Anupama Starlife Full Story, Plot Summary, Casts,Teasers


Anupama Starlife Full Story, Plot Summary, Casts,Teasers

Anupama Starlife portrays the life of a housewife working day and night for the family but still not getting appreciated. Anupama’s story feels extremely real as she is a caring mother, devoted wife, and loving daughter-in-law. Nobody in the house gives importance to her except her younger son, Samar.

Anupama Full Story/Synopsis

The series Anupamaa, revolves around Gujarati a housewife who takes care of everyone and never asks for anything in return, who is a devoted wife, mother and daughter-in-law.. She has a family-oriented and self-sacrificing nature. Time and again, she is humiliated for being a mere housewife and for having an incomplete degree and education.

Anupama Cast Starlife

Anupama Cast

Anupamaa’s husband, Vanraj Shah has been having an affair with his colleague, Kavya Gandhi for the past 8 years. Despite being warned by her best friend, Devika and Kavya’s husband, Aniruddh, she refuses to believe it and expresses her faith in Vanraj. On her 25th Wedding Anniversary, when Anupamaa sees Vanraj and Kavya getting intimate, she is left shattered and breaks ties with Vanraj and decides to live her life on her own terms. Anupamaa’s younger son, Samar also breaks all ties with Vanraj after learning the same. Rakhi informs the Shahs about the affair leaving them shattered. Soon, Anupamaa’s elder son, Paritosh marries Kinjal while Samar and Nandini fall for each other after Samar learns about Nandini’s infertility.

Anupamaa takes care of Vanraj’s health after he meets with an accident. Vanraj develops a soft corner for Anupamaa. He tries to express his feelings to her, but Anupamaa rebukes him for it. Anupamaa decides to start afresh and tells Vanraj that she wants a divorce. Vanraj fears losing Anupamaa and his family and leaves the house. Anupamaa finds him in a wellness resort in Surat and confronts him.

Anupamaa gets diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and asks Vanraj to sign the divorce papers. Later, Kavya and Aniruddh gets divorced with Kavya preparing for her wedding with Vanraj. Vanraj goes missing on the wedding day and is confronted by Anupamaa for lacking courage as well as commitment. Kavya and Vanraj get married. After getting successfully treated by an emergency surgery, Hasmukh asks Anupamaa to continue staying with them as she will always remain a part of their family, to which she agrees.

Kavya continuously taunts Anupamaa, trying to humiliate her and failing in her attempts to turn the family against her. Anupamaa Dance Academy gets established with the help of Samar and Nandini and the family rejoices. Anupamaa advises Vanraj to open a café in her academy but Kavya instigates him against Anupamaa and instead of being grateful for her help, he taunts her.

Anuj Kapadia, a successful business tycoon returns to India from USA. He turns out to be Anupamaa’s college batchmate and one-sided lover. Seeing Anuj and Anupamaa spend time together, Vanraj seethes with jealousy. Anuj’s team likes Anupamaa’s business idea and he offers her a partnership deal in his restaurant. Vanraj fumes and asks her to refuse the offer. Anupamaa signs the contract and joins Anuj as a business partner. Meanwhile, Rohan, Nandini’s obsessive former boyfriend returns to win her back and attempts Samar and Anupamaa’s murders but gets caught red-handed by Anuj and leaves their lives fearing to be jailed for his father’s scams.

Tired of all the taunts and accusations, Anupamaa decides to move out of the Shah house while Samar leaves with her. Later they start living in a rented house. Kavya makes Vanraj, Dolly and Anupamaa sign the property papers. In his frustration over Anupamaa’s repeated character assassination by some family members, Anuj confesses his unrequited love for Anupamaa to the Shahs, unaware that she overheard him. Initially shattered by one-sided love of Anuj, Anupamaa and latter get consoled and convinced by Samar and Gopichandra respectively to continue their relationship as friends.

