Anupama Friday Update 15th April 2022


Anupama Friday Update 15th April 2022

Jhilmil wishing Anupama on her birthday. She hugs Anupama. Anupama says Vanraj is giving a surprise party for my birthday. She explains the meaning of surprise. Jhilmil wishes once again. Baa says my son is giving a party tonight, everything should be perfect, you will stain the saree today. Anupama and Jhilmil smile. Anupama gets her mum’s call. Baa says Bahus respect mobile more than Saas. Anupama’s mum calls her home. Anupama says I have to look after my family. Maa says I miss you, you should come. Anupama asks her to come home. Maa says its your birthday and you are cooking. Anupama says yes, you taught me everything and they like the food. Maa says you should have got educated.

Anupama says even if I became a big officer, I would have touched your feet, you are a mother, I m also a mother, world’s biggest officer. She ends the call. Samar asks for bike servicing paper. She asks him to take it from the drawer. He asks why do you make chutney on silbatta instead mixer. She says your dad likes it. He says see you rockstar. She asks him to call Kavya by her name. He says Kavya has no problem. She says children have no manners. He says Kavya asked me not to call her aunty. She says I will make three kinds of chutney today, gift for Vanraj. She smiles. Samar goes to the room to take the papers. He sees Anupama’s birth date on the card. Anupama comes. He says sorry and hugs. He says we all don’t remember your birthday, sorry. Anupama asks him to wish her. He wishes her and hugs.

He says your pic looks good. She says I was going to give Intermediate exams after the marriage, but I left studies. He dances with her. He says dad should have taken you on date, did you guys go on date before, just you two. She says yes. He asks when and where. She says your dad took me to a big temple, just we went alone, the scooter broke down and we had to walk, when I got tired, he got a juice drink for me. She gets shy. He says you are gone case and laughs. She says you are suitcase. He asks what birthday gift do you want. She says time, children should give some time to mother. He says I promise. She asks him not to tell anyone, else Vanraj will get upset, he has kept a surprise party. She goes. He says what special thing shall I keep, it won’t be better than dad’s surprise party.

Kavya comes to Vanraj. Vanraj says I m preparing for the party, its for the person who is most imp in my life. She waits. He doesn’t say the name. She says I m feeling bad that you are hiding it. He says write the name, Kavya. She stops and smiles. She asks is this cake for me, you said your life’s imp person… He says you have been promoted to the group head position, we have a celebration for it. She thanks him for making it possible. He says no, it got possible because of your talent and hardwork. She hugs him. He says we will go home together, Anupama is planning for your party.

Anupama cooks the food. She cleans the house and decorates. Samar and Jhilmil help her. Samar says all set. Baa asks why are you happy Anupama, there is a reason for the happiness. Anupama says nothing. She asks Jhilmil to go home, her daughter would be alone, take the food. Jhilmil asks her to get decked up as Vanraj told. Samar is on the way. He goes to the cake shop. He sees Vanraj and Kavya getting the cake. He says they are getting the cake for mum, mum will get so happy. He leaves.

Anupama gets ready. She talks to Vanraj’s pic and feels shy. She meets Dolly and family. They compliment Anupama. Pakhi says Samar will get late today. Dolly says Anupama is a housewife, she has time to wear it, I have work, I have no time, I can just buy the saree, but not wear it. They ask the occasion. Anupama waits for Vanraj. He gets the cake home. She says its for me… She runs and laughs. She says I will cut the cake, I will not blow off all the candles. She takes a knife for the cake cutting. Everyone greets Kavya. Kavya compliments Anupama for wearing Gajra. Vanraj thinks thank God, I got free from masala smell for a day.

Anupama says I will call Samar. Vanraj asks why did Samar go. He says I have kept the surprise party, because Kavya got promotion, she is the new group head. Everyone claps. Anupama gets shocked and cries seeing Kavya’s name on the cake. He takes the knife from Anupama. Kavya says the credit goes to Vanraj, he is traditional but modern, he is just perfect, Vanraj and I will together cut the cake. They cut the cake. Anupama cries.

