Anupama Sunday Update 12 November 2023


Anupama Sunday Update 12 November 2023

Maaya insists Anuj to shift to Kapadia house to erase Anupama’s memories from his heart and build their own memories. Anuj anxiously refuses. Maaya walks aside seeing Hasmukh walking to Anuj. Hasmukh asks Anuj if he is fine. Anuj nods yes. Hasmukh says they both need to speak, so he should start first. Barkha asks Maaya what is Hasmukh doing with Anuj and hopes Anuj doesn’t reveal the secret to Hasmukh. Hasmukh asks Anuj if he will not speak to his father, he can tell him whatever he doesn’t want to tell Anupama. Anuj says Hasmukh knows the truth. Hasmukh says he would have looked into his eyes and spoken if this was the truth. Anuj says he doesn’t have anything to say. Hasmukh says he will question him though and asks how is he related to Maaya; what the meaning of Maaya

sitting for pooja with him, taking decisions on his behalf, and talking about erasing Anupama’s memories. He says he has right to question him. Anuj says some questions are better unanswered. Hasmukh tries to leave. Anuj holds his hand and requests to forgive his son for everything if possible. Hasmukh walks away. Anupama hears their conversation and notices Anuj’s anxiety.


Meenu, Little Anu, and Bhairavi discuss that elders are not planning any theme for party, so they will have same hairstyle and similar jewelry for the functions. Little Anu asks Bhairavi if she stays with Anupama. Bhairavi says yes. Leela thinks Anupama brings home any helpless girl unnecessarily. She loudly says she needs water. Bhairiav goes to get her water. Maaya asks Leela to give her any work. Leela orders her to grind haldi finely and warns her that she is from girl’s side and shouldn’t show attitude to her. Maaya grins seeing Anupama standing silently. Hasmukh asks Barkha if she decided anything, they would be in trouble if Anuj checks company accounts. Barkha says Anuj will leave after marriage and they need not worry; she says everyone here are playing a game here and waiting for other to make a move.

Leela notices Vanraj sad and asks him not to worry as Anuj and Anupama will not meet and already Maaya has taken over Anuj’s life and will not leave him easily. She says she didn’t like Dimpy earlier and now her readymade parents. Dolly says Dimpy is too much. Leela asks what did Dimpy Dragon do now. Dolly says she got a DIL of her nature this time; if Leela is a chilli, Dimpy is a whole spice box. Hasmukh says Dimpy is a kid and will learn slowly. Leela says they will forget their manners trying to each her. Vanraj notices Anuj walking behind Anupama and feels jealous. Anupama tells Anuj she knew he would come to talk to her. Tu Meri Zindagi Hai… song plays in the background. Anuj walks towards her. Maaya also panics not seeing Anuj and Anupama around and fears if they are together.

Anuj tells Anupama that he is happy that she is going to America and fulfilling her dream. Anupama recites a poem in her heart. Maaya searches for them. Vanraj thinks it has been so long and they are not coming out. Anuj tells Anupama that he wants to tell her that… Anupama asks what? Maaya walks to him and acting has getting an anxiety attack takes him out.