Anupama Thursday Update 23rd June 2022


Anupama Thursday Update 23rd June 2022

Anu happily informs Baa and Bapuji that she got a school teacher’s job and needs to join on 1st of next month. Bapuji happily blesses her while Baa doesn’t look happy. Mamaji jokes. Toshu congratulates Anu. Baa asks how long will this job stay and if she goes to school who will do household chores. Kinjal asks why is she discouraging mummy, they all should encourage her instead. Baa says she can break anything and who is Kinjal to ask, she doesn’t even know to cook. Kinjal says she learn slowly. Their argument starts. Anu stops them and says the way they handled the tough situations they went through recently, household chores are nothing. Toshu and Samar say they will help mummy. Bapuji says they should help each other. Mamaji jokes again. Baa says if something is left, she will scold Anu. Mamaji says its her birth right. Anu says Kinjal is very lucky for them, as soon as she came she got a job. Kinjal emotionally hugs her. Baa says tonight Rakhi is coming to discuss about wedding and if she raises her nagin head, she will crush it.

Samar goes to meet Nandini and nick names her Nandu, asks isn’t it cute. Nandini says its very cute. Nandini says sometimes small happiness matters a lot. He says just like nicking a friend. He informs her that mummy got a school teacher’s job. She says Anu aunty is really amazing, its not easy to get up after falling, especially after being betrayed in love. He says that reason is coming home tonight to discuss about Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding. She asks if Vanraj uncle is coming home. He says he doesn’t know mummy will manage both work and house. She suggests him to take up responsibilities, do his room’s cleaning and clothes’ ironing himself, etc. He smilingly nods yes.

Kinjal cleans vegetables. Anu asks her to go and study. Kinjal says she already did and will help her now. Kinjal teaches her and when she doesn’t do it properly pampers her and asks her to let it be. Pakhi noticing that feels jealous and thinks mummy’s total attention is on bhabhi now, but papa loves her a lot. She walks to Anu and informs her that when papa will come home tonight, she will go with him. Anu says she can go, but should return by evening as Kavya’s house has only 1 room. Pakhi says she will get adjusted there, will ask papa to take leave tomorrow and they will enjoy a lot, she will go and pack her bags. Anu hopes Kavya doesn’t feel uncomfortable with Pakhi’s entry in her small flat.

At Vanraj’s office, boss Dholakia briefs staff about new CEO Vishal Sharma who will be joining them and asks Kavya to attend Vishal’s queries and make him feel comfortable in the office. Kavya says sure sir. Vanraj drops water in jealousy. Vishal enters, and everyone greet him. Vishal says they don’t know him well, but he knows them all well, so instead of wasting time let us start. Vanraj introduces himself and says he is employee of the firm since 30 years and got many contracts projects with his hard work, but since 3 months business is dull and he is being threatened to lose job, hence he feels that is unreasonable. Vishal says he is right, but he is saying this as he is old and tired, a young employee instead would have tried his best to improve himself; tells Mr Dholakia that there is no value for past performance and they should keep proving themselves; let us see if Vanraj can continue his magic even after 30 years, he has 1 month to prove himself and if he can’t he should inform him now itself as time is money.

Anu over phone chats with Devika that she needs to manage the differences between needs and expenses, she needs to perform Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding within her budget. Kinjal hears her conversation and thinks she needs to talk to Toshu about their wedding. Anu sees Baa noting down something since morning and asks what is she doing. Baa says nothing and asks her to get some ginger tea. Bapuji stops Anu and says if her MIL is silent, it means flood is on the way, and if she is smiling, it means storm is on the way. In the evening, Vanraj returns to Kavya’s home. Kavya asks him to inform his family that he cannot spend on Toshu’s wedding as he has only 1 month of job notice left, what if he loses his job. Vanraj angrily asks so what, he worked in this industry since 30 years and has gained a lot of fame, so he will get in another company easily. She walks away frustrated. He thinks all the women associated to his life are problematic to him, here Kavya and there Anupama and Rakhi.

At Shah house, family eagerly waits for Rakhi. Kinjal messages her to come soon. Rakhi with Pramod enters and apologizes for coming late as she had to attend her business clients from London. Baa taunts as if queen of London visited with a business proposal. Anu greets her and Pramod. She comments good to see someone waiting for her, pointing at Vanraj. Bapuji asks Anu to sit with them as her presence is also important. Anu agrees. Vanraj fumes reminiscing Anu working like a maid earlier and standing aside. Rakhi says to be frank she wouldn’t have agreed for this wedding if Toshu and Kinjal had not eloped. Baa comments. Rakhi says she wants to perform wedding lavishly and needs to prepare a shopping list. Baa gives her long list of shopping and says she already prepared it. Rakhi says its in Gujrati. Baa says is a black mark on Gujratis and should get it read by some literate person. Rakhi shouts alone she wants to take care of wedding expenses as she knows they cannot afford it. Baa asks if she thinks they are very poor. Anu comments that they are family and should work together. Rakhi thinks they will not let them insult her, so she needs to think something else.

