Anupama Sunday Update 12th June 2022


Anupama Sunday Update 12th June 2022

Vanraj blames that Anupama is the reason for his infidelity. He shouts that a woman who is unfit to stand in front of him, they tied her to him for whole life; she smells masalas, does every work wrong, and can’t even say sorry and instead says surri; its difficult to differentiate between her and maid. Baa shouts Vanraj. Vanraj continues that he couldn’t take her out even today as people will find out where she came from; she can’t even read menu card and checking price select cheapest dish; women like her just gain sympathy, he doesn’t need her and wants a woman who can walk along him, but he got masala box; even fungus grows at its speed, but she didn’t in 25 years; he cannot carry her whole life and when he thought of his happiness, he was considered wrong. He took care of children and their education, even then he is blamed; he gave all the luxuries and tried to become a good husband, but she couldn’t become a good wife; if she wants him to die suffocating.

He walks to Anupama and whisks her shouting because of her, he found happiness outside, because of her he had an affair with Kavya, because of her he fell in everyone’s eyes, because of her his family is against him now. Toshu and Samar try to stop him, but he continues manhandling Anu. Bapuji pushes him away saying he didn’t see a shameless man like him in life who made a mistake and is blaming my daughter, he would have better been childless. His condition worsens. Family rushes to him and try to calm him down. He asks Baa/Leela to send Vanraj away. Anu asks him to calm down. Sanjay asks Vanraj to go to his room or else Bapuji’s condition will worsen more. Vanraj stares at Anu and walks away. Anu asks Bapuji if he is fine now, if she should call a doctor. He says if she is fine. She says yes. He says he is fine if she is fine.

Vanraj over phone tells Kavya that whatever he feared of happened; that woman/Anu snatched his family from him, earlier Samar was against him, now even Toshu and Pakhi hate him; Baa slapped him for the first time and Bapuji doesn’t want to see his face; he had convinced Toshu somehow, but now he is also on his mother’s side and Pakhi whom he loves a lot a hates him, he cannot look into Pakhi’s eyes now. Kavya says she cannot help him in this situation, but he knows that she cares for him even if whole world goes against him. Vanraj shouts he hates Anupama.

Anu passes by Samar’s room thinking Toshu and Samar knew about, but now Pakhi also knows and she used to consider her father as his superhero. She hear Samar telling Toshu that he told him not to trust Mr. Shah’s cooked up story. Pakhi says if parent will divorce now, court will ask children whom they will stay with, they have to stay with either parents and cannot stay together. Anu walks in and says its difficult to stay together now; she cannot forgive her children’s and Baa and Bapuji’s tears; she can forgive her murder, but not Baa and Bapuji’s tears; after what he did, it is difficult to stay with him under one roof; husband and wife can separate, but not parents; Vanraj is a bad husband, but a good father and he loves them a lot; they should see what he is doing since years for them. Bapuji in his room cries saying he didn’t think his own blood would humiliate him, what is wrong in his upbringing. Anu consoles Pakhi and tells her children that she will never leave them alone and they should try to build relationships in the future; seeing their parents’ relationship, they should learn a lesson from it; a relationship is built with respect and dignity, but she didn’t have both in her relationship. Pakhi asks if everything can’t be back to normal. Anu says they may not be husband and wife, but will be parents always.

Sanjay brings milk and biscuits. Anu feeds them. Ungli Pakad Ke Tune Chalna in the background. Vanraj peeps into Baa’s room and sees her cries. Anu makes her children sleep and stands crying. She walks to living room and sits on swingers. Dolly walks to her. Anu says she can scold her now as she doesn’t care now. Dolly says whatever bhai did is wrong, but she shouldn’t go away from bhai.

Dolly requests Anupama not to separate from Vanraj, else their house will shatter. Anu asks why only woman has to protect the house. Dolly says she doesn’t know; now a days men fall for young girls in office and roam around them, but then return home after some time; kavya is a time pass for Vanraj, if he was serious about her, he would have shifted to Kavya’s house long ago. Anu says she would have respected Vanraj if he had gone thinking at least he is loyal to someone. Dolly says Vanraj did wrong, but time has changed. Anu says time has changed, but not relationships, it pains if they are betrayed in relationship; she is sorry for Dolly’s thinking; when its a question of property, its husband’s right, but when its a question of protecting house, it a wife’s right, why is that so.

