Antara Update Wednesday 11 November 2020


Antara Update Wednesday 11 November 2020

Antara Update Wednesday 11 November 2020: Kavali introduces herself to Aditya, and explains that he had a child with Anuradha, Antara. Then an officer comes in and tells them that they can take Anuradha’s body, and inquires about who will be taking care of the child. Kavali says that she will, and the officer asks her if she is a relative. She replies no, and that Antara has no other relatives.

The officer stated that Antara will have to go to an orphanage then. Kavali says that she has already talked to a very good orphanage, and they’re going to come and take her tomorrow. Then the officer asks Aditya how is he related to Anuradha. Aditya gets kind of nervous and perplexed. He then replies by saying they knew each other in college. Then his phone rings, and he excuses himself to go outside to answer it. Outside the hospital: Aditya lets his phone keep ringing, and in the caller ID is says “Love”. (Meaning Vidhya) He doesn’t answer the phone. He looks really guilty and confused as well as shocked.  Vidhya keeps calling Aditya, but it keeps going straight to his voicemail. She thinks his phone is switched off, and she tells this to Aditya’s sister. Aditya’s sister says why would bhaiya keep his phone off? Then Sameer enters in and Vidhya asks him where he sent Aditya. Sameer was confused and replied at first with I sent him somewhere? Then Vidhya said that Aditya told me you sent him somewhere for work. Sameer quickly covering up lies and says he sent him for work. Vidhya tells him how Aditya’s phone is off and calls Aditya again. Sameer suggested it might be turned off.

Then he turns to Aditya’s sister and says sometimes men need space from their wife. Then Aditya’s sister sticks up for her brother and says that he’s not like you a flirt. They have a light hearted fight, and Sameer ends it by  saying at least when I flirt with other girls, I realize that I’m marrying the world’s most amazing girl. Kavali goes outside to Aditya and says that hopefully you’ll leave after the funeral. The Aditya gets angry at Anu for hiding all this from him. Apparently she left him without telling him, and had Antara and never told him. He was really angry at her for even hiding that she had a child with him. Kavali said she didn’t tell you because she loved you. Aditya kind of scorns at this statement. Then Kavali changes the subject by asking where Aditya is staying and offers him a place at her house.  He refused and said he’s going to stay in a hotel. She suggested that he stayed at Anu’s house, so that his newly found daughter and him could have some time together. He agrees to go stay at Anu’s house.
Anu’s House: Aditya gets emotional seeing the pictures of Anuradha and him and Anuradha and Antara. Kavali states that Anu’s memories are still in this house, and Antara was even born here. Aditya is looking at the picture again, and sits down on a chair rather lost and confused. Antara comes up quickly and says  something that means stranger. She says it repeatedly even while Kavali is explaining to Aditya that Anu used to feed Antara from that chair, so Antara is probably not liking that. The Antara goes to her room saying the same word. Kavali follows her and tries to explain that uncle is not that, and to get Antara’s mind off of that situation she puts Antara on a stool and explains to her where her mother is. She told Antara that her mom is a star in heaven, and that Antara is here. After hearing this Antara repeatedly says, “Antara (pointing to herself) Maa (pointing to the sky).
She just keeps point to the sky and herself saying “Antara-Maa, Antara-Maa. ) Kavali’s phone rings. It’s someone she referred to as MIshra-ji.  She told him she’ll be right there. She tells Antara that she will be right back, Antara doesn’t pay any attention because she is  so self absorbed with her “Antara-Maa”. Kavali repeats this, and tries to get her attention and fails. She leaves, but then Aditya comes to Antara’s room.
Antara’s room:
He hears and sees her saying, “Antara-Maa”. He observes her pointing to herself and then the sky. He gets really emotional to see that this child has no concept about what happened to her mother. (I really think he feels guilty, even though it’s not his fault.)  He notices the stool she’s standing on is wobbling, so he picks her up and puts her on the ground. Then Antara stops saying, “Antara-Maa”, and is just looking at the sky. Kavali comes in and asked what happened. He said nothing happened, but Antara awas about to fall so I put her down. Kavali smiles. He then asks Kavali is everything okay with Antara.  Kavali says that this is her normal behavior and that Anu has been taking her to the doctor. He gets kind of shocked to hear this  He goes outside for a few minutes.
Outside Anu’s house:
He is outside and looking towards the sky. He says, “Anuradha!!” Very sad and perplexed.  He comes back inside into the living room of the house. He is thinking and kind of in his own world. He happens to see a bunch of DVD’s. One of then is labeled “Antara baby”. Aditya puts it on. He gets emotional seeing Anu again and happy seeing how much love Anu gave to Antara.

