Anupama Monday Update 25 September 2023


Anupama Monday Update 25 September 2023

Samar informs Kantha that Anuj is at Maaya’s place and asks her to inform Anupama as she as worried for him. Kantha informs Anupama that Anuj’s location is found. Anupama gets happy and asks where is he. Kantha says at Maaya’s place. Anupama stands disheartened hearing that. Kantha says Anuj has badly extended his mistake.
Samar vents out his frustration on a pillar. Leela asks him to calm down. Samar says Anuj is venting out Maaya’s frustration on Anupama and disrespected her. Leela asks why did Anupama go there. Kavya and Kinjal says he has gone there for Little Anu. Leela says Anuj can’t escape from Maaya’s magic and will be in Mumbai now his whole life. A few men have wrong intentions, but not Anuj. Vanraj says like Anirudh. Leela says Anuj’s

26-year-old love for Anupama is a lie, he has gone for Maaya and not Little Anu.


Hasmukh warns her that even backbiting is prohibited during navratri fast. Toshu says Leela is not wrong, Anuj would have informed at least. Pakhi asks Samar who informed him about Anuj’s location. Samar says Dimple informed him, Maaya had messaged Barkha. Pakhi says Dimple likes spicing up simple things. Samar warns her to dare not speak ill about Dimple. Their argument starts. Leela warns Samar to stop chanting Dimpy’s name. Vanraj asks them all to stop and says Anuj did a mistake by leaving the house and now by staying at Maaya’s house, he doesn’t know what Anupama is feeling.

Kanta tells Anupama that she is crying here worried for Anuj, but he went to Maaya instead. Anupama says he went to Little Anu. Kantha says in a relationship, one partner is more loyal; she thought its Anuj, but its actually Anupama here. Anupama ways he waited her for 26 years. Kantha asks if he didn’t have an affair with any woman in 26 years. Anupama asks her not to doubt her Anuj as he married a grandmother with 3 children. Kantha says she should accept the fact that Anuj is disloyal. Anupama says Anuj is heartbroken and doens’t know what he is doing, she is happy to hear that he is safe, he needed a break from her which she got. Kantha says its a marriage and not a TV serial to get a break every 10 minutes, she will question Anuj for sure.

Toshu questions Anuj’s character and his fake love for Anupama and says Anupama should have returned home when Vanraj went to bring her home. Kinjal warns him to dare not think about Vanraj and Anupama’s togetherness again. Toshu says he didn’t mean that. Kinjal says in whatever sense, it leads to the same meaning and says he never learnt from his mistake. Anupama prays god for Anuj’s safety. Anuj gets ready to leave Maaya’s house. Little Anu asks him not to go. Anuj says he is staying at his friend’s place in the same city and would visit her often. Little Anu asks when will mummy come to meet her. Anuj says she can’t leave the house during navratri festival, so she will come to meet her soon. Maaya asks him next to stay back. Anuj says at least she shouldn’t say that and says she should let him meet Little Anu any time he wants to. Maaya says she will bring Little Anu to him if he wants. Anuj warns her not to have any other intentions. Maaya thinks absolutely and thinks of getting him at any cost. Door bell rings. Maaya opens door and finds Kantha standing.

Anupama serves prasad to Bhavesh. Bhavesh asks him to stop being restless as Kantha will sort out the issue. Anupama fears that the issue will worsen and prays god. Maaya welcomes Kantha in. Kantha asks her go and be with Little Anu as she came here to talk to her son-in-law. Maaya walks in. Kantha questions Anuj if he entered Anupama’s life to break her down. Vanraj visits Anupama. Bhavesh asks why did he come here. Vanraj says he is worried for Anupama. Bhavesh says he didn’t when he had to, then why now. Vanraj says he didn’t come here to argue here but to speak to Anupama. He tells Anupama that he is present for her anytime as a friend. Bhavesh says just like he trapped Mukku as a friend and tried to grab Kapadia empire. Anupama thanks him for coming and asks him to leave. Vanraj gives a farsan for Anupama and leaves asking Anupama again to call him if she needs his help. Bhavesh asks Anupama not to trust Vanraj again. Anupama says yes and feels anxious thinking what must be happening in Mumbai.

Kantha questions Anuj why he disrespected Anupama’s love and why he is blaming Anupama for losing his daughter, why he thinks a father’s love is much superior than a mother’s love, why he held Anupama’s hand when he wanted to leave her, why he thinks daughter’s love is everything and wife is nothing, his daughter wandered on road after he left her and finally came to her tired. Anuj is shocked to hear that. Kantha continues to question Anuj and says a true love doesn’t exist where there is selfishness.