Later Kavya reveals about tricking everyone signing property papers on her name, which makes Vanraj vengeful. He handovers divorce papers to her shocking everyone. However the latter refuses to divorce him. Meanwhile, Anuj gets injured while fighting with some goons and Anupamaa starts realising her feelings for him. She decides to stay at his residence until he recovers completely. However Vanraj shocks everyone by starting his business venture Vanika Teamworks with a girl named Malvika. However Malvika turning out to be Anuj’s sister and Anuj being an adopted child to Kapadias comes as a huge shocker for everyone.

Later it is revealed that Malvika suffers from depression and a victim of Domestic Violence by her former husband. While Anupamaa helps her to overcome the trauma, Kavya’s exit leads to a major argument between Samar and Nandini fuelled by Vanraj. While they clear their misunderstandings soon after Kavya’s return, Anupamaa gets shocked to know about Vanraj trapping Malvika in his love trap to become rich overnight and employees Kavya in her project to keep an eye on Vanraj.

Later Vanraj instigates Malvika against Anuj leading Anuj to transfer whole Kapadia Empire to the former. Anuj and Anupamaa vows to start a new chapter by relaunching Anupamaa Dance Academy. On Valentine’s Day while Anupamaa proposes Anuj, Nandini leaves Samar due to her insecurities regarding marriage and returns back to USA. This leaves him heartbroken and he decides to just focus on his dance career and vows never to believe in love again. Later Shahs decide to celebrate Anupamaa’s 45th birthday and everyone gets elated to know about Kinjal’s pregnancy.

Later Paritosh crosses his limits by calling his unborn baby a bad omen ultimately facing wrath of whole family. Soon Anupamaa and Anuj decides to get married much to Leela, Vanraj, Kavya, Rakhi, Pakhi and Paritosh’s anger. As the marriage rituals begins with Anupamaa and Anuj’s supporters Malvika returns and fires Vanraj, Kavya and Paritosh from her company due to their non-professionalism and insensitive behaviour towards her brother and Anupamaa.

Brief Information and Details on Anupama Starlife.

  • Genre: Drama
  • First Episode: 14th April 2022
  • Total number of episodes:545
  • Total numbers of the season: One
  •  Channel: StarLife Africa
  • Network: Star Plus Tv
  • Original name: Anupama
  • Tele Country: Indian
  • Last Episode: Nil
  • Time Slot: Monday -Sunday 9 pm (CAT)

Main Casts, Real Names, and Picture of Anupama

  • Rupali Ganguly as Anupamaa “Anu” Joshi (formerly Shah):
    Anupama Reaj Name Rupali Ganguly cast on Anupama Starlife

    Rupali Ganguly as Anupama

    A talented Kathak dancer; a devoted homemaker and businesswoman; Kanta’s daughter; Bhavesh’s sister; Vanraj’s former wife; Paritosh, Samar and Pakhi’s mother; Anuj’s business partner and love interest; co-owner of Anupamaa Dance Academy. She used to get insulted by some family members, but realised her own worth after Vanraj’s affair revealation and decided to stand on her own feet. Initially shattered by Anuj’s feelings towards her she decided to continue her friendship. (2020–present)

