Anupama Sunday Update 3rd July 2022


Anupama Sunday Update 3rd July 2022

Kavya calls Vanraj repeatedly and when he doesn’t pick her call, she thinks what has happened to him. Anu decorates her kite. Baa says she is decorating her kite after a long time, so she needs her expert advice. Anu agrees. Baa sometimes they leave the kite thread by mistake, so they should hurriedly grab it back instead of letting it in someone’s hands; even if their kite falls on other’s terrace, it belongs to them and they should take it back. Vanraj silently hears their conversation. Bapuji says even he wants to give some gyaan and says big kite never sees small kite’s mistake and blames only small kite. Baa says he means she never scolds her son. Bapuji says he didn’t mention her son at all. Anu says let us go and fly kite. Family walks towards kite flying area. Baa says she will cut everyone’s kite today. Samar goes to call Nandini. Vanraj jokes with Toshu. Nandini noticing this from her house thinks today is festival and even today V is not with her.

Samar goes to Nandini’s house to call her and enters in while she is getting ready. They both feel shy and turn around. He passes her jacket and she goes to wear it. Samar picks her fallen diary and stands shocked seeing his name in it. She returns getting ready. He hugs her emotionally and wishes her happy makar sankranti. They both head towards kite flying venue. Kavya in next room prepares kite and thinks V and his family will notice her for sure.

At kite flying venue, Anu prepares her kite reminiscing her childhood memories. Toshu praises that she is an expert. Anu says there is nothing like that. Mamaji jokes and says she knows to fly kite. Anu sees Vanraj struggling to hold kite thread and signals Samar to help him. Samar helps Vanraj. Family then starts dancing on Dheel De Dheel De De Re Bhaiya… song. They all dance happily. Kavya enters and stands jealous seeing family ejoyment. After dance, Samar asks mama to protect his kite as he is cutting it. Toshu says he should protect his first. Baa cuts kites. Bapuji says she will cut everyone’s kites. Baa says she will cut neighbor’s kite first as she badmouths about her often. Sanjay and Dolly chat and enjoy kite flying. Bapuji cuts Toshu and Samar’s kites, and they both feel disappointed. Baa asks Samar to transfer 11111 rs in her bank account. Anu asks them to try again and not make last time’s mistake, they will succeed for sure. Vanraj hears her and Kavya stands more jealous behind. Samar gets romantic looking at Nandini and imagines romancing her on Aankon ki Toshu and Kinjal also romance. Vanraj smiles repeatedly looking at Anu, irking Kavya.

Nandini confronts Samar that he wanted to teach flying kite, he should not only know to protect it, where is his attention. He says on her diary’s pages. She asks what? He says nothing. She asks to think before saying anything. He imagines dancing with her on Dheere Dheere Se Tera and saying her I love you. Nandini sees him dancing with a kite and walks away shaking him up. He thinks how to tell that he read what is in her heart in her diary. Vanraj flies kite, and Toshu cheers him up. Vanraj then sees Kavya Kavya standing behind, and family reads I love you V and return home V on kites. Anu flying her kite says now its tike to cut others’ kite and this time Shah family will win the price money. Vanraj looks at Kavya and walks to Anu.

Anu thinking him as Samar asks to free some thread. She cuts Kavya’s team’s kite saying there is something written in English. Kavya gets jealous seeing that. Anu cuts all the kites and jumps in happiness singing Kai Po Che.. She then turns and sees Vanraj standing behind. Anu then sees I love you V and return home on kites and realizes its Kavya’s. She takes kite bobbin from Vanraj and continuing to fly slips and is about to fall on a table when Vanraj holds her and they both fall on floor. Family standing aside just say mummy. Anu asks Vanraj if he is fine and touching his shoulder asks if he is fine. Kavya gets more jealous seeing that and cuts her hand with kite thread. Nandini rushes to her worried and Baa as usual yells at her.

Vanraj tells Anu that he wanted to go to Kavya, but didn’t go. She asks why is he telling this to her. He says he wants to tell her something, but then thinks this time is wrong and then thinks if words are right, then no time is wrong. He walks to say.. Kinjal just then walks in and tells everyone are calling her and takes Anu along. A kite flies on Vanraj and he reads please return home V. He walks again to Anu and asks if he is fine. Anu says he should ask this question to someone else.

Nandini take Kavya home and bandaging her injury asks what does she get with it, one who does like her is called psycho. Kavya asks her if V is getting closer to Anupama, who sleeps in V’s room, if Samar or Anupama told her anything, please tell her what is happening there. Kavya shakes her and says she was sensible and intelligent, but low has made her insane. Kavya says love makes one forget everything, even themselves. Nandini says if a person cannot love himself/herself, he/she cannot love anyone; if she cannot value herself, nobody will value her; and if she has to beg repeatedly and hurt her self-respect, it can be anything than love; she should stop falling in her own eyes and move on. Kavya hugs her and says she cannot move on as she loves V and cannot even breathe without him, V is only hers and he cannot leave her and go back to Anupama.

Shah family prepares kandeel/lantern in backyard to fly it in sky. Baa says they fly it every year during Sankranti evening. Bapuji says Kinjal is from Ahmedabad itself and knows about it. Baa jokes this generation doesn’t know anything and says kandeel flying ritual started a few years ago and when Vanraj was small, they used to light lamps; Vanraj used to tell that these lamps are so small, how will god see them, so he used to light up torch and pray god to fulfill all his dreams and truly he got whatever he wanted. Bapuji says he had faith in himself then. Baa says if they pray by heart, they will get whatever they want. Samar rushes away to bring Nandini.

Kinjal tells Toshu that she is so lucky that mummy does so much for them. Vanraj hearing that murmurs she is right. Anu hears him. Samar walks to Nandini and asks what will she wish. She says she didn’t think yet. He asks to wish carefully and asks her to accompany him to fly kandeel. She asks what he wants to wish. He says whatever she wishes. She asks how does she know her wish. Pakhi calls them to come fast. Whole family flies kandeel and claps. Baa says neighbor’s kandeel looks smaller than their kandeel. Bapuji says that is because neighbor’s kandeel is far away. Baa says whatever it is, her kandeel should fly high. She prays that this makar sankranti should be auspicious for all and all their wishes should be fulfilled except Kinjal’s nagin mom and maide ki katori Kavya.