Antara Update Tuesday 10 November 2020


Antara Update Tuesday 10 November 2020

Antara Update Tuesday 10 November 2020: It starts with Antara and her mother waking her up to get ready for school. She tries to tell her eat and drink but Antara is busy with her toy mobile. Antara’s mother has separated from her husband for more than 5 yrs now. She is struggling betn job and Antara.

Antara’s mother drops her at school and Antara mother’s vocie says that like always Antara doesnt turn to wave back at her. Antara is completely absorbed in her own world playing with her toy mobile.
 At school in Antara’s class, other kids are chatting away as she is quietly sulking. Antara then tries to tie her shoelaces but is unable too which makes one kid prompt another to tie her shoelaces in cross and he does that swiftly.  All this while Antara is lost in her own world. The teacher comes and asks maths ques to children, Antara helps a kid ans but when she is asked she doesnt respond. The teacher gets furious assuming Antara is deliberately trying to irk her she pulls her out and Antara falls down. The teacher leaves her lying on floor and continues her class. Antara while lying on floor ans correctly to all the ques albiet softly. The class ends and all children leave the classroom but Antara is lying on the floor in the same position. The peon comes to close the door and seeing Antara helps her up and says why is she so tolerant when other kids harass her so much? Antara goes out and her mother is late hence the teacher again expresses her anger and leaves Antara there. Two boys come there and decide to disturb Antara who is playing with her marbles.

They blow whistles in her ear and after a while she is unable to tolerate and gets up clasping her hands on her ears and runs around. Her mother’s voice over says that these Antara is unable to tolerate noise. The boys follow her and then two boys are passing to one of whom Antara bumps into. The boy falls down crying and the teacher notices it. The other boys inform the teacher that Antara pushed him. Fuming the teacher takes Antara to the Principal’s office.
Anu is driving towards school as her friend tells her to call Aditya and that she is headstrong and isnt trying to take his help. Anu tells her that its her house, job and Antara and despite all struggle she will manage. Her friend is dropped and Anu goes to school and the peon gives her Antara’s bag and tells her abt Antara being in the Principal’s room. In the Principal’s room, Anu (Anuradha) tries to compose herself but the Principal tells her firmly that she has decided and she wont keep her mad child in her school anymore. Anu is miffed and tells her that Antara is not mad child she is just difft from other kids. The principal tells her all this while she kept her on request but not anymore. At this Anu  tells her Antara is shy girl and not like other kids and her doc told her that some kids have problems in learning at this stage and thats normal.The principal retorts still her daughter is not normal and she cant keep her anymore besides they arent her enemies. Anu says she has got some tests done and they will reveal that Antara is normal. . The principal tells her that in case she shd submit the Doc’c certificate. Just then there is banging sound and Anu inquires where is Antara? The principal gestures and Anu rebukes her for having locked a small child and unlocks the door. But when she tries to hug Antara, she shrugs her off and walks off to wear her bag and water bottle. THe principal comments that she said Antara is not normal. Mother-daughter leave the school.
At the doctors clinic
The Doc tells Anu that her daughter is not normal which shocks her and she asks whether she is mad? But the Doc tells her that no her daughter is not mad but she suffers from Autism. Anu wonders abt it and the DOc explains that this is a mental state where such children live in their own world and dont get affected by emotions and food, hunger dont have much relevance for them. They try to call her but she doesnt respond. Anu asks if they can be cured. At thsi she tells her that there is no cure but treatment will help her child live a relatively normal life. For this she will have to be her support perhaps throughout her life. The doc asks abt Antara’s father and Anu tells her they dont live together. Doc tells her that the treatment is expensive and besides she wld be emotionally drained.Anu assures she wld manage.
Outside her car, Anu thinks of calling her ex-husband but Antara sees Icecream stall and starts mumbling “Antara icecream’ repeatedly. Anu loses her temper and screams her that but Antara doesnt react and keeps repeating the same. Anu realises her mistake and says sorry to Antara and promises that she will take care of her. Next she takes her to have ice cream.
While driving back, Antara’s toy mobile falls down and she starts mumbling Antara mobile, Anu unbuckles herself and tries to pick up the mobile when she bangs into a oncoming truck. As the accident happens, Anu’s voice says she wants to tell her daughter how much she loves her, wants to support her, understand her and live her, God she doesnt wasn to die now and relives the past moments. She then says she doesnt want to die now. Antara gets down from the car and goes to her mother’s side (Driver side) and opens the door and takes the mobile from her hand and walks off. Anu looks at her and dies.
Antara is sitting on a bench and rocking to and fro. The wardboys pass by taking Anu’s dead body. The hawaldar gives licence and papers to his officer. The officer enquires whether the girl spoke and the hawaldar denies and adds she may be deaf.