  • Gaurav Khanna as Anuj “AK” Kapadia: A business tycoon; GK’s foster son; Malvika’s elder adoptive brother; Anupamaa’s college friend, business partner and love interest; Devika and Samar’s good friend; Pakhi’s school trustee. He loved Anupamaa since college days and remained unmarried for his unrequited love towards her. He considers Gopichandra as his family and likes Samar and other supporters of Anupamaa since their very first meet. (2021–present)
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Vanraj Shah: Leela and Hasmukh’s son; Dolly’s brother; Anupamaa’s former husband; Kavya’s husband; Paritosh, Samar and Pakhi’s father; Malvika’s business partner and one-sided love interest. He used to insult Anupamaa and started an extra-marital affair with Kavya, but realised her worth as divorce approached. However soon after Anuj’s entry in their lives he started humiliating Anupamaa again. After getting cheated by Kavya in signing house papers on her name, he started a new business venture with Malvika and in his passion to become rich overnight trapped Malvika in his love game by telling half truth of his married lives to her. Later he gets fired from her company along with Kavya and Paritosh due to non-professionalism and insensitive behaviour towards Anupamaa and Anuj.(2020–present)
  • Madalsa Sharma Chakraborty as Kavya Shah (formerly Gandhi): Nandini’s aunt; Aniruddh’s former wife; Vanraj’s wife. Post her break-up with Aniruddh, she started an extra-marital affair with Vanraj. Initially used to show her concerns towards Anupamaa being innocent, she started hating her after affair revealation. She’s a greedy and self-obsessive woman who’s obsessed to Vanraj and leaves no chance to humiliate Anupamaa and her supporters. Later she joins Anuj’s company to keep an eye over Vanraj. But gets fired from the company by Malvika along with Vanraj and Paritosh due to non-professionalism and insensitive behaviour towards Anupamaa and Anuj . (2020–present)
  • Paras Kalnawat as Samar “Bakuda/Samu” Shah: An excellent tap dancer and choreographer; Anupamaa and Vanraj’s younger son; Paritosh and Pakhi’s brother; Nandini’s former love interest; co-owner of Anupamaa Dance Academy. His passion for dance was criticised by some family members but Anupamaa as well as Nandini and Kinjal supported him to follow his dreams. He hates Kavya and Vanraj for deceiving his mother, but loves and supports Anupamaa immensely that often goes against whole family for her and loved Nandini in the same way and respects Anuj and his love towards Anupamaa since their very first meet. He considers Kinjal as his elder sister. However after Nandini leaves him due to her insecurities regarding marriage, he gets heartbroken and vows to focus on his dance career. (2020–present)
    • Vidvaan Sharma as young Samar (2022) (in flashbacks)


