Anupama Thursday Update 16th June 2022


Anupama Thursday Update 16th June 2022

Kavya returns home with Vanraj from park and fumes that she is embarrassed that Anu saw her fight, asks how did they come there. Vanraj says how does he know. She yells that within 2 days, Anu saw them fighting, Nandini got another reason to taunt her. He asks what was she doing there. She asks she was just jogging. He says she went out without informing him and was speaking to a young guy, which he doesn’t like. She says even she doesn’t like him meeting Anu repeatedly and having her prepared food. He says he is taking yesterday’s revenge. She says she is clearing his point. He asks if she has problem with him meeting his family, why was she behind a 25 year old boy. She warns him to mind his language, middle class men like him always act like this when they get angry. He says instead of speaking and clearing the first, she is exaggerating the issue. She says she is loyal to him, and if she wanted to have multiple boyfriends, why would she be with a married man like him, she loves him.

He says even he loves her and he hopes she knows that, he is sharing same bed with Anupama since he fell in Kavya’s love, but never touched Anupama. She asks then why they are fighting. He says because he is jealous. She says even she is jealous of him going back to Anu repeatedly; then says she dreamt since 8 years of living with him like husband and wife and when its happening, she just wants to experience it; they shouldn’t fight now and if she feels like her love is decreasing for him, she will inform him than getting disloyal. Vanraj reminisces Anu telling she dreamt of 7 lives with Vanraj, but it ended in 1 life itself. Kavya says let us stop fighting and get ready for office.

Baa asks Pakhi what will they teach her in 80000 rs course, they can get a poor girl married in 80,000 rs. Toshu says 80,000-90,000 rs is normal now a days. Pakhi says she will get an idea about her further studies. Anu says even then. Pakhi says she knows mummy doesn’t have money, so she informed papa and he will transfer into mummy’s account in sometime. Baa comments that they sent her son away, but he is worried for family even now. Bapuji coughs. Anu says she should have spoken to her or Bapuji once before asking money from papa. Pakhi says there is no shame in asking money from her own papa and even mummy would have done same. Baa comments one who can afford arrogance should show it. Bapuji tells Pakhi that asking money from papa is not bad, but she should inform him or Anu before as some decisions should be taken by only elders.

Pakhi nods okay. Anu reminisces Vanraj challenging her that he will snatch whole family from her and thinks he is harming family in lieu of taking revenge from her. Vanraj transfers money into Anu’s account and smirks thinking he broke Anu’s pride. Kavya notices SMS of him transfering money into Anu’s account. Pakhi informs Anu that papa transferred money into Anu’s account and she sent him a thank you message. Anu feels sad that she is unable to help her. Pakhi says its okay as she knows mummy can do anything for her except help financially as she doesn’t earn much. Kavya thinks why he transferred money into Anu’s account, Anu showed her false self-respect and sought money from him, does she want him back.

Anu returns after yoga class with Nandini and reminds her to think about what she told regarding Samar. She rushes towards home thinking she should prepare breakfast for Baa and Bapuji. Kavya stops her. Anu reminisces all her betrayal. Kavya says she wants to talk to her like before. Anu says she should come to Bapuji’s house like before and not on road. Kavya follows thinking she didn’t want to embarrass Anu, but she herself wants to bear embarrassment. At office, Vanraj reads Kavya’s message that she is going out on an important work and thinks if she went to meet young boy again. Anu asks Kavya if she needs any tea or coffee. Kavya says she doesn’t need anything and came to clear her to stop interfering between her and Vanraj. Anu asks if she came in between or her. Kavya yells that falling in love at work place is common and there is nothing wrong in it, she should stop trying to snatch back Vanraj by luring him with food and family.

Anu warns her to lower her tone as Bapuji is sleeping. She continues yelling that she should manage her finances herself instead of taking money from Vanraj. Baa hearing their conversation calls Vanraj and makes him hear Kavya’s drama. Vanraj fumes and thinks he should reach home soon. Kavya continues yelling. Anu replies Kavya that she already ended her relationship with Vanraj, but Vanraj is also a father and a son and nobody can end that relationship; if Kavya was so worried she wouldn’t have grabbed a married man with parents and children; they feed any guest who visits their home, be it Vanraj or anyone else. Kavya continues that Vanraj’s only hers and she will not let anyone use him or his money. Baa walks in and warns her mind her language and dare not misbehave with her bahu, how dare she is to enter her house. Kavya asks her not to interfere as she is respecting her, Vanraj is her right now. Baa says thieves don’t have any right; she once lost her slipper in temple and thief asked her 2 rs to fix her slipper, she slapped him and warned that thieves don’t have any right; she is telling her same without slapping her.

Kavya warns her to mind her tongue. Baa says she is speaking only via tongue, else she would have beaten her with slippers. Anu pleads Kavya to stop as Bapuji is sleeping. Kavya shouts why should she, she should ask Baa instead; why didn’t Baa control her son. Baa says she already slapped Vanraj and if she needs a slap now. Anu them to stop now and warns Kavya that she doesn’t have right to speak loudly with Baa; Vanraj may stay with Kavya, but he is a son, father, and brother and nobody can snatch that right from her; when being a wife she doesn’t interfere between his parents and children, who is she to interfere; blood relationships can fight, but never separate; a husband can leave his wife, but not parents and children and nothing will change; even if Kavya marries Vanraj, his relationships will not change; a wife thinks her relationship will get strong with in-laws and parents’ interference, but a girlfriend thinks opposite; she may be not Vanraj’s wife in the future, but will be his children’s mother always. Vanraj enters.

