Anupama Monday Update 23rd May 2022


Anupama Monday Update 23rd May 2022

Rakhi shows Vanraj’s name on both Anu and Kavya’s hands during mehandi ceremony. Everyone stand shocked. Anu asks why everyone are locking shocked. Rakhi says she has seen many mehandi ceremony, butt for the first time is seeing one person’s man on 2 women. Samar says its a mistake. Nandini says it is. Anu says mistake done by mehandi designer, she just called Vanraj’s name and mehandi designer wrote Vanraj’s name and before she could react Rakhi found it. Anu says knowing or unknowingly, Vanraj’s name should be only on her hands. Samar wipes it and apologizes Kavya. Baa says he shouldn’t apologize as Anu is bride and not Kavya, so there is no question of abshagun. Rakhi taunts Kavya. Nadini warns Kavya to not make repeated mistakes.

Mehandi ritual continues. Vanraj feels headache. Anu noticing that says she will bring tea for Vanraj. Rakhi taunts headache is obvious as his tension has doubled, she means Toshu’s wedding and his wedding. Maid says she will bring tea. Anu says Vanraj’s headache goes only with her tea. She walks towards kitchen when Kavya purposefully slips and falls wiping away Anu’s mehandi. Anu starts crying. Baa scolds Kavya. Rakhi taunts that Kavya must have done it purposefully. Vanraj consoles Anu and says its okay as its not their first marriage. Anu says exactly, so there is no question of abshagun. Rakhi hopes that next functions would be entertaining like this.

Vanraj walks to Anu’s room and asks not to feel sad as it was just mehandi. Anu says she is not sad as realized that his name cannot be wiped from her palm rays and she has his name on her hand, showing his name on her wrist. Next morning, Vanraj is busy exercising when Anu walks in and says today its their haldi ceremony. Vanraj says she is shying as if its her first haldi. Anu says she is confident this time as she knows him well while last time she was nervous thinking how he would be, now she is sure that she got best husband and sasural. Vanraj says and their mischievous kids. Anu more shyingly says Sweety was telling they both should go to goa post-wedding.

Vanraj jokes temple? She says no.. He says she is blushing so much. On the other side, Kavya gets ready and asks Nandini to get ready for her aunty’s haldi ceremony on time. Nandini warns her to mend her ways at least now, she cannot stay happy for long on someone else’s happiness. Kavya gets jealous. She messages Vanraj to show her mangalsutra. Vanraj wrapping his hands around Anu’s neck hears beep and turns, breaking Anu’s mangalsutra by mistake. Anu shatters seeing this and says a married woman cannot remove mangalsutra before her death, its an abshagun. Vanraj says when he is alive, she need not worry.

In living room, Toshu, Samar, and Sweety grind haldi on a manual grinder. Bapuji says today is an auspicious day as its both mehandi and sangeet day. Anu passes by. Bapuji stops her and says she came in his house as bahu and he didn’t realize when she became his beti, so if he can perform her kanyadaan as a father. Anu gets emotional. Bapuji says its decided that he is from bride’s side and will perform kanyadaan. Baa says she is on her son’s side. Mamaji says he is with jiju. Bapuji asks Samar to get items for today’s functions and to take Vanraj’s car. Samar happily leaves. He sees Nandini passing by and stopping her asks to be on time for haldi ceremony today. She nods yes and leaves feeling guilty for hiding Kavya’s deeds.

Samar feels something is wrong. Vanraj walks towards his car to get Kavya’s mangalsutra when Bapuji informs that he asked Samar to take his car to get function items. Vanraj messages Kavya that he will show her mangalsutra later and hopes Samar doesn’t notice mangalsutra. Baa notices Anu wearing new mangalsutra and scolds her for not waiting till wedding. She sees Anu and Vanraj nervous and asks if something happened. Anu informs that mangalsutra broke.

Baa scolds Anupama when she informs that her mangalsutra broke and says yesterday’s abshagun was not enough that she made another one. Bapuji asks its not made of iron that it will be strong forever. Baa says she is protecting her mangalsutra from 49 years. Vanraj asks her to stop stretching the issue and consider jewels as jewels, he consoled Anu with a lot of difficulty. Baa says he is taking Anu’s side like Toshu takes Kinjal’s side. Anu thinks Baa is right, she shouldn’t have let her mangalsutra broken.

Samar hosts event and announces that today is his parent’s haldi and mehandi ceremony. Toshu says even his parents. Toshu and Samar then bring would be bride Vanraj. Kavya smiles at Vanraj, and he smiles back. Kinjal, Nandini, and Devika and others bring would be bride Anu. Vanraj gets tensed seeing Devika reminiscing her warning that if he makes Anu cry, she will make him and whole family cry. Anu introduces Devika as her childhood friend and then introduces her whole family to Devika. Family divide each other on bride and groom’s side. Dadaji, Mamaji, Sanjay, Devika take Anu’s side while Baa and a few take Vanraj’s side. Nandini says she is always on Anu aunty’s side. Kavya says she is on Vanraj’s side always. Everyone look at her. She says she means she is Vanraj’s friend first, so she is always on his side. Vanraj feels embarrassed when Devika angrily looks at him.

Haldi ceremony starts. Pakhi, Kinjal, Nandini and others dance on Chalka Kalse Ka Baa applies haldi to Vanraj and then Anu saying if husband’s haldi is applied on wife, their will be immense love between them. Kavya smiles repeatedly at Vanraj and he replies. Bapuji and others apply haldi to Anu. Devika asks Anu if she is happy and there is no problem now. Anu says she is very happy. Bapuji and Baa’s performance starts next on Kyun Aage Peeche Ghoomte Pakhi with others next performs on Dhintadak Kinjal applies haldi to Anu, and Anu says she will apply haldi on her similarly soon. Toshu gest romantic with Kinjal and says he cannont wait till their haldi. Aa romantic song plays in the background.

Kavya walks to Vanraj and insists that he apply haldi on her. He says later, but she gets adamant. He takes her to a room and applies haldi on her. Ang Lagale re…song plays in the background. Haldi falls on Devika’s clothes. Anu asks her to go and wash it in her room’s bathroom. Devika goes and sees door locked and leaves. Vanraj gets alert hearing her and tells Kavya that he needs to go. Kavya says he didn’t even show her mangalsutra yet. He says later as it is in car and walks away. Kavya walks out and gets tensed seeing Devika standing.

Anu then performs on Aaj Agar Milan Ki Raat Hoti, jaane kya baat hoti to kya baat hoti…song. Vanraj joins her. Kavya gets jealous seeing their chemistry.