Anupama tells Baa and Bapuji that they should also seek children's opinion regarding wedding arrangements. Baa says their wish was to become PT Usha that they eloped and married. Vanraj says Baa is right. Bapuji says Anu is right and asks them to express their wish. Rakhi insists Kinjal to express her wish. Anu also insists Kinjal she wished a destination wedding in France, Greece, or Italy with designer lehanga and prewedding photoshoot, but it was when she used to think about fun and not family; she now realized that wedding is complete with family, she needs her close friends and family members in wedding; she doesn't know what is written in Baa's list, but that is final for her and she needs her family's blessings and nothing else. Toshu says his happiness is in Toshus' wish. Everyone smile except Rakhi. Pramod says as they all wish and congratulating each other walks away. Anu congratulates Rakhi. Rakhi says she brainwashed Kinjal with her buttery talks, but she will not let Anu become her samdhan or win over her.

Anu says she is already her samdhan and she wanted to win her always and not over. Rakhi walks away yelling that she will not fall for her buttery talks. Once they leave, Vanraj tells Baa that he will leave now. Baa asks him to stay back as there would be a lot of work and rituals to finish. He walks away saying he will think. Baa asks Anu not to get angry on Vanraj if he comes here. Anu says they get angry on dear ones and he is not her dear one. Baa says may be not dear one, but its Vanraj's son's wedding and its right to attend it. Anu says she knows how bad it feels when their right is snatched, so she will not react even if she feels bad. Baa says but.. Anu says it hurts when he visits home, why did he leave when he had to return. Baa asks if she stopped her to complain against her son. Anu says she just wanted to say that she is mother and DIL in wedding and not wife, so she shouldnt' expect more from her. Vanraj greets good night to Baa and drives his car away.

Vanraj returns to Kavya's house. Kavya asks if Rakhi Dave started drama again. He laughs and says before Rakhi could hit sixers and fours, Baa shut her mouth and Kinjal also supported Baa. She asks him to tell the bad news which is only for her. He says he needs to stay at his house for 2-3 days during wedding. She asks when they are going, he shouldn't think only he will go, either they both will go or nobody else.

Baa takes Anu's wedding sari to her. Anu gets nervous seeing that and asks why did she bring it. Baa says its just a sari and not ghost, she should get blouse altered to Kinjal's measurement as she doesn't want to spend on sari and let Kinjal wear her MIL's sari. Anu says the pain associated with this sari is still intact and let Kinjal wear her mother's sari but not her MIL's inauspicious sari. She keeps sari back in cover with trembling hands and asks Baa not to take it out again.

Rakhi at her home fumes that beggar Shahs want Rakhi Dave's daughter's wedding like a beggar; they slapped her with a Gujrati list, she will slap them back more tightly, let them wait till tomorrow morning. In the morning, Bapuji is busy reading newspaper and Baa chanting mantra in garden when Anu brings them tea and stands freeze. Baa asks what happened and seeing news paper why is Toshu's photo in newspaper. Bapuji reads news that according to source, Rakhi Dave and Pramod Dave are making their son-in-law Paritosh as their coaching class business' MD. Baa comments in anger. Bapuji asks how can they take such a big decision without our consent. Kinjal with Toshu walks in and wishes good morning. Baa says until her mother is there, there can't be a good morning and shows news. Toshu says his in-laws felt him competent to handle their business, so he they took this decision. Kinjal says maa wants her SIL to match her status to show her friends, so she did this.

Baa says Kinjal understands her mother well. On the other side, Vanraj fumes reading news paper and thinks all the women in his wife trouble him, earlier Anu and now Kavya and Rakhi Dave; he knows Rakhi is trying to trap Toshu when Kinjal didn't listen to her. Toshu gets adamant that his in-laws made him MD seeing his competency. Anu says he sould get blessings from his in-laws and not dowry in the form of favor. Bapuji and Baa back her. Anu says he doesn't have any experience to become MD. Toshu says there is nothing wrong in it. Anu says a vein climbs up taking support, that is why its roots are weak always. Bapuji says in that case, Rakhi should have given this position to her daughter as both Kinjal and Toshu study in same class. Kinjal says Bapuji is right, its just her mother's trap; they are competent enough to choose a career on their own without support and with their parent's blessings, may be in the future when they become compentent enough they either one can take this responsibility.

Vanraj gets ready for office thinking he will explain Toshu when he will go home for sangeet. Kavya says not him, but them and showing her sari asks should she wear this. He stands silently. She asks if he wants to include her in his happiness or not; as Anupama told, if their relationship is illegitimate. He shouts to mind her language. She says his shouting doesn't change the fact, where is her position in his life. He shouts they are not that modern that he can take his girlfriend to his son's wedding, so only he will go tonight and stay back there; she need not worry about expenses as they have decided for a simple wedding with only family and close relatives' presence. She thinks if she is not even family or close friend.

Rakhi fumes shouting she can't believe that she is getting congratulatory calls from whole world but not Shahs. She gets Anu's call and happily picking it asks why did she call. Anu says she called her to invite her for tonight's function and thanks her for giving them a sanskari bahu like Kinjal who is a diamond, they were middle class but with Kinjal's entry, they became rich; Kinjal has Rakhi's given sanskar, etc.; reminds her about tonight's function and disconnects call. Rakhi stands fuming.