A few minutes into the video, Kavali walks in and tells Aditya that Antara made Anu very happy and took away some of her loniness, but Anu was always worried about what would happen to Antara if she died. Kavali told Aditya that Anu wrote a note for him beforehand because she was so worried about Antara’s well being. Kavali hands the note to Aditya and tells him she’s going to bed. He reads the letter.
It starts out with Anu saying that if you’re reading this, that means I’m dead, and I know you’re angry with me, and you should be. She tells him how Antara is like him: good at math, loving, sweet, innocent. Aditya reads this letter and gets emotional.  She told him that she wanted to back to him so many times, and by the time she got the courage to go back, he had already married someone else. She says she’s genuinely happy for him, and seeing him happy makes her happy. She requests that he take care of Antara, but she says that it is okay for him to refuse. She asks that he at least get her into a good orphanage though. This makes poor Aditya more confused and emotional! He gets up and goes to Antara’s room.
Antara’s room: Antara is asleep on the floor. Aditya picks her up and tucks her in her bed. He kisses her good night! Next day: Aditya is asleep on the couch, and Kavali wakes him up saying his tea is ready. She leaves to go check on Antara.
In Antara’s room, Antara is  trying to get into her school clothes.  She keeps saying, “Antara school, Antara school.” Kavali explains that it’s not a school day. and she needs to where something else, Antara more agressively says, “Antara school! Antara school!” Kavali reluctantly allows Antara to wear her school clothes and helps her finish getting ready. The orphanage people come to Anu’s house to take Antara to the orphanage. Kavali tells them to sit down while she calls Antara. Aditya enters the living room and sees them there. Antara enters the living room, and Kavali tells Antara that Auntie is here to meet you and wants to take you with her. The orphanage people are taking Antara away, then Aditya stops them. He tells them not to take Antara away because he wants to take care of her!! () The lady asks his relation to Antara. He says he’s her father. The lady looks at him in disbelief. Aditya stops the women from the orphanage and says that he will take care of Antara. The inspector says why didn’t he say anything yesterday. Kavali comes and says yesterday it was under different circumstances and gives the inspector Anu’s letter. Aditya says that he will do everything to keep Antara with him. The inspector tells that  he needs to prepare some documents and Aditya has to take custody of Antara. Aditya agrees. Aditya picks up Antara.

Aditya’s sister is consoling Vidya. Billu (the neigbour’s kid) comes and wonders how come there is no breakfast today. He calls Vidya’s kid to the LR and asks what’s the matter and he tells Billu that mummy is worried because she cannot contact dad. Billu’s mother just comes there and asks what’s the matter and billu says that uncle(aditya) ran away.

Aditya , Kav and Antara come to the station. Kav bids good bye.and asks Aditya to take care of Antara. Ste tells him that she was not only Anu’s friend but also a big sister. She leaves. Aditya puts Antara on a bench and ask her not  to go anywhere and he will back. He goes to the bus information desk and Antara gets up from the bench and leaves. When he comes back he doesn’t find Antara. Antara meanwhile is outside a toy store where she imitating a doll. Aditya finds her and he is pleased to see Antara imitating. Just then they announce the bus leaving. He pulls Antara from there promising her to buy a new doll. After few attempts he finally takes her into the bus and in these attempts Antara drops her mobile toy. Antara keeps saying ‘Antara Mobile’ . A bus passenger tells him to get the toy because he is not ready to travel with this kind of background music(Antara’s crying). Adi asks the conductor to stop and he gets the toy.
Vidya is still worried and as soon as Sameer gets there asks him to report to police. Sameer says not to worry, Adi will come back soon. He leaves for work ad promises to go to police. Outside, Sameer sees that the car tire is flat and he changes tire. Billu comes there and asks for a ride and Sam agrees.
Back In the Bus:
The bus arrives at Mumbai. passanger sitting behind AnTara, removes his bag from below AnTara’s seat and sees that it’s wet. His wife realizes its not water but AnTara’s Pee. She says that how come such a big girl does not request to be taken to toilet. A fellow passsenger says its not the child’s fault and he tells Adi to learn few things on parenthood and to take responsibility. Adi takes AnTara to  Sam’s house and tells him the whole story. Sam is angry on Anuradha not telling Adi the truth. Sam asks Adi what is he going to say to Vidya Bhabhi. Aditya says the truth but Sam tells him the truth will destroy the relation ship between Adi and Vidya. Sam tells Adi to say that you have adopted Anu’s Daughter.
@ Adi’s Home:
Adi Comes home and Vidya asks him where was he? Adi fumbles and Vid tells him to freshen up. At the dinning table, Adi is silent and Vidya asks him where is the child? Adi is shocked.