Anupama Sunday Update 8 October 2023


Anupama Sunday Update 8 October 2023

Dimple tells Shahs they are pointing at ther mistakes as if they are all flawless. Leela says look at her tongue. Dimple says she hasn’t started yet, why should she be silent when they criticize her and her love/Samar, she is sorry at the beginning itself for being rude, they are criticizing her they themselves do many mistakes, she didn’t force Anupama to leave the academy and Anupama herself left by her wish, where was their concern for Anupama when Anupama left Kapadia house. Leela warns her not to drag Kapadia house in between. Dimple says why shouldn’t she, Anupama had to leave Kapadia house because Anuj left Kapadia house because of them, and regarding her and Samar’s marriage, they are not hiding anything from them and just need their blessings. Leela says she can’t be her family DIL until she is alive. Samar says he will marry only Dimpy. Leela says she will not take up this marriage’s responsibility as she is tired of taking up her children’s and then grandchildren’s responsibility, asks family if anyone want to take up their wedding responsibility. Everyone stand silent. Leela says nobody wants to.


Dimple taunts that nobody in this house can guarantee their own marriage, forget our marriage. Leela says she shouldn’t dare talk about their house as she herself stays in someone else’s house. Kinjal asks Leela to calm down and asks Dimpy to speak sensibly. Pakhi asks Dimple if she has problem with this house, then why she is dying to become this house’s DIL. Kavya asks Pakhi to stop. Pakhi asks why she is interfering when she was silent till now. Kavya asks them to continue fighting. Leela says she can go and have coffee with Anirudh. Kavya tells Adhik that she told him that they will drag everyone in their fight. Leela yells at Kavya that she can’t speak between them. Kavya asks if a DIL doesn’t have a right to speak in this house or only children can. Leela yells at her to go and do her wor. Kavya says that is the problem with her, she can’t tolerate he DILs working and wants them to always serve her. Leela says if she is done, can they continue what they were discussing . Samar says there is nothing to talk here, he will marry Dimple at any cost. Leela says she will not let that happen. Dimple challenges her to dare try to stop them.

Vanraj warns them all to stop turning his house into a wrestling ground early morning. He asks Samar and Dimple if they are worried about dance academy and not their mother, Anuj wasn’t enough that they also want to trouble Anupama. Dimple says it’s not Anuj’s mistake. Vanraj warns her to dare not talk disrespectfully to him, she has forgotten respecting elders, but if he starts disrespecting, she would be in trouble. He says earlier he wasn’t against Dimple and Samar’s wedding, but now he is; tells Leela that he will not take their wedding responsibility. Dimple says Anuj will definitely take their responsibility. Vanraj says his times are not so bad that an outsider will take up his son’s responsibility, one who is running away from his own responsibilities. Dimple says Anuj is not running away and has gone to meet his daughter, he considers even her as his daughter. Pakhi says that is because he doesn’t know that she is an ungrateful woman and will speak to her in their tone once he finds out. Dimple says Anuj surely will. Vanraj says her so called Anuj sir took up Adhik and Pakhi’s responsibility and kicked them out without a second thought after that. Dimple says it was Pakhi’s mistake then, she is not stupid like Pakhi. Pakhi says Dimple has done PhD in intelligence. Pakhi challenges Vanraj that she is sure Anuj will take up their wedding responsibility. Vanraj says let us see and walks away.

Anupama’s scooty stops. She tells Kanta that petrol finished, now they have to push the scooter. Kanta says this is life, sometimes pushes them and sometimes they push life. Anupama says she is right. Vanraj fumes that Dimple is so confident about Anuj who can’t handle his own life, let them do whatever they want to, he will focus on his career and Anupama. Leela tells Dimple and Samar that forget Anuj, even Anupama will not take up their responsibility just like she refused to take Toshu’s responsibility. She asks them to call her up and check if they don’t believe her. Kinjal asks her not to drag Anupama in all this. Leela says why shouldn’t she when Anupama dumped Dimple on Samar. She insistently calls Anupama. Anupama and Kanta get tired pushing scooter. Kanta notices Leela’s call on Anu’s mobile and ignores it thinking her daughter is smiling after a long time and she will not let anyone ruin it. Dimple says why will Anupama take up their responsibility when she can’t handle her own marriage. Shahs are shocked to hear that. Pakhi confronts her. Dimple argues with her and says she is right that Anupama couldn’t handle her first and even second marriage. Pakhi throws water on her face.