  • Nidhi Shah as Kinjal “Kinju” Dave Shah: Rakhi and Pramod’s daughter; Paritosh’s wife; Anupamaa and Vanraj’s daughter-in-law. She loves and supports Anupamaa like her own mother and often rebukes Rakhi and Paritosh for their rough behaviour. She supported Anupamaa in her divorce proceedings and respects Anuj’s love towards Anupamaa. She’s like an elder sister to Samar and Pakhi and considered Nandini as her sister also. (2020–present)
  • Ashish Mehrotra as Paritosh “Toshu” Shah: Anupamaa and Vanraj’s elder son; Samar and Pakhi’s brother; Kinjal’s husband. He used to humiliate Anupamaa just like his father and even taunted Samar and Kinjal for supporting Anupamaa in her divorce proceedings but later realized her worth. But started showing his true colours again after Anuj’s arrival in their lives but realised his mistakes thus beginning his relationship with Kinjal and career with a fresh start. He considered Nandini as his sister. Later Malvila employees him in her company. But he gets fired from the company along with Kavya and Vanraj due to non-professionalism and insensitive behaviour towards Anupamaa and Anuj (2020–present)
    • Dheer Bhanushali as young Paritosh (2022) (in flashbacks)
  • Muskaan Bamne as Pakhi “Sweety” Shah: Anupamaa and Vanraj’s daughter; Paritosh and Samar’s sister. She also used to humiliate Anupamaa just like her father. But realized her worth after Kavya caused her to suffer from depression. Now she supports Anupamaa and respects Anuj’s love towards her. She’s like younger sister to Kinjal and considered Nandini as her sister also. (2020–present)
  • Alpana Buch as Leela Shah aka Baa: Jignesh’s sister; Hasmukh’s wife; Vanraj and Dolly’s mother; Paritosh, Samar, Pakhi and Meenali’s grandmother. She also used to humiliate Anupamaa just like her son. But realised her worth after affair got revealed and supported her in her divorce proceedings. She again tried to humiliate Anupamaa after Anuj’s arrival but mended her ways after a reality check given by Hasmukh. (2020–present)
  • Arvind Vaidya as Hasmukh Shah aka Bapuji: Leela’s husband; Vanraj and Dolly’s father; Paritosh, Samar, Pakhi and Meenali’s grandfather. He loves and supports Anupamaa like his own daughter and rebukes Vanraj and Leela for their insensitive behaviour. He supported Anupamaa in her divorce proceedings and respects Anuj’s love towards her. (2020–present)
  • Shekhar Shukla as Jignesh aka Mamaji: Leela’s brother; Vanraj and Dolly’s uncle. He also loves and supports Anupamaa like his own daughter and rebukes Vanraj and Leela for their rough behaviour. (2020–present)
  • Deepak Gheewala as Gopichand “GK” Karodia: Anuj and Malvika’s househelp and foster father. He is like family to Anuj and Malvika after their parents’ demise and always supports Anuj and Anupamaa. (2021–present)
  • Aneri Vajani as Malvika “Mukku” Kapadia: Anuj’s younger foster sister; GK’s foster daughter; Vanraj’s business partner and one-sided lover. She’s a sweet fun loving girl who started her business venture with Vanraj as Vanika Teamworks. She loves her brother immensely and likes Anupamaa and family. But deep down she’s possessive towards her brother and mentally unwell due to her traumatic and abusive marital life. After starting her business venture with Vanraj she got infatuated by him and trapped herself into his love trap by listening to the half truth about his married lives. Later she breaks her partnership with Vanraj after realising her mistake but give another chance on Anuj’s insistence for the sake of Shahs. But later fires Vanraj along with Kavya and Paritosh due to their non-professionalism and insensitive behaviour towards her brother and Anupamaa. (2021–present)
  • Ekta Saraiya as Dolly Shah Patel: Leela and Hasmukh’s daughter; Vanraj’s sister; Sanjay’s wife; Meenali’s mother. She is like a sister to Anupamaa and supports her often rebuking Leela and Vanraj for their rough behaviour. (2020–present)
  • Paresh Bhatt as Sanjay Patel: Dolly’s husband; Meenali’s father. He is like a brother to Anupamaa and supports her often rebuking Leela and Vanraj for their rough behaviour. (2020–present)
  • Stuti Zakarde as Meenali “Meenu” Patel: Dolly and Sanjay’s daughter; Leela and Hasmukh’s youngest granddaughter; Paritosh, Samar and Pakhi’s cousin. She is like daughter to Anupamaa and loves her immensely. (2020–present)
  • Jasveer Kaur as Devika Mehta: Anupamaa’s best friend; Anuj’s friend. She supports Anupamaa and respects Anuj’s love towards Anupamaa. (2020–present)
  • Tasneem Sheikh as Rakhi Dave: Pramod’s wife; Kinjal’s mother. Owner of Dave’s Excellency Coaching Institute, an arrogant and money-minded lady who judges people on the basis of their educational qualifications and financial background. She often becomes an overprotective mother to Kinjal thus creating problems for Shahs. She exposed the affair between Kavya and Vanraj in front of Shahs. Kinjal and Pramod often rebukes her for her insensitive behaviour. (2020–present)
  • Madhavi Gogate/Savita Prabhune as Kanta Joshi: Anupamaa and Bhavesh’s mother; Paritosh, Samar, Pakhi and Nihar’s grandmother. She forced Anupamaa to get married post her husband’s demise. But now supports her always and respects Anuj’s love towards her. (2020–2021)/(2021–present)
  • Mehul Nisar as Bhavesh Joshi: Kanta’s son; Anupamaa’s brother; Nihar’s father. He supports his sister and respects Anuj’s love towards her. (2020–present)
  • Anagha Bhosale as Nandini “Nandu” Iyer: An excellent classical dancer and choreographer; Kavya’s niece; Samar’s former love interest; former Co-owner of Anupamaa Dance Academy. She supported Anupamaa and loved her like her own mother. She even warned Kavya against deceiving Anupamaa. Initially reluctant due to her bitter past she accepted Samar’s love after he clarified that her past doesn’t affected his love. She respected Anuj’s love towards Anupamaa. She considered Paritosh as her elder brother and Kinjal and Pakhi as her sisters. However she left Samar out of her insecurities regarding marriage leaving him heartbroken. (2020–2022)
  • Unknown as Nihar Joshi: Bhavesh’s son; Kanta’s youngest grandson; Paritosh, Samar and Pakhi’s cousin. He’s like youngest son to Anupamaa and loves her immensely. (2020)
  • Rushad Rana as Aniruddh Gandhi: Kavya’s former husband. He tried to warn Anupamaa about affair for her well-being and later tried to save his marriage but in vain. (2020-2021)
  • Apurva Agnihotri as Dr. Advait “Adi” Khanna: Owner of Blissdom’s Wellness Resort, a spiritual and free-spirited person; Anupamaa’s doctor and mentor. He became a good friend to Anupamaa and Shahs during their resort stay and Anupamaa’s fight with cancer. (2021)
  • Varun Sharma as Rohan: Nandini’s former boyfriend and obsessive lover. He left Nandini after coming to know about her infertility, but returned to win her back by trying to manipulate Samar against Nandini, trying to defame her and later attempting both Samar and Anupamaa’s murders but got caught red-handed by Anuj and left fearing to be jailed. (2021)
  • Payal Nair as Parul Sharma: Devika’s former sister-in-law; Pakhi’s principal. She helped Anupamaa to stand on her feet again by giving her a job as cooking teacher due to her excellent culinary skills. (2020–2021)
  • Parull Chaudhary as Dr. Mona Chopra: Pakhi’s psychiatrist. She helped Pakhi to come out of her depression caused by Kavya. (2021)
  • Bhakti Chauhan as Jhilmil: Shah family’s former househelp. She was like a sister to Anupamaa and supported her. (2020)
  • Vivan Singh Rajput as Siddharth “Sid” Desai: Pakhi’s psycho classmate who blackmailed her. He was exposed by Anupamaa when he tried to molest Pakhi. (2020)
  • Farukh Saeed as Pramod Dave: Rakhi’s husband; Kinjal’s father. He likes Shahs and rebukes Rakhi for her rough behaviour. (2020)
  • Sunita Rai as Mansi Jain: Food critic at Vanraj’s café. She visited Vanraj’s café to review it. But got irritated by Kavya’s self-obsessive behaviour thus cutting 3 stars and giving only 2 stars due to customer service and Anupamaa’s food. (2021)

