Age is Just a Number Wednesday Update 30 September 2020


Age is Just a Number Wednesday Update 30 September 2020

Pankti argues that Sahil is someone else’s husband, how can she claim him. She will never come between them or their wedding; they are the people she respects a lot. She comes to Vaidika and says Sahil is affected by Vaidika once again,

it seems Vaidika can now think about telling him the truth. Vaidika says she also thinks the same. Pankti was excited and tells Vaidika to hurry and go and tell Sahil all the truth. Vaidika walks towards Sahil’s room and decides that today she will tell Sahil what they are to each other. She comes to the room where Sahil already stood distressed. She places her hand over his shoulder. Sahil asks Vaidika to solve a problem for him; she might not mind him asking as he is clueless. He says when he first met her, he lived at her as a tenant… he confirms Vaidika if there was something special between them before he lost his memory. Vaidika replies yes there was. They were interrupted when Mandagini comes in to introduce some guests with Vaidika. She says she invited a few guests for her brother’s Sangeet, they will have to serve them well now. Vaidika asks her to take the guests downstairs. Mandagini instead takes them downstairs to serve the guests well; but tells Vaidika to speak to him after Sangeet.Vaidika thinks it’s important for her to tell him about their relation. She will now be able to tell him how special their love story is.

Mandagini tells Aarya and Guddu to meet their family well, they might not get such a chance again. The lights were turned off. Pankti announces a special dance performance by Vaidika and herself. Sahil couldn’t take his eyes off Vaidika while she and Pankti performed. A few flashes from the past hurt his head. Vaidika slips during the performance, but Sahil hurries to her rescues. He assures he is always with Vaidika and will never let her get hurt.
Mandagini also announces a special programme for Guddu and Aarya, and recollect their childhood in a video. Everyone was happy to watch the childhood photos of Aarya and Guddu when the photo of Aarya’s molestation in the bar plays. Sahil was enraged, he turns the video off and questions who created this video? Mandagini blames them to cover Aarya’s character and she can’t let her brother marry such a girl. Aarya begins to cry and says she didn’t do all this. The guest ladies question Mandagini how can they marry Guddu with such an ill character girl. Vaidika clarifies that it was someone’s planning against her daughter. Bari Amma says she is well aware of that accident, she claims Vaidika to be a pious lady and her daughter is her shadow. The guests weren’t ready to marry Aarya with Guddu. They take Mandagini along. Sahil shouts at them to stop it, he clarifies that this is Aarya’s past. She gathered courage and decided to marry Guddu now. They can’t let any girl live peacefully in the world. Guddu interferes that Aarya told him about everything, he has no problem with her past and he wish to marry Aarya. Sahil says weddings work with truth and belief. Mandagini must in fact feel proud of Aarya’s truthfulness. Sahil tells the guests that they need to bring a change in the society and be a part of this wedding happily or leave. Mandagini and the guests decide to stay.
Guddu comes to the room. He recalls Sahil’s words that marriages work on truth or belief. He thinks he doesn’t have the courage like Aarya but can do this through the letter. He is sure when Aarya finds out he no more works in an office but drives a taxi, she will possibly forgive him. Mandagini comes to Guddu and says when Aarya will leave him tomorrow, Mandagini will meet him right here. Guddu says Mandagini must be grateful that a girl like Aarya is going to be a part of their family. He questions Mandagini if she intended to degrade Aarya by that video? Mandagini complains Guddu for being dubious of his own sister. After Guddu has left, Mandagini reads the note he left. She thinks this letter will bring a twist in his marriage now.

Pankti comes to Vaidika and insists on Vaidika to tell Sahil about everything. Vaidika says these moments are extremely important for her and Sahil; it will be the beginning of a new life for Sahil and Vaidika. She wants to take Sahil to a special place; it’s a Dargah a little farther from Kanpur. Every time there love suffered a problem, they went there and regained their love. She will tell Sahil in that Dargah today about their marriage. Pankti smiles at their thinking.
At night, Vaidika and Sahil walk towards the Dargah. Vaidika tells Sahil that he will get his answers here today. Vaidika silently prays that she only wish Sahil isn’t stressed and doesn’t lose his mental sanity. Vaidika tells Guddu and Aarya to pray for their relation in this Dargah. Guddu apologizes for Mandagini’s behavior. Vaidika says Guddu fought for Aarya today, he has proven himself to be a very good person for Aarya this way. Sahil asks Vaidika why it feels this place is extremely important. Vaidika insists on him to come inside, he will remember everything.

In the Dargah, Sahil gets flashes of the past memories. Vaidika asks Baba if it’s a special day. The man says its 100th anniversary of Peer Baba’s death. Vaidika seeks blessings for her daughter and son in law. Baba blesses Sahil and Vaidika’s couple as well. Guddu asks Aarya if she has any problem marrying him. Aarya says she has no problem, he must forget what happened and focus on their wedding tomorrow. Guddu thinks she must have got the letter but doesn’t want to discuss it.
Sahil comes to the gallery and recalls some flashes from his past in the Dargah. Vaidika comes to him with a thread. Sahil appears disturbed and doesn’t speak to Vaidika. Vaidika wish nothing goes wrong, Sahil is regaining his memories already. There was an announcement that here, everyone’s wishes come true. Vaidika comes to the cooking section.
Sahil walked across the Dargah.
In the cooking section there was a blast due to false cylinder use. All at once, there was blood shed around. Aarya and Guddu run looking for Vaidika. Sahil also runs around to look for Vaidika. The management distributes list of deceased. Sahil wasn’t ready to accept that Vaidika can die as she was pregnant. He was relieved when he doesn’t find the name of Vaidika in the list. Sahil wanted answers to his questions. There in the management section, Vaidika requests to announce Sahil Agarwal’s name. She wasn’t ready to let them announce her own name. She was explaining her condition to the management. Sahil comes there and hears her ask the management to find her husband Sahil. He repeats husband? Vaidika runs to hug Sahil. Sahil confirms if its really true that he is her husband? Were they married? Vaidika replies yes. Sahil was left in a state of shock. Vaidika says she is Mrs. Vaidika Agarwal, his wife. Sahil confirms if Ved, and the unborn child… Vaidika says they are their children. Sahil was in a disbelief and says he now understands why he feels so special for her. Vaidika says their story started six years ago, later on they fall in love. Sahil fought a whole world, even her for their love. Then one day, they married each other only because of Sahil’s faith.
Sahil questions Vaidika why she kept this hidden from him. Vaidika says Sahil’s life was endangered. The doctors claimed Sahil must not be stressed. Sahil questions how Vaidika can pause their unique love story. Vaidika says she loves him dearly, he can’t understand how she spent each moment but she was sure she will regain their love. And now Sahil had started feeling their love and connection. She hugs Sahil, then says if ever in life she has to select between life and Sahil she will select him. She exists because of him. Sahil says their relation belongs to both of them. He promises she will never have to hide or forget their love. Today, this Dargah will witness a new era of their love story. He kiss Vaidika’s forehead. They share an intense eye lock, then hug each other.

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