Bapuji walks to Vanraj and asks him to tell Kavya to get out of his daughter Anupama’s house and if he has to do anything for his children, he should take permission from Kavya or else Kavya will blame Anu for Vanraj’s deeds; they had to bear humiliation outside out and now they can’t inside house. Vanraj apologizes Baa and dragging Kavya out asks her to sit inside car. Baa walks away saying her son cannot be in peace even in another house. Anu prays to keep Vanraj happy in Kavya’s house at least if not in this house. Samar and Nandini promise each other to continue their friendship and dance. Vanraj takes Kavya out says she is speaking to him. She says he is shouting. He asks why did she go to his house and made a drama, he is staying with her now, then why is she insecure now. She says its his mistake that he doesn’t make her feel secure, why did he transfer money and didn’t even bother to inform her. He says he never took anyone’s permission till now and cannot do that, he is a 3 children’s father and to take care of them is his responsibility, he will send them money or speak to them and doesn’t need her permission.

She says she is not asking him to take permission, he just can inform, she doesn’t want to lose him as she knows Anupama is not innocent like she portrays herself. He says Anu is not that wicked or intelligent as she thinks, she knows how much he important his parents and children and he cannot leave them, may be in the future his children will come and stay with him, so she should be prepared for that; he cannot maintain a log book of his activities as he can either work or make a log book; he knows she is not interested in his children; he doesn’t want her to do anything for his family, but shouldn’t interfere in his if he is doing something; his parents are like his god and he cannot leave them for anyone at any cost, not even her.

Baa with Bapuji sitting in garden fume that Kavya must be fighting with Vanraj. Bapuji says its their problem. Samar barbecues vegetables. Pakhi rushes to Anu happily and says her guest list is ready and she will go for shopping with papa for her birthday dress. Samar says he will take her for shopping. Pakhi says she wants go with papa as always. Bapuji says she can go with brother. Samar says she can go with mummy at least as she just needs a dress. Pakhi fights with him that she will go only with papa. Baa asks them to stop their fight as already there are fights at home. Anu permits her and says she should speak to her papa first. Pakhi says she is going to papa’s office and hopes Bestie/Kavya shouldn’t be in office as she doesn’t want to see her face. Anu asks not to say that. Baa hopes Kavya doesn’t create any drama at Pakhi’s birthday and says soon Vanraj and Kavya will realize difference between gharwali and baharwali. Vanraj gets romantic with Kavya on bed, but seeing her cold response turns his back towards her. Kavya also does same.

In the morning, Toshu is busy exercising at a park when Kinjal walks to him. They both hug each other emotionally and ask each other if they are fine. He shows her wedding ring. She backs off her hand. He asks if she is breaking their alliance on her mom’s order. She says mom is sending her to US, she and dad are trying to convince her since long. He says he will ask mom to speak to her mom. She says mom will insult Anu aunty, which she doesn’t want; she wants not only wants to wear engagement ring, but also his name’s mangalsutra.

Vanraj returns to his office and is surprised to see Pakhi. Pakhi asks how was her surprise. He says best surprisse. She asks does he know why she came. He says its her birthday and asks what is her birthday list and if she want party at club house or somewhere else. She says home and informed mummy about her preferences, she just wants him to be present at home. He sits nervously remembering Bapuji’s order. She says its okay if he doesn’t cannot come, they will party next birthday. He says its impossible, he will bring birthday cake and gifts. She rejoices. Kavya gets jealous noticing them. She walks in and greets Pakhi. Pakhi walks away with frowning face. Vanraj asks Kavya not to mind as she knows how teenagers are; she wants to celebrate it at home and seeing Bapuji’s anger, only he can go.

At home, Anu plans guest list for party with Samar and hopes Pakhi doesn’t feel anything is left, asks Samar if she has money in her account to buy dress for Pakhi. He says yes. She then looks at Pakhi’s childhood birthay pics. Bapuji joins her and they both rejoice their memories. Bapuji says Vanraj used to only return home during cake cutting and even this time he will do same. Baa says he will return at least this time. Anu hopes she makes Pakhi’s birthday a memoral event. Kavya thinks making dahi vada and sweet chutney is not party, she will throw a lavish party for Pakhi and show Anu her place. She tells Vanraj that Pakhi was her best friend, so she wants to throw a party for her. He says already there is a party at home. She says he will orgnaize party in the afternoon or evening. He happily hugs her. She thinks Anu is playing game by calling Vanraj in lieu of party, she will throw a lavish party that Vanraj and Pakhi will ignore Anu’s party, she will fail Anu’s plan.

Anu and Baa are busy noticing grocery list for party when Pakhi shouts. They both, Bapuji, and Mamaji rush to her. She says her birthday is in 6 hours. Baa scolds that she would have given her heart attack. Mamaji and Bapuji joke. Pakhi excitedly says all her birthday shopping is done. Samar returns with Nandini with shopping bags. Mamaji jokes that coolie looks like Samar. Samar says if he was a coolie, he would have at least got some money; he is lifting bags for Pakhi and she didn’t even thank her. She says its her birthday and why should she. Nandini backs her. Toshu walks in with Kinjal. Baa shouts why did Kinjal come back. Toshu says he brought her. Kinjal says its Pakhi’s birthday. Anu requests Baa to forgive Kinjal as its not her mistake. Baa agrees and warns Kinjal not to bring her mother along though. Kinjal agrees. Pakhi continues her excitement.