  • Kiara Khantwal as Kiara: Video blogger at Vanraj’s café. She visited Vanraj’s café as a random customer to review it. Though she was also irritated by Kavya’s behaviour alike normal customers but gave 5 star ratings for customer service and Anupamaa’s food and hospitality. (2021)
First Episode on Anupama Starlife

The Episode starts with Anupama praying for everyone. Bapu ji asks her to pray for herself. She greets him and says I m praying for myself. Jhilmil comes and starts the work. Anupama lights the diya. She starts preparing the breakfast. Bapu ji sees her and tells about Devi doing everything alone. Anupama asks him to keep the Misri back. Anupama thinks its Kanha’s house, I m the caretaker. She goes. Bapu ji says Maa’s puja doesn’t happen, as Maa doesn’t stay at one place.

Anupama goes to her son Paritosh and gives coffee. She asks what are you studying. He says you won’t understand. She picks a book and says you won’t understand. He says you should explain this dancer. She cleans the room and goes to her daughter’s room. Her daughter Pakhi/Sweety says ask and come in. Anupama asks did you ask before getting born, what are you doing. Pakhi says its fashion. Anupama stitches her skirt. Pakhi asks her to shut the door and go. Anupama goes to her room. She sees her husband. She keeps his clothes ready. She wears some bangles.

She says your protein shake. She applies black dot to his foot. She holds his feet while he does the exercise. She says no one can say that you are 45 years old, you look 28 year old. He says you should also look after, you are 42 years old but look like 50 year old. She asks do I look so. He asks did you say something. She says no and cries. She sees her face. Her son Samar sings Chand chupa and comes. He says I just want you, I have a dance class, bye. He goes. She smiles. Baa sees her through binoculars and says you are getting a laugh. Anupama goes to greet her. She asks about her knee. Baa says its fine, you don’t cast bad eye now. She argues. She asks about money. Anupama says I gave it for your blouse stitching. She goes to serve food.

