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Agent Raghav November Teasers 2022

Watch how A Smart and Intelligent Cop known as Agent Raghav and the CBI Team solve murder mysteries daily. Read Zeeworld Agent Raghav November 2022 Teasers:

Zeeworld Agent Raghav November 2022 Teasers 

Monday 14 November  2022

Episode 1

Agent Raghav comfortably solves the Mehrauli murder case and nabs the culprit with the help of the police. Just then, the news of another man committing suicide at the same time and at the same platform, reaches the CBI and Agent Trisha agrees that these deaths are more than just suicides.

Tuesday 15 November  2022

Episode 2

Agent Raghav gets to the core of the case and zeroes on the hair stylist, Rocky. It is then found that Rocky had an affair with the woman named Akanksha who used to visit his shop as a customer. When the CBI infiltrate into Rocky’s home, they find it to be abandoned from a long time. How will the CBI solve this case?

Wednesday 16  November  2022

Episode 3

Minister Gupta’s rally suddenly turns into a mess when a sharp shooter appears at a nearby building and fires two bullets at the minister. Agent Raghav understands that if the minister had to be killed, a skilled sharp shooter would have never missed his mark. The case soon starts to get clearer and the team starts to dismantle the mystery.

Thursday 17  November  2022

Episode 4

The CBI is set to solve a case of a haunted hound. This hound attacks a man kills him. investigate the case. The CBI reaches the scene and investigates with the family of the victim. People claim that it is the ghost of the dog that has killed the victim.

Friday 18  November  2022

Episode 5

A high profile socialite takes refuge at a five star hotel before she can preside over a conference that is taking place the next day. The socialite named Sushma Uppan takes her green tea with a squeeze of lemon and later writes a letter. Next day, CIB officer Trisha gets a call about Sushma Uppal’s death, which seems like a suicide and she is asked to rush to the hotel with her team.

Saturday 19 November  2022

Episode 6

The CBI get to solve another case where they are asked to solve a case of man being sacrificed. Upon further researching, agent Raghav narrows down on a sage as the suspect. It is then revealed that an Aghori who used to meet the deceased usually has left for Banaras. Two of the agents then set out to Banaras in order to meet the Aghori.

Sunday 20  November  2022

Episode 7

On his last night as a bachelor, Jay and Max decide to surprise Rahul with a party at the farmhouse. But unfortunately, the party goes wrong and Rahul loses his life while Jay and Max wake up feeling giddy and completely. Agent Vinod’s analysing eyes, discover that there was a fourth person during the night of the party and the drinks that the boys had during the night were drugged. Who is the fourth person?

Monday 21 November  2022

Episode 8

A woman named Ana Smith, a foreigner goes missing from Rave party and her news travels to the ears of CBI. Agent Raghav gets kidnapped by two thugs but are then dealt by Raghav himself and are then arrested. Agent Raghav’s sharp mind manages to get some clues about the woman but the case keeps on tangling in.

Tuesday 22 November  2022

Episode 9

Inspector Singh enters a hospital with a gun and walks straight into a lift which has already been occupied by four of the hospital’s staff. When the lights do come on, Singh finds himself with a surgical knife in his hands along with the lifeless bodies of the four doctors. However, Agent Raghav refuses to believe that Inspector Singh could have killed the four doctors and the investigation begins.

Wednesday 23 November  2022

Episode 10

The story of today’s investigation takes place in the jail where a baba is fed poison mixed in his food. The case is then given into the CBI’s hands but they could investigate the case only when someone enters the jail. Raghav takes the responsibility to enter the jail as a prisoner and investigate the case.

Thursday 24  November  2022

Episode 11

The CBI is again put to test when few fishermen fish out a body from the river.