Anupama Friday Update 20 October 2023


Anupama Friday Update 20 October 2023

Anu asks Anuj if he is back. Anuj asks Anu if she is not sleeping. Anu asks about Anupama. Anuj was sitting shocked. Anu tells Anuj that he was wrong and he didn’t apologize. He told Anuj that if he had said sorry to him, he would have forgiven him. Anu reveals to Anuj that if he and Anupama fought because of it, it is wrong. He tells Anuj how he forced Anupama to agree to leave him. Anuj was sitting full. Anu asks Anuj to restrain Anupama as they both need each other. Anu says that he thought that he was with Maya sometimes and that he would have come back later. Anuj asks Anu to sleep. Kanta asks Anupama to believe that Anuj is not interested in their relationship.

He asks Anupama to accept the truth. Anuj remembers Anu’s statement. Vanraj sits down. Kavya serves Vanraj sweet and asks him to have since Anuj, Anupama did not meet. Vanraj asks Kavya why she is happy. Kavya says because her happiness is short lived. He says to Anuj, Anupama will come back strong. Dimple talks to Samar and says that after her divorce is over, they will get married soon. He told Samar that he should not do it wrong. Dimple says because of Shahs she wants to marry him soon. Samar decided to live separately after the wedding. Dimple is against Samar’s decision. He said that after marriage, if a son wants to live separately, his daughter-in-law is blamed. Dimple asks Samar if she doesn’t trust him.

Samar tells Dimple that he wants her to escape the fight. Dimple says she will fix it. Samar tries to make Dimple. Dimple says that Anuj will take the job. Samar says that Anuj is not taking responsibility for Anupama that they can expect more from him. Dimiple sides with Anuj and accuses Anupama. Samar asks Dimple not a word against Anupama. Vanraj meets Anupama and asks why she is not picking up his calls. Anupama makes Vanraj understand that she doesn’t want him. Vanraj tells Anupama that he will always be with her. He asks Anupama to go ahead, like Anuj. Bhavesh asks Anupama why Vanraj is coming. Anupama tells Bhavesh that Vanraj is annoying her by making friends all the time. He decided to focus on his dance school.

Bhavesh says that love for Anupama will bring Anuj back to Anupama. Leela is looking for Vanraj. Kavya says Vanraj went to see Anupama. Leela says that she will call Anupama soon to be with them. Vanraj returns. Samar also joins. The shah finds out about Samar and Dimple’s fight. Leela thinks it’s good Dimple and Samar fight. Maya is shocked to hear that Anuj will apologize to Anupama. Vanraj is shocked to hear that Pakhi went to Mumbai to see Anuj. Barkha is worried if Pakhi will tell Anuj about their plot. Akush rit. Discussion of Barkha. Ankush says that he knows about Pakhi and he was waiting for the day when Anuj will come back so that he can hunt her down.