Anupama Saturday Update 5 November 2022


Anupama Saturday Update 5 November 2022

Anupama walks senselessly on road while Anuj searches her. She sits on a park chair and sees a boy disguised as Bal Krishna walking to her and asks why she is sad, he will solve everything. He hugs her, and she cries vigorously remembering Vanraj and Baa’s bitter words. Bapuji establishes an akhand jyot/lamp and prays Kanhaji crying. Family joins him. Anuj relaxes finding Anu and thanks Kanhaji. Boy tells Anu that Kanhaji can solve anything and blesses her. Anu laughs. Bapuji prays Kanhaji that even Kanhaji must be crying like him; he says a father and Kanhaji both couldn’t stop Anu as they both know this place was not right for her and its better she stay away from here. Boy asks Anu not to cry again. Anu says no, as he said everything will be fine, and thanks him. Boy’s mother takes him away. Bapuji prays god that people who forced her leave this house can never be happy and a day will come when they themselves will realize their mistake and try to bring her back home, till then akhand jyot will be on, and its a father’s decision. Mamaji plays shank.

Anu heads to her mother’s house. Anuj follows Anu and thinks Samar informed that he with Anu is going to his grandma’s house, its good for them. Samar walks to him and asks what is he doing here, mummy. Anuj says she is fine and went into her mother’s house. Samar requests to meet mummy as a person needs a friend’s support at this time. Anu walks into her mother’s

house and hugs her mother Kanta . Kanta says Samar informed her everything, she is proud of Anu; Anu was Shah family’s bahu first and then became daughter, they couldn’t respect either bahu or beti/daughter; most of the time a tradition becomes a habit more than tradition, so they see women tolerating injustice and stay in their in-laws’ house for years; she is proud that her daughter broke her habit for her dignity. Anu asks if she is not angry on her. Kanta says no, daughters are wrongly blamed always, they should be supported instead, giving examples. Anu thanks her Kanhaji for giving a mother and brother like Kanta and Bhavesh, a family like Bapuji, Kinjal, Nandini, Samar, and a friend like Anuj. Samar returns with Anuj.

At Shah house, Nandini serves snacks and medicine to Bapuji, but he denies. Vanraj asks Pakhi to feed him, Kavya says he is not even drinking water. Kavya asks him to relax as things will get normal soon, Anu wanted to leave house after spending night with Anuj and feeling guilty and they gave her a chance, its all Anu’s plotting. Vanraj says whatever it is, he wants her not to let family feel Anu’s absence. He removes Anuj’s name plate and says there is no place for Anu in this house of his family and he doesn’t care whether she stays at her mother’s house, Anuj’s, or on road; he will not let her inside his house even if she begs him.

On the other side, Anuj asks Anu if she is fine. She says she is, though she is not completely fine. He apologizes for the problem she faced because of him. She asks not to as its not his fault, its heinous thinking people whom she tolerated her whole life, but she will not. She says she need not worry as she has her mother, brother, son, and her friend who know that she is not wrong. She smiles and continues that she wants to fly alone; her Samar is with her, but she cannot stop his progress and he can visit her often; if she stays at her mother’s house, people will taunt her, so she will stay alone. Bhavesh asks if she will stay alone. Kanta says she will stay with herself and encourages her. Samar says he will be with his mother as her support. Anuj says his company provides accommodation to its employees. She says she will manage. He says she can seek his help if she needs. She determines to succeed high in life and munches laddu. Everyone smile seeing that.