Dolly says wife is like a foundation, however strong she is, she needs roof. Anu says roof should be worry then, there is no house without roof, but without foundation, there is not roof at all; if foundation shakes, roof falls down; husbands make mistakes thinking his parents or siblings will support him, but what about wife’s problems; if parents and children are only hers, if its of both, then why should only she protect it; Dolly always supported her going against Baa, then why is she supporting her brother. Dolly requests to please understand. Sanjay enters saying bhabhi is right, one who makes mistake has to understand and assures Anu that whatever may happen, her brother is always with him. He walks away with Dolly saying he will take Meenu home in the morning.

Nandini walks to her home garden to water plants and seeing Samar reminisces him proposing her. Samar tries to walk away. Nandini asks how are everyone at family. Samar says situation is bad at home and thinks he cannot trouble Nandini for his family problems.

Kavya over phone suggests Vanraj not to stay in a house where he is not respected and should shift to her house. Vanraj says his parents are angry on him, for that he cannot leave his parents and children and shift to her house; asks not to react as he is unable to take any decision. She says that is why he should come here. He says he wants to face the situation and talk to his parents, though they are not ready to talk to him, until then he cannot take any decision, so he needs some time. Kavya thinks she is worried his parents may emotionally blackmail him and separate him from her. Vanraj thinks his family is most important to him, though Kavya is on her side.

Anu takes Bapuji to lawn for morning sunlight, gives Baa tea, and applies mustard oil on Bapuji’s legs. Vanraj enters and holds Bapuji’s leg. Family walks to them seeing that. Bapuji pulls his leg back. Vanraj pleads Bapuji not to get angry on him, he can tolerate his beatings, but not anger. Bapuji says he always says that important decisions shouldn’t be taken in anger. Baa interferes, and he stops her and says after thinking well whole night he has decided that Vanraj will not stay in his house; he doesn’t care if he stays in hotel, office, rented house or Kavya’s house, but will not stay in this house. He walks away to his room. Baa follows him and tells that she agrees Vanraj is wrong, but he cannot kick out their old age’s support. Bapuji says when support becomes hurdle, its better they separate it from them. Baa says Vanraj is their son. Bapuji says he was their son, but not now. She says whatever he says, he is their son, relatives and Dolly’s in-laws will taunt them, how will they marry Toshu.

Bapuji asks if she thinks Rakhi will get Kinjal married to Toshu even now. She says they have to marry him to some other girl, but nobody will give their daughter in this house if father is out of house, they are old now, but children have to bear insult; if finger is cut, they have to apply medicine and shouldn’t cut finger; if they kick Vanraj out of house, whole family will shatter, she will correct Vanraj. He says her son is not repenting for his mistake and instead is blaming bahu; son makes mistake thinking father will not kick him out of house and will forgive him in a few days, then bahu will be convinced and calmed down; until they take a stance, bahu and betis will be insulted repeatedly like this and their fate will not change; he also loves his son, but there is a different between infatuation and love, infatuation fades away difference between right and wrong, so he will support right and not wrong.

Vanraj walks to Pakhi. Pakhi runs away crying. Anu goes behind Pakhi to consoles her. Pakhi runs to her room and throws things around saying she hates him. Anu hugs and consoles her. Vanraj then looks at Samar and then walks to Toshu reminiscing lying to him, asks Toshu that at least he should understand him. Toshu asks what to understand, he manipulate him easily and made him trust him blindly like mummy, he supported him instead of mummy. Vanraj says he already explained his reason. Toshu says that reason is not justified; what is the difference between mummy and Baa, Baa is not educated, cannot solve his office problems, is uncultured and speaks without thinking, even then he didn’t think of changing Baa, then how can he think of changing mummy.

Pakhi tells Anu that her friend’s parents got divorced and her friend stays with her mother on weekdays and father on weekends, she cannot do that and wants to stay with her parents together. Vanraj tells Toshu that there would be many problems which parents don’t discuss with children, he has his own problems and issues with his wife, which he will sort it out, but children shouldn’t interfere. Toshu asks solving issue with divorce, he used to trust his father thinking he will sort all his issues, but this is not true anymore and he cannot trust him; they all love him, but cannot trust him as he broke not only mummy’s but whole family’s and he cannot forgive him whole life for whatever he did. Vanraj stands silently while Toshu and Samar walk away.