Bapu ji asks Leela when will she change, why will Anupama give Agnipariksha. Leela says never, you always tell me. Anupama asks everyone to have food. She gives medicines to Bapu ji. Pakhi refuses to have thepla. Anupama says sory. Her husband corrects her and says sorry. Pakhi jokes on Anupama and Samar, calling them losers. Samar hears this and goes. Baa asks Anupama to give food to Samar. Anupama’s husband says she won’t understand work. He asks Pakhi to come. Anupama gives tiffin. Pakhi says I will have food in canteen, this tiffin is embarrassment. Anupama says you may get acne after having food outside. Pakhi takes the tiffin. They leave. Anupama asks do you want something. Baa says Samar didn’t come to have food. Bapu ji asks Anupama to have food. Anupama sits. Baa asks her to dry the clothes. Anupama goes. Bapu ji taunts Baa.

Anupama meets her friend Devika and hugs. She says you were in America. Devika says I came yesterday. She introduces her friend Devika to Baa and Bapu ji. Baa says she should have come to Maayka, not here. Devika hugs Baa. Anupama signs her to touch her feet. Baa taunts Devika. Devika asks shall I take Anu with me for a talk. Baa says sit here and talk. Anupama signs Devika. Devika says you are so sweet. Bapu ji says you are mistaken. Devika says aunty is right, if Anu goes, who will do the work, she does everything. Baa says Anupama will go with her. Anupama says I will do my work and come. Baa asks Devika didn’t she put sindoor, doesn’t your Saas say anything. Devika says I don’t have Saas. Bapu ji says may her soul rest in peace. Devika says no, I mean I got divorced. Baa sees her tattoo, I m enough and says that’s why your divorce happened. Devika goes with Anupama.

Anupama asks when will we go home, I have become a mother and now I feel strange. Devika says talk normal please. She takes Anupama to the old fort. Anupama smiles seeing the place. She recalls her friends. Her friends come and shout surprise. Anupama hugs them. She asks about their work. They praise her for always working as a mother and housewife. Anupama says its easy, I love my family a lot, work just happens. They tease her about her husband. Anupama runs around and recalls her childhood. Devika says we used to shout our family member’s name. Anupama shouts her children’s names. Devika asks her to take her husband’s name. Anupama doesn’t take his name. Devika says at least take your name. Anupama shouts Anupama…. Devika asks why do you keep yourself at last. Anupama says everyone is equal in the family, what’s the time now. Her friend says there is still one hour.

Samar hears music and dances. Pakhi comes home and asks for water. Samar asks her to do her work herself. They fight. Paritosh comes and asks for tea. Baa says your mummy went out with friends. Paritosh asks what. Samar says yes. Pakhi asks how can mummy go. Anupama sees time. Her phone gets off. Anupama makes an anklet herself. She says I will go home soon. Anupama’s husband comes home and calls her out. He asks for tea. Baa says she went out with friends. Pakhi says I didn’t even get coffee. Paritosh says I m feeling hungry. Baa says she went out with her divorced friend, I will make tea, oh my knee… Samar says I will make tea. His dad says no, Anupama will make tea, its her work. He calls Anupama and gets number switched off. He angrily sits in front of the main door. Anupama runs around and dances. Her friends clap for her. She recalls her childhood. She thinks of her work at home. She wants to go home. She happily cries. She thanks Devika for making her meet her friends. Devika asks who else did you meet.

Anupama says I met myself after so many years. They hug Anupama. Anupama rushes. She removes the handmade anklet. She is on the way home. Baa says even bhog isn’t prepared. Everyone waits for Anupama. Anupama sees her husband’s car and thinks how did he come soon, is he fine. She enters the house. She sees her husband and asks are you fine, you came home early. Bapu ji says he is fine. Anupama says sorry, I came early, but you also came early, Devika…. Her husband shouts on her. He scolds her for roaming with friends. Anupama asks what happened. He asks who are they. She says my family. He says no, its my family, if its your family, then how could you leave them hungry and go with friends, my parents and children are hungry. She says but I have done all the work, didn’t you check the fridge, I have made the coffee, tea and bhog.

He says you were not at your place. She says Jhilmil’s daughter’s health wasn’t well, so I gave her a leave. He says you care for maid’s child, not your children, go out, go and enjoy, what are you doing here. She says sorry. He says get out of my house. She cries. He shuts the door. She sees his name plate, Vanraj Shah. She cries.