Anupama Saturday Update 3 December 2022


Anupama Saturday Update 3 December 2022

Malvika breaks down when Anuj talks about making her a sole owner of Kapadia business empire and requests Anu to explain him as he listens only to her. Anu consoles her and asks them to reconcile their differences as siblings fight and reunite themselves. She gives moral gyaan on sibling relationship giving example of Baa Mamaji, Vanraj Dolly, and Anuj Mukku, etc. Anuj and Mukku continue arguing again. Anu warns them to stop fighting or else she will not give them halwa after dinner. They both hug each other emotionally. Anu claps for them while Bapuji whistles. GK joins them. Anuj pulls Anu along. Baa feels shy. Kavya feels amazed seeing Anu hugging Kapadias. Toshu and Pakhi wish Merry Christmas to everyone.. Anu and Anuj look at each other. Kavya congratulates Vanraj realizing his plan and says Kapadia empire actually belongs to his partner Malvika. He smirks and says she and her cheap thinking.

Wile enjoying cake, Baa jokes why only men enact Santa Claus and not women. Kinjal replies because women cannot wear same dress every year. Bapuji says let us have a sumptuous dinner. Mamaji says cake was very tasty. Pakhi says even mummy’s sari is having cake. Anu notices cake on her sari and goes to clean it. Kavya hopes Malvika leaves Shah house. Anu then notices Anuj who requests her to convince Malvika to return home. Anu agrees. He sees Malvika already asleep. Baa asks him to let her sleep as she must be tired dancing. Kavya thinks she must be acting to escape from leaving Shah house. Anuj says he will take her in the morning and leaves with Anu. Vanraj drapes blankets over Pakhi and Samar and asks Kinjal to drape one over Malvika. He then picks Kapadia’s burnt property papers, looks at them and sends throws them in air.

Anuj and Anu take a walk home as GK takes car home. Anu says walking is good and she is habituated to wake up early. He asks if she felt awkward when he called her for a family hug. She says no. He taunts she must have in front of everyone. She denies nervously again. He sees her shivering and tries to offer his jacket. She stops him and says he is physically still weak.

Kinjal thanks Toshu for giving her the best gift this Christmas. He asks what did he gift her. She thanks him for returning her old Toshu to him and hopes even things normalize at Anuj’s end. Toshu says he thought Anuj is a big maverick millionaire businessman, but he is nothing. Kinjal says Anuj is not special of his money, but because of his character and he will be Anuj Kapadia even if he is penniless. Toshu says only Anuj and not Kapadia. Kinjal says Anuj is legally adopted and according to Malvika he solely built a vast business empire. He agrees. She says she would have understood if elders would have talked about blood and adopted relationships, why is he saying this. He says because of practical implications; if Malvika is the sole owner of business, then his and Vanraj’s position is more stronger now. She asks if he can only see business and not sibling equation. He says he respects sibling equation, but cannot ignore practically. Kinjal thinks if papa/Vanraj is also thinking of power equation instead of sibling equation, things were settling after a long time and may entangle again. Vanraj thinks same while resting on bed.

Anuj and Anupama continue to walk towards home when Anuj notices his photo in newspaper’s front page. Anu asks what happened. He says world doesn’t know anything about him, but she knows more and is finding new things each day. She says it takes time to read good books. Jiye to Jiye Kaise Bin Aapke.. song plays in the background.
Anuj asks Anupama if she didn’t feel bad hearing about his secret. She says not at all, she felt a bit bad regarding Mukku though. He thanks her and explains a divine bonding between a mother and child, him getting immense love from his adopted parents, and his tryst to prove his love for them, etc. Vanraj sees Malvika waking up early and removing decoration. Malvika says she she woke up early and thought of doing some work. She asks if he is shocked with her and brother’s secret. He says actually yes. She says Anuj is really good, but sometimes talks stupid like today’s orphanage talk; so Vanraj shouldn’t take it serious and note it down somewhere, especially in his diary. He asks why will he. Anuj continues explaining Anu that his parents were like his god, he never thought of profit or loss in relationships, and he wants his parents to feel proud of him wherever they are, he wants to give same immense love to Mukku after their parents’ untimely death, how his mother used to call him raja beta/king son. Anu makes a newspaper crown and fixes it on his head and says he is really special.

Malvika also feels bad for her misdeeds and tells Vanraj that she fought with Anuj and stupidly shifted to Shah house, Anuj forgives her every mistakes and now wants to give her whole Kapadia empire. Vanraj says its a 1000 crore empire. Malvika says whether a rope is of 2 rs or 1000 crores, she doesn’t want to tie it in her legs. He asks if she doesn’t want to become an owner of such a big business empire. She says not at all, she just wants to be her own boss; she will do business with him if she wants to or else she will handover all the business to Vanraj and walk away; she just wants to be with her brother and is happy however she is.

Anuj likes Anupama’s prepared newspaper crown and says he is not special but this moment is as she is with him. He recites a shayari. Vanraj tells Malvika that both brother and sister love each other. Malvika acts amaze. Vanraj asks if thought that Anuj wants to transfer business to her to make her responsible. Malvika asks if she is not responsible. He says of course not, she hasn’t identified her talent yet and hence Anuj wants to make her realize her talent. She says she will join a painting competition to show her talent or clean cupboard to show responsibility, what is the need to do business for that. He says its not a burden but a power, so she should look via Anuj’s perceptive as every brother wants to see his sister successful. She asks if he is explaining or provoking her. He says he didn’t mean it and asks what had happened 10 years ago that she left her house. She gets angry and walks away excusing herself.

Anuj continues chatting with Anuj and says anything in excess is like a poison, he doesn’t feel happiness with money and power but spending time with her. She shies and says even money is necessary to lead a life. He says money is a need and not necessity, middle class people are more happy as they have quality time to spend with family. He says he wants to give up all his wealth and live a simple happy life like Anu. Malvika returns to Vanraj and says she didn’t like his question, so walked out. He says its okay, she need not answer it. She says GK says she doesn’t understand relationship, but she has in recent times, so she wants to advice Vanraj to think well before divorcing Kavya as they fight in every relationship be it siblings or close relatives, then why divorce only wife. He suggests her to burn his divorce papers like she burnt property papers and patch up with Kavya; he already made a mistake by divorcing Anu and shouldn’t repeat it. Vanraj says he made a mistake by marrying Kavya and is trying to correct it. She hugs him and says everything will be fine. Kavya gets angry noticing that.

Anu tells Anuj that she likes him as a person, not because of his money; she respects Anuj and doesn’t matter if he is Kapadia or not; it doesn’t bother if he is rich or poor, only thing matters is he loved her immensely for 26 years and maintained the dignity; she respects him more than before now. He says he hid one more secret with her. She asks if its regarding Mukku, he can if he wants to or may not. He asks if she is sure and thinks he wants to, but won’t be able to.