At Aditya’s home
Vidya  is cutting veg in kitchen while singing a song. She goes to her bedroom where she takes out Aditya clothes and calls out to him.  Adi (Aditya) comes out and says sometimes he thinks it was a mistake to marry her and Vid is stunned and asks why? Adi replies that she never allows him to listen to the full song and interrupts with Adi get ready etc . Vid says he has already heard the song so many times so why isnt he content? Adi says she sings so well that he feels nice. She was singing yam raag & Vid says thats great her banker husband has learnt to recognise raagas. Adi says yes after all he has a singer wife.  Vid (Vidya) says that this yr his name will be there in the promotion list. Adi replies that banks dont function like her heart and these days those who do chamchagiri get the promotion. Adi advices her not to have high expectations as they wldnt materialise. Vid says that if his name is there then what will he give? Adi replies he can give nothing in retn except his love. She belonging to a rich family with big house, cars, servants etc and with him she is leading a cursed life with him in 2 room flat, doing household chores and riding on his scooter. Vid says did she ever complain and she has the happiness which money cant buy. She wants him to remain honest and loving as ever. As both hug a kid comes interupting that he needs to use the toilet and next time they shd close the door. Adi and Vid laugh.
Adi joins his son Abhishek ( Abhi) for breakfast and gives him parantha. The kid too joins them and tells Vid that she made tasty parantha. Vid tells Adi that  her parents have invited them for dinner tonight and he shd too come.Adi says is it necessary as he feels uneasy to eat in gold and silver plates. Vid retorts with how does it matter waht plate it is served on, he shd focus on eating on food. The kid now advices Adi that he thinks too much and it causes tension so he shd feel free just like he does. He doesnt think what aunty and him think abt his eating paranthas. The kid’s mother comes calling Billu and tells Vid that he again ate his breakfast with them. Adi says he does that everyday and Vid says its alright. Billu’s mother now tells her he never informs her before coming, at this Billu says whats the need to inform when she herself sent him! The mother is flustered.
Adi gets his scooter to leave when Guptaji ( Billu’s father) gives a choc to Abhi who refuses but Guptaji says since Adi does a lot for Billu he shd let Abhi take it. Vid tells Adi that its good he doesnt have a car as she can hold him tightly and sit. Adi replies she still cant do it and points at Abhi!. So as Abhi sits in betn, Billu stands in front.
At school
Adi drops off Abhi and Billu who thanks and proceeds. Abhi kisses his father and waves ( like a normal child) and Anu reminds him that he shd call her if his name is there in the promotion list and in the evening come to her parents house. Adi tells her not to dream big as it just might not happen. A guy is flirting with the reception as Adi tells him that if he is going to continue his antics then he wont get his sister Arti enganged to him. (The guy is Sameer(Sam)-Aditya friend and colleague). Sam says he promises to mend his ways and just then flirts with another girl. Sam then tells Adi that this yr his name wld be there in promotion list but Adi says no it wont be there. Lets see. THe peon informs them that boss is calling them.
Boss cabin
The boss question Adi for not passing the loan file once he had ordered it to be cleared. Adi replies that it had insufficient and incorrect docs. This irks the boss and he asks how dare he do that and does he know who he is? Sam says he is BranBranch Manager. The boss continues how can he still dare to do cancel that, doesnt he know whose loan application it is? Sam again ans its his Saala ( Son-in law-SIL). Boss threatens him that still how audacious of him to reject the file but unrelenting Adi says in terms and conditions for clearing a loan its no where mentioned that a loan needs to be cleared if it belongs to Branch Mgr’s SIL! THe boss is irked and warns Adi that he doesnt know the consequences of his actions. Adi replies calmly he knows that he will stop his promotion just like he did last yr. He wldnt endanger the aam janta’s money for his SIL. Adi leaves as the Boss says he is a mad man and Sam assures him he will talk to him.

Sam tries to talk to Adi and explains him why does he want to be so honest and get buried under it?He better learn to walk with the world. Adi tells him that how can he ignore the loan requirements (reqts)  just becoz the man is SIL of branch mgr? The normal people meticulously fulfill the reqts and wait for their loan to be cleared and here we have the SIL who isnt fulfilling even one condn! Sam tells him that to enlighten others house we dont burn our own home. He might lose his job becoz of his attitude. Adi says if something happens then its his destiny.
At his desk, Adi is working when he gets a call. Its Inspector Domble from Panchgani. He informs Adi that yes’day there was an accident (accdt) in which a woman died who had called him from her mobile, before the accdt. Adi tells the Inspec he doesnt know the woman at which Inspec tells him the woman is Anuradha Rai! Adi is startled and he asks details of hospital and location. Adi tells him he will reach there soon. He then informs Sam that he is leaving for some urgent work.
Adi , at bus stand, calls up Vid who is teaching a song to children at music school.  Adi informs her that he is going to Pune for office work and might get late in retng. He says to fwd his apology to her parents. Vid over hears the bus conductor calling aloud ‘panchgani’ and she asks Adi who fumbles but manages to say that he will get down mid-way.
At hospital, Adi looks at Anu’s body and pulls the sheet over it. He feels sad and leaves the room. He meets Inspector Domble who leaves for some work. Adi then notices Antara standing beside the wall repeating Aditya Verma, 31 st July 1975, mob no and Mumbai. Adi asks her does she know her and how? At this Anu’s friend comes and informs him that she is Anu’s daughter. Adi says she is sweet child and at which the friend adds that Antara is Anu and his daughter.