Anupama Friday Update 27th May 2022


Anupama Friday Update 27th May 2022

Anupama and Vanraj’s gathbandhan loosens. Dolly asks how did it loosened, she had tied it tightly. Baa also reacts. Kavya smirks seeing that. Anu cries. Bapuji says this is not abshagun and it signifies that his daughter freed herself after 25 years and is moving ahead in life. Anu holds Vanraj’s hand and says gathbandhan may loosen, but not her hand. Everyone clap, and youngsters insist for postwedding rituals. Vanraj acts that he is having backache and will rest for sometime. Kavya gets happy hearing that and silently slips to Vanraj’s room. Baa insists Vanraj for postwedding rituals, but permits seeing his acting. Vanraj wakls to his room and is shocked to see Kavya sitting on bed holding mangalsutra. He hurriedly closes door and asks her to go before anyone sees them.


Anupama asks Devika to accompany her to her room as she wants to apply balm to Vanraj. Devika taunts why she wants kabab me haddi, what will jijaji think. Anupama insists, and Devika agrees. They walk towards Anu’s room when Rashi congratulates Anu and hopes Vanraj stops paying attention to Kavya and pays attention to Anu from hereon. Devika fumes, but Anu calms her and jokes that Devika can doubt and she will trust her husband. Devika says she was wrong this time regarding Vanraj and jokes again. They are about to enter room when Samar stops Anu and says there are everyone’s pics during wedding except his and mummy’s. Devika clicks their pics.

Kavya confronts Vanraj that he he betrayed her and instead of marrying her first, he married Anu and ignored her completely, he should realize her pain. He requests her to go from there before anyone sees her, but she continues yelling that she left him for Anu since 8 years, but not anymore, Anirudh was right that Vanraj will never marry her, she doesn’t want to be his second woman now and wants to be his first wife, etc. She continues yelling and panicking and insists him to inform his family about them right now. Vanraj says its not that easy as his family will not accept it and will not let him to marry her at all. He says though he divorces Anu, Anirudh will not divorce Kavya, so instead of ending everything at once, she should let him handle things. Kavya calms down and hugging him says she just wants to be his. Vanraj replies same. Anu after solving maid and Samar’s problem walks towards Vanraj’s room thinking let people call her shameless, she cannot see Vanraj in pain and will enter his room anyhow. She happily opens room door and stands shocked and shattered seeing Vanraj hugging Kavya, saying he loves only her and taking her on bed. She collapses. Vanraj gets alert and rushes towards Anupama.

Anupama collapses after seeing Vanraj and Kavya’s romance. Vanraj rushes to Anu. Kavya panics and says she doesn’t think Anupama would have seen them together and collapsed just like that. Vanraj asks her to leave and let him handle his wife. Kavya leaves from there. Vanraj checks Anupama’s pulse and breath. In living room, family is busy taking selfies and chitchats. Devika hears their conversation and walks towards Anu’s room. Kavya thinks what if something happens to Anu or she informs about her and Vanraj to family. She clashes with Devika in a hurry. Devika asks her to be careful. Kavya rushes away. Devika thinks what happened to Kavya and continues walking towards Anu’s room In living room, Kavya sees family busy taking selfies and silently tries to escape, but clashes with Rakhi. Rakhi asks if she is okay, she is behaving as if she saw a ghost or she is caught red-handed. She picks flowers from Kavya’s clothes. Kavya runs away. Rakhi thinks whole house has sunflowers, rose must be from Anu and Vanraj’s bedroom, she hopes she gets a solid reason to break Kinjal and Toshu’s wedding.

Devika sees Anu unconscious on floor, rushes to her and asks Vanraj what did he do to her. Vanraj shouts its his house. Devika says one lying unconscious is her friend, what happened exactly here, she saw Kavya running out. Kavya runs out and clashes with Nandini. Nandini holds her hand and asks what did she do. Devika shouts and informs family that Anu is unconscious. Nandini rushes in while Kavya runs to her home. Family gathers around Anu worried and ask Vanraj what happened to Anu. Vanraj stands mum. Baa asks Bhavesh to take his mother out and asks Vanraj if he will speak. Devika says only Vanraj can tell what happened as she found Anu unconscious when she entered room. Kavya in her house panics thinking Anu would have woken up by now and informed about her and Vanraj.

Samar insists Vanraj to tell what did he do to mummy. Vanraj shouts to behave with his father. Baa yells not to blame Vanraj as Anu must have fallen unconscious due to weakness. Samar says maa works whole day and never gets tired. Whole family insists Vanraj to tell what happened here exactly. Vanraj says he was in bathroom and when he came out he saw Anu unconscious, he didn’t do anything. Devika reminisces Kavya running out. Nandini also reminisces Kavya missing from venue. Jhilmil consoles Meenu and asks her to pray for maami/Anu. Doctor comes and checks Anu. Toshu and Samar ask what happened to their mummy. Doctor says her BP has shot up and looks like she got a major shock, if something had happened. Devika remembers Kavya running out of house again. Doctor gives injection and asks family to call her if Anu’s condition worsens. Samar insists Vanraj to tell what did he do that mummy got a shock. Baa as usual supports Vanraj. Devika asks everyone to go out and let her be with Anu. Samar insists to be with mummy. Anu’s mother cries. Everyone walk out except Devika and Vanraj. Vanraj stands tensed while Devika angrily looks at him. Devika then cries reminiscing recent incidents and pulling Anu’s legs.

Family walks to living room. Rakhi says she will leave now. Baa says she would have enjoyed if there was a drama. Kinjal tells Rakhi that she will stay here as her family needs her. Rakhi thinks why Kinjal wants to take elder servant/Anu’s place and walks away asking her to take care. Baa cries saying only abshagun is happening since the wedding was planned. Kinjal consoles her. Baa prays god that if something happens to his daughter, he will not keep quiet. Devika finds Kavya’s earring in Anu’s room. Anu unconsciously repeats why. Devika asks asks what…