Samar coming home. He dances for Anupama. She signs him to stop. He doesn’t listen. Vanraj holds her and smiles. Anupama smiles happily. Agar tum saath ho….plays… She cuts her birthday cake. He feeds her the cake. They hug. Her dream ends. Samar sings happy birthday to you, and gives a bouquet for Anupama. Everyone looks on. Samar asks everyone what happened. He sees Kavya’s name on the cake. Anupama goes to kitchen and cries. Kavya brings the cake for her and asks her to have it, if she has forgiven her. She wishes Anupama and apologizes. Anupama says I can’t have the cake, I m very happy with your success, your promotion cake can’t be my birthday cake. Vanraj looks on. He asks Anupama to have the cake when she is giving it. Kavya says I m sorry, I should leave. She goes. He goes after Kavya.

She asks him to talk to his wife, she will go by the cab. He says I will drop you. He takes Kavya along. They leave. Anupama looks on. He asks Kavya to fight with him, but not have this cold tone. Kavya says I have no reason to be angry, I m not blaming you, you should take Anupama’s side, I m just a colleague, she is your wife, it was her birthday. Samar wipes Kavya’s name from the cake. Anupama says its not wrong, leave it, Vanraj forgot the birthday, he is busy, everyone is busy. Samar asks her to stop it. She says I shouldn’t expect it. He asks why, we expect a lot from you, we all should be in guilt. She says don’t tell about Vanraj. He hugs her.

Baa says none can remember Anupama’s birthday. Dolly says she is overreacting. Her husband corrects her. Bapu ji asks how will we fix this. Baa says we will wish her next year. He says we will apologize to her. Samar acts like Anupama. She smiles. He says I taught dance to some kids and got this gift for you. She asks for me. He says yes, you like to cry, I m going to throw the gift. She sees bangles. He says its cheap gift. She says its much precious for me. She cries. He says I hate tears, I should do something for you. He makes a halwa cake. She smiles. He sings for her. He says we shall go out now. Vanraj drops Kavya. He says at least say good night. She says you have seen how good the night was. She goes. Some guys laugh at him.

Samar says the birthday girl is here. Paritosh says world’s best mom. Pakhi says sorry, we forgot. Paritosh says I promise, we won’t forget it ever. Anupama hugs them and greets Bapu ji. Bapu ji gives her tamarind candy. Baa blesses her. Dolly wishes Anupama and gives some cash. Her husband says we should have got a beautiful gift, we didn’t get it, so keep it. Samar asks her to cut the cake. Baa says you have cut Vanraj’s nose, he would have gone to office. Samar says its okay, cut the cake. Anupama says not without him. Baa asks why did you upset him. Vanraj comes and claps. He sings birthday song. He says you wanted to celebrate right, come, we will cut the cake. He makes her cut the cake. He feeds the cake to her.

He wishes her and says I wish you thought about me, my colleagues and reputation, I know I made a mistake by forgetting the birthday, you had to remind me, not insult the guests, you are not a kid, grow up, happy birthday Anupama, I forgot to bring the gift, but you didn’t forget to give the return gift, you got me insulted, thanks. He goes. He calls Kavya and worries. Anupama comes and says sorry, I didn’t wish to insult Kavya. He goes to sleep and switches off the lights. Paritosh, Pakhi and Samar have a talk. Pakhi argues with Samar. Paritosh stops them. He says I agree with her, if mum had the cake, what would have happened. Pakhi says it wasn’t an imp day. Samar says we give importance to ourselves, not our mum, sadly, great. He goes. Its morning, Anupama gets busy in her work. Jhilmil asks her not to worry, Vanraj will not be angry. Vanraj comes and asks Anupama to apologize to Kavya on phone. Bapu ji stops Samar