. Baa asks didn’t you get any house in the city. Nandini says I came from US last week, there are restrictions in PG and hostels, I m doing Ph.D in classical dance, I m learning from Gurumaa Madhurima Mehta. Anupama says she is really talented. Nandini asks do you know her. Samar says my mummy is also a classical dancer. Nandini sees him. She says I can learn from you. Anupama says I should learn from you. Samar says dance doesn’t come by words. Nandini says non dancers can’t understand it. She asks for keys. Anupama asks her if she will have any food. Samar asks do you know about the ritual Sitla saatam. Anupama says she won’t be knowing it. Nandini says its day of Sitla mata, mum keeps fast for her children, stove is kept off on that day, I know about it. Everyone smiles.

Kinjal says I don’t know much about it, being in India. Anupama says I m glad to meet you, you stayed abroad and didn’t forget your values, you are lovely. Samar smiles. Anupama gets the keys and asks Samar to show the house to Nandini. Nandini goes. Anupama says she is sweet and valued also, she knows about dance and festives, I wish she likes Patel’s house, I can learn a lot, I will have two friends, Kinjal and Nandini. Samar says that’s the house. Nandini taunts him. He asks her to go and see. She says thanks to Vanraj and Anupama. She likes the house. She thinks Anupama is really good, I can adjust with Samar. She sends voice message to Kavya to final the house.

Anirudh and Kavya come home. He takes care of her. He says let me do it as a friend. He says I still love you a lot, I know you couldn’t forget me. He hugs her. Its Vanraj’s dream. Vanraj gets angry. He sees Nandini. He thinks I told Kavya about this house, did I do any mistake, she may increase problems for me and Kavya. Nandini gives keys to Anupama and says I liked the house. She taunts Samar. She says I will shift into the house soon, I liked the fact that its opposite to your house. Anupama asks her come in Janmashtami function with Kavya. Nandini says sure. Vanraj looks on. Nandini greets him. She says I have decided about the house, I will go now. Kinjal asks shall I drop you.

Nandini says yes, I have… Samar says cycle. Nandini says its good for environment, just legs should be strong, I will keep coming. She goes. Anupama goes to give water to Vanraj. She says I have invited Kinjal and her parents tomorrow, Baa invited Kavya, you would be knowing. Vanraj asks why did you invite her niece, call her ex husband Anirudh also. She asks did I make any mistake. He says I helped Kavya’s niece, it doesn’t mean that you keep relations, she can’t come home every day, her parents are divorced, she will have stability issues, I don’t want you all to meet her. She says that girl is nice, I liked it, its not her mistake in that, Kavya is also getting divorced, I don’t understand what I did wrong, sorry if you got angry. She goes. He gets Kavya’s message. She says sorry, I can’t come tomorrow, we have to go to meet lawyer about divorce. Vanraj stops Anupama and says you were right, that girl isn’t at fault that her parents are divorced, Kavya can’t come, Nandini won’t come, she will feel awkward, you make sure that Kavya comes tomorrow for the entire day, you have to convince her. Anupama says I will call her. She goes. Vanraj thinks Kavya, the Janmashtami will be memorable for you.

Anupama singing an aarti and doing puja. Mann basiya…plays… Anupama and everyone pray. Samar and Paritosh joke on the fasts. Mama ji says Baa and Anupama have kept the nirjala fasts. Mama ji jokes on Baa. Vanraj gets ready and comes. Anupama says you are going office even today, you are also fasting, I will give fruits in tiffin. He says let it be, I will come soon, did you call. She asks whom. He says Kavya, who else, we had discussed it last night, you had to invite Kavya for Janmashtami. She says sorry, I forgot, I was busy decorating the house, I will call and convince her to come. Vanraj thinks Kavya you have to come today. Anupama calls Kavya and says happy Janmashtami. Kavya wishes her too.

Anupama says you have to come home to wish Kanha ji. Kavya says Baa also called, Nandini also insisted, sorry, I can’t come, I have imp work. Anupama says work is there always, your promotion party spoiled because of me, if you come today, it will be good, everyone will be glad, come over. Kavya says okay, I will come. Anupama says come soon, bye. Vanraj sees Kavya and smiles. Kavya says Anupama insisted, so I couldn’t refuse. He says good. She asks is everything okay, you didn’t ask about Anirudh or complain on phone. He says you still have a problem, you would have got upset, I would have tried to convince you, lets not argue today. She smiles. He says its Janmashtami today, I want the day to be special, I m so glad that you are coming home, it will be fun.

Anupama gets ready. Samar helps her and sings. She says you look like Kanha ji. Samar says Vanraj is Kanha and you are Radha. He yeases her. He says I 22 right now, I won’t become Kanha. She asks who will become Kanha then. Paritosh says Samar, you have to dress like Kanha ji. Baa says you are the youngest in the house, you will become Kanha ji. Samar says let Paritosh get lucky this time. Anupama says this is our custom, you have to follow it. Mama ji jokes. They make Samar ready as Kanha. Samar asks Paritosh to massage his legs, he is tired. Paritosh says this is cheating. Samar asks Pakhi to get fruits for him. Baa asks them to serve Kanha ji. Samar enjoys. He says Kinju baby… I mean Kinjal has come. Everyone sees Kinjal and smile. Baa says you have worn a simple dress in Janmashtami. Pakhi says I like your kurti, I thought you will wear some designer dress. Baa taunts her. Anupama lies and says I told Kinjal to come like this, I thought if she wears designer saree and you don’t like it, I will dress her up for festivals like we do, the way you taught me, I thought she is going to become my bahu.

Paritosh says Baa you scolded my Kinjal. Baa asks really. Kinjal thanks Anupama. Baa asks Anupama to make Kinjal ready. She asks didn’t your family come, big cars can’t come in narrow lanes right. Kinjal says they will come when they will get free from work. Anupama says work is worship, even Vanraj had to go office. Kinjal laughs seeing Samar. He says behave, I m Krishna. She says looking cute, this is for you. Anupama apologizes to Kanha and says its not Kinjal’s mistake, sorry, you know everything. Samar jokes on Baa. Baa says I will see you when you aren’t Kanha. Samar says I m happy to see love between Saas and Bahu. He thinks of Nandini. Vanraj drops Kavya and says I will meet you at home. She says I told Anirudh that we will go to lawyer, since I m busy in the evening, you didn’t say what you always say, to get dressed well. He says dress up well.

She asks which colour. He says pink, Baa doesn’t like it if anyone doesn’t dress up well on festivals, don’t be late. She says okay. She looks at him. Anupama says Vanraj gifted me this saree on the first year of marriage anniversary. Kinjal says so romantic. Anupama says Pakhi made this blouse for dance competition, it will fit you perfectly, it will go with this saree. Kinjal says thanks, and sorry, I had made a big blunder. Anupama says no, we expect bahus to know everything, when we get a job, we are given training, why do we expect bahu to be well-trained, I have apologize to Kanha for the lie. Kinjal says you are so sweet.

Anupama asks her to sit down. She shows the jewellery. She says your friend will adorn you today, Saas used to be Saas or Maa, not a friend, I want to become your friend, when I got married, I was all alone, there was nobody to talk, Vanraj was busy, when Paritosh was born, I used to talk to him all day, he couldn’t understand, you don’t worry, I m there for you, I m your mum and friend also, BFF. Kinjal smiles. Anupama says I will adorn you so beautifully that everyone will just see you. She makes Kinjal ready. She compliments Kinjal and smiles. She says Paritosh will fall for you again.