Anupama Friday Update 22nd April 2022


Anupama Friday Update 22nd April 2022

Anupama checking the missed calls. Samar says I will drop you. She asks him to stay back with Vanraj. She hires an auto. She goes. Kavya asks Vanraj not to be ready. She says we will go and get sweetdish. Principal asks did Anupama come. Pavandeep says no, her phone is switched off. Kavya says calm down, everything is perfect. Vanraj says Anupama doesn’t worry for my job. Kavya says job is job, everyone has to be there on time, I m here. He says you don’t know all this. She says they love the food. He says there is the best cook in the world. She says sorry, I did MBA, I should have learnt cooking. He asks her not to take the matter somewhere else. He takes the laddoos and says my wife makes the best laddoos in the first. Kavya looks on.

Anupama comes to the school. She sees everyone. She says I got late, I had guests at home. The man says I have children and I m here on time. Principal says sorry, we fire people who aren’t punctual. The man says but we will mention this in the report. They leave. Principal sees Anupama. She says I m angry on myself, I wanted to give a chance to a housewife, I gave you a chance with much respect, you knew it was an imp day for the school, you came late, we called you many times, you got us insulted, you broke my trust. Anupama says sorry. Principal says I did a big mistake by giving this job to you, you are fired.

Anupama gets shocked. Principal asks her to return the ID card, she has no right to keep it now. Anupama gives the card. Principal goes. Anupama cries and leaves. Vanraj goes to Kavya and says the deal got final. Kavya says go and hug Anupama, the deal got final because of Anupama’s food. They argue. She leaves. Anupama comes to the fort. She calls Vanraj. He asks her to say it fast. She asks shall I go to mum’s house for some time. He asks is this something to ask, come back soon. Nihaal says Anupama will send new camera for me. Anupama comes home. She meets her family. Nihaal says when Dadi misses you, she sees the ghungroos. Anupama gets sad. Vanraj recalls Kavya’s words. Paritosh comes.

Vanraj asks what’s the special thing you called me here, is it about Kinjal. Paritosh says you know me so well, I met her parents, they are coming home to meet us today. Vanraj says everything will be perfect, you are thinking of Anupama. Paritosh asks did you talk to Kavya. Vanraj says I will talk to her, I can’t promise, don’t let the marriage harm the career. Paritosh says of course, you are going to become Sasur. Vanraj says I look your elder brother, don’t use that word for me. Paritosh says I love you. Vanraj says I love you too. Paritosh goes. Vanraj says I have to convince Kavya, Anupama can’t handle Kinjal’s family. Anupama wears the ghungroos and dances, thinking how she lost the job. Paritosh worries that Kinjal’s family may meet mummy. Samar worries for Anupama. Anupama finishes the dance and cries. Her mum asks what happened. Anupama hugs her and says I lost the job, I couldn’t manage for even two days, I was doing to be proud of myself, it was my dream, my dream broke. She cries. Her family also cries.

Maa saying its my mistake, I got you married soon after your dad’s death, your brother wasn’t independent, a good alliance and I got you married early. Anupama says no, its my mistake, I thought to manage house and job, but I couldn’t. Bhavesh asks what happened. Anupama says Vanraj’s guests came, I got late in cooking and didn’t reach school on time. He says my sister always worked for them since 25 years, they don’t support her. Bhavesh says Vanraj doesn’t want you to progress. Vanraj says I want to see you progressing, my personal life depends on you. Kavya says I won’t agree. He says okay, I love you. She smiles. He says I m sorry, please forgive me. She says apology accepted. He says Paritosh wants you home when Kinjal’s parents come.

Samar worries for Anupama. He says she didn’t come. Baa says she likes to roam around. Paritosh says we have to do all the work now. Samar says you don’t worry for her, she isn’t a servant. Paritosh says I also love her. Samar says then respect her. Vanraj comes and asks Samar to behave himself. He says I told her to come on time, but she will just do what she wants. Bhavesh asks is your job nothing. Anupama says its not Vanraj’s mistake, I couldn’t manage. Bhavesh says you weren’t allowed to manage, you can become Devi in Sasural, you become a human in Maayka.

She says I couldn’t keep Vanraj happy. She sees the time and says I got late, he told me to come on time. She removes ghungroos. She says my phone got off, call Samar. Bhavesh calls Samar. She tells Samar that she is at Bhavesh’s house. Samar says come home fast, Kinjal and her family are coming. Anupama asks what, I m coming. Kinjal and her parents talk to Vanraj. Kinjal’s mum says we had to leave the car away, the lane is narrow, house is nice, traditional, my Nani used to live in a village, her house was such. Vanraj says my friends ask him why don’t you shift, how can I leave this house, its my dad’s hardearned house. Kinjal’s dad says you have good values. Kinjal says your house is really nice. Anupama is on the way. Paritosh says mum has decorated the house. Baa says I tell her and she does. Mama says she commands and our bahu works. Everyone smiles.

Kinjal’s mum asks where is Paritosh’s mum. Kavya comes there dressed in a saree and serves the drinks. Kavya compliments Kinjal. Kinjal’s mum asks her to call the servants to do the work. She says I already trained the servants to do this. She asks what do you do. Vanraj says she is Ka…… Paritosh says aunty was asking something. Kavya says I have done and MBA, Vanraj and I work together, I m the group head. Kinjal’s mum says impressive, you have maintained it well. Paritosh says yes. Kinjal’s mum says you manage work and house well, I hope you won’t have a problem with Kinjal’s work. Vanraj says of course not. Kinjal’s mum says we have to decide for the engagement, we will go together and finalize. Anupama comes home. Samar says mummy has come. Kinjal’s mum stares at her. Anupama greets them. She says I m Anupama, Paritosh’s mummy.

Kinjal greets her. Kinjal’s mum thinks this villager lady is Paritosh’s mum. Anupama thinks Kinhal is so lovely, they look hi fi. Paritosh thinks why did mummy come soon. Anupama says I got late, I didn’t know you are coming now. Kinjal’s mum says Paritosh wanted us to come today, we were coming tomorrow. Anupama says you are really beautiful. Samar takes their pic to send to Bapu ji. Anupama says sorry, I got emotional. Vanraj corrects her and says sorry. He asks her to get food for everyone. Kinjal’s dad says I will have a caffe latte. Kavya says its a type of coffee, I will make it. Anupama says I will make the coffee, I know. Kinjal’s mum says you speak in Gujarati, we speak in english at home. Anupama says we lose values when we leave the language. Pramod says very right. Anupama says I will get snacks.

Kavya says Anupama has no idea, what’s in the kitchen. Anupama goes to the kitchen. Jhilmil says Kavya ordered all this. Anupama sees the bakery items. Jhilmil says kitchen is just of you, aren’t you angry that you are losing it. Anupama says no, I m upset, Paritosh didn’t tell me that guests are coming. Kavya comes and says sorry, I had to order these things, new crockery will be good, I m with them since some time, I know them. Anupama asks Jhilmil to go to her daughter. Jhilmil says guests have come. Anupama says I will manage. She says my bahu is so pretty, I should also be tip top. She makes coffee. She says I will teach cooking to Kinjal. Pakhi comes home and meets the guests. Anupama gets the coffee. Pramod says coffee is nice. Kinjal says I will help. Anupama says no, you just sit. Baa asks Anupama to get tea for her. Anupama says sure. She goes. She gets tea for Baa. She tries to talk to Kinjal. Vanraj asks for coffee. Anupama says sure and goes. Samar feels bad and goes to Anupama. He asks how was school inspection. Anupama recalls she lost the job.