Anupama Sunday Update 1 October 2023


Anupama Sunday Update 1 October 2023

Anupama walks on street feeling relieved after giving a befitting reply to bullying neighbors. Khol De Par.. song in the background. She recalls her quality moments with Anuj. Bhavesh and Kanta follow her silently. At Shah house, Pakhi hearing Vanraj’s shocking announcement sasks Kinjal what happened Vanraj. Vanraj laughs and says he can see his children don’t belive him and think their father is going to play a new game, but now he will focus on his career, family, and Anupama; he did wrong with Anupama, but he will not let Anuj do wrong with herr and will stand by her as a true friend whether she needs her help or not. Family stands shocked seeing her perverted behavior.

Anuj calls Ankush. Ankush gets happy seeing his call and asks how is he, why did he go uninformed, they are worried for him. Anuj says he is fine and thinking of getting back to work to keep himself busy. Ankush says he thought right. Anuj apologizes for dumping all the work on him and leaving uninformed. Ankush asks him to return back soon. Barkha snatches phone from Ankush and asks Anuj not to worry about here and focus on destressing himself, eat well and rest well. Anuj says its okay but his work.. Barkha says if he gets worried about work, he can’t focus on himself, so he relax and keep his phone on so that they know about this whereabouts. She disconnects and storms at Ankush for asking Anuj to back. Ankush says Anuj will return back eventually. Barkha shouts if he returns, they will be under his shadow again and can’t prove themselves. Ankush says she should start her own business if she wants to prove herself instead of barging into someone else’s well-established business, its like betraying herself. Barkha says she is fine with it, its better for them if Anuj doesn’t come and meet Anupama, god gave them another chance and they shouldn’t waste it. She strikes Anuj’s name on file and writes her, Adhik, and Ankush’s names. Adhik silently approves his sister’s evil plan.

Anupama reaches dance academy and says she started from here once and now will start again from here. Khol De Par.. song continues to play in the background. She opens door and walks in. Kanta says Anupama opened a door for her happiness, so they don’t need to go behind her. She says let’s have ice gola and walks away. Anupama cleans dance academy. Vanraj grins watching her from house. Kavya feels angry seeing his evil grin. Anuj cleans crockery to keep himself busy. Pakhi video calls Adhik and asks why was he rejecting his call. Adhik says he was busy at work, she should realize that he was working and not enjoying picnic. Pakhi says its a picnic for his sister. Adhik warns her not to go there. Pakhi says even he shouldn’t go there. Adhik asks if she called him to fight.

Pakhi says he starts behaving strange whenever he stays with his sister, even she used to behave strange and used to consider his mummy as enemy, his sister is so manipulative. Adhik shouts and asks her to come to the point. Pakhi says they are going to dance academy as mummy has gone there, he should come there if he really cares for mummy. Adhik says he can’t come. Pakhi asks if he forgot what mummy did for them. Adhik says didn’t forget anything and is worried for her, he will call her speak, she can spend time with her mummy and let him focus on his work for a rew days. Pakhi says his few days will turn forever. Barkha panics hearing Anupama reaching dance academy and says she thought she will continue to cry locked in a room for 2-3 months. Adhik says she forgot that Anupama doesn’t accept defeat but defeats her opponents. Barkha thinks she needs to keep an eye on Anupama and shouldn’t let her takeover evertying from her again. She notices Dimple getting ready and leaving house. Kavya asks Vanraj if he will take a psychiatrist’s appointment himself or she should as its clear from his talks that he has lost his mental balance. Vanraj grins, sees Anirudhs call on Kavya’s number, and asks her to pick it. He calls florist and asks him to make a flower bouquet as per Anupama’s taste. Barkha stops Dimple and says she wants to share something with her as men don’t understand women well, she feels sorry for Anuj and Anupama and don’t know what to say; Anuj had called and was feeling lonely, he was asking about her as he considers her as his child. Dimpy says Anuj shouldn’t have left home like this, Vanraj is trying to take advantage of the situation and wants to take her back home. Barkha says Anupama was always at Shah house and Shah house is responsible for Anuj and Anupama’s separation. She brainwashes Dimple that she worked hard and handled dance academy alone, so she shouldn’t let it go easily. Dimple leaves. Barkha grins.
Anupama thinks she should keep herself busy at work. She notices Little Anu’s toy, calls Maaya, and asks her to let her speak to Little Anu. Maaya lies that she is outside the house. Anupama asks her to let her speak to Little Anu once she returns home and asks about Anuj. Maaya says he is perfect. Anupama feels happy hearing that and disconnects call asking her to let her speak to Little Anu. Anuj asks whose call was it. Maaya lies her friend’s call. Anupama repeats she has to focus on work.