Anupama Monday Update 12 December 2022


Anupama Monday Update 12 December 2022

Samar doesn’t find Nandini at home and voice messages her to call him back. Jinjal takes him back to kite flying competition venue. Bapuji doesn’t find mamaji. Toshu says he got stomach upset after having excessive sweets, so he gave him medicine and made him rest. Bapuji becomes competition judge. Anuj shows kite to Anu with #MaAn written on it and says he thought since they are in same team and are partners, their name should be on their kite. She shyingly nods yes and walks away. He thinks he should control himself. Anu and Malvika form a team. Whole family dance on Keech Te Naach.. song.

Competition starts. Samar and Kinjal team up, Baa and GK team up, Toshu and Pakhi, Anu and Anuj, and Malvika and Vanraj team up. Dust falls in Kinjal’s eyes and she rushes to clear it. Anu alerts Samar to be careful. Nandini returns and becomes Samar’s partner. Anu says now her son’s kite will not lose. Samar wins over GK and Baa and then Toshu and Pakhi. Anuj wins over Samar. Malvika competes with him next and warns him to be ready to lose. Anuj says he will in. Their fierce verbal and kite competition starts. Anuj Anuj slips and Anu takes over kite thread. Malvika slips, and Vanraj takes over assuring her that he will not let her win. Anu assures Anuj. Vanraj tells Anu that whatever she tries, he will win. Anu says she doesn’t have to as he will lose because of his acts. Vanraj gets angry says she will lose now. Anu says not at all.

Kavya enters and cuts Vanraj’s kite thread. She reminds that she harmed herself last time and this time she thought of doing something different and cut his kite thread. Anu says not today as its festival today. Malvika asks why didn’t she say anything to Mukku last time. Anu warns her not to involve Mukku in it. Kavya says she tolerate Vanraj’s misbehavior, but how dare he is to misbehave with Nandini. Anu thinks she is questioning at the wrong time. Vanraj says not now. Nandini requests her to calm down. Kavya shows why should she when someone is supporting her for the first time and getting humiliated. Baa asks her to stop fighting as Shah house is tired of fights. Kavya shouts at Vanraj to reply. Vanraj says whole locality will hear their fight, so they should make a hashtag. Anu asks him to calm down. Vanraj warns not to interfere between husband and wife as she is an outsider.

Vanraj says what he told to Nandini is true, Samar will get 1000s like Nandini. Samar asks him to stop. Vanraj says he is telling truth. Kavya says he should get a PhD in breaking relationship, he broke up with Anu and her and when he is still not satisfied is trying to break children’s relationship now. Anu tries to stop her. Kavya says this man is a sociopath who doesn’t have any feelings or empathy and just has arrogance. Anu says let us go home and talk. Kavya says why not here. Anu says if an opponent is wrong doesn’t mean even they should be wrong. Vanraj yells who is she to call him wrong. Samar warns him to not rudely behave with his mummy. Toshu warns him not to rudely behave with papa. Kinjal warns him not to rudely behave with Samar. Kavya say this is Shah family which fights together and asks Baa she should join and not have a fear of missing out. Vanraj warns her to behave with Baa and asks Anu to speak now. Anu says she doesn’t want to interfere.

Kavya confronts Baa and Bapuji that they call her as daughter, but were not bothered when she went missing. Baa says they knew where she went. Kavya continues yelling that they are not bothered about her and her niece and won’t mind even if they die. Samar tells Nandini that he was warning her against Kavya’s this behavior. Bapuji asks Kavya if she really thinks so, he messaged and called her multiple times, but she didn’t even reply once. Baa says that is not the issue, why didn’t he stop her. He says then she will not go anywhere without his permission. She says she is a DIL and not slave. Bapuji says he knows she would say same, so that is why he doesn’t stop her. Baa says she should stop making issues of petty issues; she wanted a break and left home, and if they had stopped her, she would have complained that they are against her. Bapuji says they can clap only with both hands, they are trying their best and even she should. Baa says she can notice their try, they are celebrating festivals without even missing her, Vanraj replaced a new kite and thread as soon as she left, looking at Malvika.

Nandini asks Samar to make sure Vanraj uncle doesn’t shout at Kavya maasi. Samar asks her to stop her maasi from fighting then. She says how can she when her maasi is right, though her way is wrong. Kavya warns Vanraj that he will cut his kite thread repeatedly and will not let him or anyone live when in peace when she cannot live in peace. Vanraj angrily kicks kite table and walks away. Kavya shouts to stop and let her vent out her anger. She tears kites and walks away sarcastically wishing happy makar sankranti to everyone. Anu thinks they both are hell bent to ruin everyone’s happiness. Kavya follows Vanraj and warns that she will not spare him when he returns home. Bapuji apologizes GK for inviting him for festival celebrating and ruining his celebration because of his son and DIL. GK says they are family. Baa apologizes Anu for inviting her often and involving her in their family fight. Anu asks her not to say that. Anuj says they are a family and if she talks like this, they will feel bad. He consoles Baa and Bapuji with a shayari and offers them water. Anu asks Samar to take everyone home.
Kavya returns home shouting that nobody is bothered about her and are celebrating festival, they will be worried if even Anu’s nail is broken and won’t bother even if she comes under a truck and dies; she went out for just 2 days and Vanraj brutally humiliated Nandini; now they have to respect her as she is back. Samar tells Nandini that he doesn’t want to argue with her, even she saw what Kavya did and her insane acts make everyone hate her.

Anu feels sad that her children’s festival is ruined. Anuj offers her kite with family sketch on it and says flying kite is like flying a hope and she should fly it with Kanhaji’s name and see that it will not break. Anu draws Anuj, Malvika, and GK’s sketch on kite and says even they are her family and gives a long moral gyaan that she will not let it cut and will fly it very high. She flies kite while Anuj holds thread roll and says she few paper kite today and with Kanhaji’s blessings a kite of happiness will fly soon. Anu thinks she controlled paper kite, but she has 3 kites of her life, Mukku, Kavya, and Mr Shah, how will she control them.

Vanraj remembers Kavya’s bitter words and warning and walks back towards home. Anu returns home with Anuj and tells him that she informed Bapuji to handle Kavya. Anuj says he wants to tell her something which she may not like. She says she doesn’t feel bad about any of his words. He says this may and says she can try to end problems between Mr Shah and Kavya, but she cannot herself solve it as they themselves have to try; as a woman, she can show a right path to Kavya, but Kavya and Mr Shah have to take a step themselves. Anu says don’t know why Mr. Shah cannot be calm. Malvika enters and says because of Kavya, she doesn’t maintain her calmness and doesn’t let others to. She says she wants to speak as its a question of her friend Raj and says Raj and Kavya’s relationship is becoming toxic like her relationship; in her relationship, it was a fault of a man, but in Kavya and Vanraj’s case, its Kavya’s mistake and like they remove a rotten body part, they should end the relationship. Anu says doctor removes organ only when its uncorrectable, Kavya is trying to revive her relationship at least and Mr Shah is not even ready to listen.