Antara Update Thursday 12 November 2020


Antara Update Thursday 12 November 2020

Antara Update Tuesday 3 November 2020: At the Dining table, Vid (Vidya) says if u had told me the truth wld I have not allowed u to go?  Adi (Aditya) is puzzled and then Vid asks Where is the girl? The orphanage people had called up and said u forgot to sign some papers. How did Anu (Anuradha) die and where is her husband? ADi replies in car accident and Anu didnt marry. At this Vid gets tearful and suspiciously asks he should refute that the girl isnt Anu and his daughter. Adi quietly nods in affirmation making Vid furious and she throws the plate. Vid tries to take Abhi (Abhishek) who says he wld sleep with papa. Vidya weeping leaves and locks herself in the bedroom.

At Sameer apartment, Antara is playing with some marbles sort of thing and Sam (Sameer) joins him. He asks her what is playing and what wld she like to eat. Antara doesnt respond which infuriates Arti who says she wont answer and will do exactly the opp of what u instruct her. Why did Bhaiya get her here? She is uncivilised. Sam tells her not to blame the girl as whats her fault in all this. Just then Antara says Bday and keeps repeating it and Sam tells Arti to tell her but when she doesnt he says 6th Oct and Antara starts repeating it. Arti then says she is leaving and he shd drop her at the hostel. Sam says how can he leave since Antara is there. This irks Arti who says put her in orphanage and Sam tells her not to vent her anger on the girl. She can leave today but when they married then she will live here. Arti smiles but as Antara picks a box which slips out of her hands and drops down. Sam goes to attenda & Arti is upset.
Adi puts Abhi to sleep and lies down on the floor. Vid is weeping profusely. Vid mobile rings and its her mother. Vid mother asks her is she was busy ,didnt call her and whether Adi returned. Vid tells her everything is fine and Adi came back. Vid mother gets worried and asks her what happened and Vid starts wailing when her father comes and takes the phone as Vid is saying Adi cheated on me.

Next morning, Adi is sleeping as Billu is howling at him that how could he do did this to him? he left without informing and this lead to lot of distress to Billu as he had to take bus. and he then proceeds for breakfast. Adi then sees Abhi, Billu having breakfast and then Guard comes and Vid tells him to take the children and drop them to school for the day. After they leave Adi asks an angry Vid to forgive him. He was unaware of this and infact hadnt talked to Anu for the past 5 yrs. He understands its a big mistake but she shd punish him only and not the family. After some goading Vid says she cant forgive him but wont leave the house and go. He shd ans her honestly just one thing whether this happened before marriage or after marriage. Adi is embarrased and sheepishly replies after! Vid screams aloud why did he do this and it ends everything they had. Adi tries to hold her but she shrugs him and tells him not to touch her. Vid wailing now goes to her the living room as a repentant Adi follows. Arti comes and consoles Vid. Arti then asks Adi why did he do this and punish Bhabhi and the family? Adi replies I am ready to face any punishment, just then Vid father comes who says my daughter will not stay here and she left everthing for this day. He is alive and his daughter will be taken care off. He tells Vid he is waiting for her to join him in the car.
Sam enters with Antara who is busy rocking to & fro playing with her mobile ( The back ground song is very touching). Vid gets enraged and leaves with her dupata running over Antara’s head. Adi then pats over Antara’s head who is still lost in her world. Vid goes downstairs and sits in the car with her father.
MONDAY: On the road> Adi is driving his scooter with Antara standing in front and  Billu seated on pillion seat. Vid with Abhi is in the car and Abhi yells out Papa upon sighting Adi. Adi notices him and as he stops, in the meanwhile Antara steps down from the scooter and starts crossing the road amidst traffic. Adi tries to call out to Antara but is unable to. Vid is crying and remembering old times when during for a play she is introduced to Adi. The man tells Adi ( he has a moustache!) that this is replacement for ur earlier heroine. Vid practices a dialogue with a man that in life not every moment is the same and she thought at this the man is unable to recite properly when Adi takes his place & Vid delivers the line with passion and Adi says yes’day and today I am always with u. Later on Adi appreciates her acting and Vid says he was better than her. Vid then asks him whether he will replace her in case the old heroine comes back. Adi asks her will she like to be part of his life?  Next Vid takes razor from  Adi & starts shaving him when she shaves off half moustache!  On the scooter, Vid, Adi, Abhi and Billu going to school, Vid telling Adi that his love and honesty is her wealth.
Vid Father’s house-( A big bungalow)
Vid’ mother Kiran asks what her happened? Vid father tells her that he got Vid out of the matchbox like house and she will live here. That man has an illegitimate daughter & now he wont allow even his shadow to fall on her. A weeping Vid  climbs the stairs & goes to her room.
Adi calls Vid who disconnects it and then he says “phone uthao” Vid which Antara overhears and starts repeating it. Adi gets angry and throws off his mobile which Antara picks up. Adi then goes to Antara when Arti comes and remarks the becoz of her his family is breaking apart, why doesn’t he understand this and send this girl away.  If the girl goes away then Bhabhi might come back. Adi says how can she say this and Antara is his daughter. At this Arti replies yes but illegitimate one.