During dinner, Kavya serves rotis to Bapuji and he ignores her. Vanraj says whatever had to happen has happened, Anu left left them, they cannot stop living without her, they should start upcoming diwali celebration. Kavya rudely shuts Anu left with Anuj and left inauspiciousness for them. Bapuji angrily stands up and leaves followed Pakhi, Nandini, and Mamaji. Toshu asks Kavya why did comment when everyone’s mood is off, they all left without having dinner, she should give them 3-4 days to adjust and normalize. Baa says Bapuji will not normalize, Anu took away this house’s peace and Bapuji from her. On the other side, Anu blabbers worried for Bapuji and family. Kanta walks to her and says Bhavesh, Samar, and Nihar are sleeping on terrace. Anu pampers her mother and says she is sleeping with her 26 years after her mehandi and according to Samar and Sweety, she is having sleep over after 26 years. Kanta asks what is that. She says sleeping in friend’s house and says she is feeling as she is in her own house after 26 years. Kanta says she is right. Anu says her mind is still stuck there. Baa says she will be fine soon and to cheer her up reminds Bhavesh’s favorte song Jumma Chumma Dede song. Anu laughs.

Next morning, Anu sleeps till late morning. Baa tries to wake her up. Samar says one who used to wake up sun herself is sleeping and reminds its Dantheras today and she needs to start afresh from today. Anu hurriedly gets ready and prays Kanhaji that she was with family even after divorce and for the first time, she is away from them; she got more love than hatred in that house, so her family will be her dear ones forever; Kanhaji should take care of her family and her; she wants to find a new house and celebrate Diwali in her new house. At Shah house, Bapuji prepares tea for himself. Baa noticing him requests to let her prepare tea for him and then starts badmouthing about Anu that she took him away from her; she considered her as daughter and went against her son, but she left with Anuj, etc. Bapuji says it would have been good if she had gotten Anuj long ago and walks away from there. Kavya enters and tells Baa that she has thought something.

Anu gets ready for work and hopes her family is right. Samar gives her office bag, and Kanta gives tiffin for her, Anuj, and GK. He asks when to visit real estate broker. She says before or after office. He asks if he should before office. She agrees. Baa asks her not to go in front of Shah house. Anu says she left house and not family and hopes to see Bapuji or Sweety. Kanta warns her to stay away from that house and conduct her dance classes from house and not karkhana. Anu acts like a child, and Kanta walks away fuming. At Shah house, Kavya provokes Baa that they should protect their house from Anu and Anuj as Anuj is very powerful and may get them entangled in a legal issues. Baa shouts if this house is Anuj’s father’s. Kavya says his girlfriend’s and they should get Anu’s name out of this house’s legal documents. She frightens her that Anu has Anuj’s power and she should react before Anu sends her on road.

Anu with Samar dances on Humto Hain Jaise Hain Waise Rahenge.. song to cheer up angry Kanta. She then visits a rented house with a broker who says she needs to pay 12000 rs rent and 50000 rs deposit. She agrees and asks landlord lady if she can pay deposit next month. Lady asks who will stay with her. She says her son will visit often and she will stay alone as she is a divorcee. Lady scolds broker that she will not give her house to a single woman as she doesn’t want any complications. Anu stops her and says everyone are not same just like 5 fingers are not same, she judged her character without evening knowing her and gave verdict easily, she should think living alone is someone’s helplessness, an owner can give notice and kick out a tentant if he/she does any mistake, but doesn’t have any right to comment on someone’s character without knowing them. Lady says a lonely woman visits house late night and wears whatever she wants to. Anu asks should a nurse and call center employee leave her job if she works till late night or an air hostess who has to wear skirt due to her job. Lady says she doesn’t know all that and just knows that a lonely person does something wrong. Anu asks where did she get this knowledge from, why she thinks single people are bad. Lady says they are. Anu asks if she was bad before marriage, she should change her thinking first.

Anuj gets worried for Anu thinking she didn’t attend office yet, but finds her stamping papers angrily in her cabin. He asks why she is venting out her anger on papers, if something happened. She says nothing and asks how was his meeting. He says secretary noted down minutes of meeting in a single paper and ask her to forward her single folder PPT. She asks if he had to stress on single word. He asks if she has a problem with single word. She says people have people with her being single; she saw 7 houses and selected 3, but couldn’t finalize even 1 as she is single; they didn’t see her age, she has grown up children and DILs, her nature, etc. He asks her to relax as he will accompany her tomorrow and both singles will teach landlord a lesson. She smiles. He thinks she should keep smiling like this as he cannot see her sad.