Mrs Gupta brings biryani for Adi and seeing Arti asks how come she is here? Arti replies rudely why cant she come? Mrs Gupta then asks that Vid father had come so is there some prob? Arti tells her yes he was and any other ques she has. Mrs Gupta notices Antara and asks whose daughter is she? She is a cute girl. Arti replies she is Adi’s friend’s daughter and Antara starts to repeat this “dost ki beti”. Arti asks Mrs Gupta to get biryani for her and she leaves. Adi asks why did she lie and Arti says then shd she have spoken the truth. Arti is riled by Antara’s repetition and tells Adi to stop her or she will slap her. Adi stops her and tells her she is a kid. Arti tells him to send her away or else people who are his own will maintain distance from him. Arti leaves.
Adi is sitting while Antara is standing in the balcony and then goes inside opens her bag takes out Anu’s photo and keeps it in front of Adi.  Adi picks it from the table and remembers Anu’s words that after her who will take care of her daughter and if he does then she will be obliged. Adi says he is doing what she didn’t succeed in doing but she did sacrifice for his family’s happiness and today both of them have faced punishment. Today he is facing the same sitn, his family has fallen apart and he has no one but Antara. He is not doing any favour to her but its his duty. He is feeling miserable becoz he has hurt Vid but he cannot live without her. Vid says u are upset but now I wont leave u and go. Adi says he is sorry to have hurt her. Vid tells him she will make tea for him so that he can feel fresh but Adi says her smile freshens him up. Vid tells him from now on whenever he wants to feel fresh he shd turn and look at her and will find her smiling. Adi gets up to look behd but there is no one. He was dreaming and then he calls up Vid mobile but its switched off. Adi then calls on the landline no where the servant informs him that Vid has gone to school to pick up Abhishek. Adi picks up Antara & tells that they will go out now.
Outside School
Billu sees big car and is elated but Vid tells him that today he will have to go by Auto. Billu asks why but Vid tells him becoz they aren’t going home. Abhi says he wants to go to Papa but Vid tells him they will stay at Nana’s house and then pushes him in the car. Billu is  unhappy and then Adi comes and asks abt Abhi. Billu tells him that Vid aunty took him in the big car. Adi tells Billu to hop on and follows Vids car.
On the road
Abhi in the car is still expressing his desire to be with his father. At a redlight he turns and spots his father behd. He calls out to him and probably Adi to sees him. Meanwhile lot of honking is going on which irks Antara and she clasps her hands ard her ears but still it becomes intolerable for her. Antara then gets down from the scooter and walks across. Billu tells Adi that Antara got down from the scooter. Adi tries to tell her to stop but to no avail. Adi then goes behd her.