Age is Just a Number Wednesday Update 2nd September 2020


Age is Just a Number Wednesday Update 2nd September 2020

Bari Amma apologizes Sahil but Sahil asks how he can forget her for murdering his mother. Sahil announces he is leaving Agarwal house along with Vaidika, Aarya, Ved and Nani. Nani announces her favor to Sahil’s decision.

Bhoomi tries to stop Sahil but he wasn’t ready to accept whatever happened last five years. Bhoomi deters of killing herself and pulls a knife to cut her wrist nerve. Vaidika runs to snatch the knife from Bhoomi. Bhoomi blames Vaidika for revealing the truth to everyone, she has assured her that she won’t tell anyone it was Bhoomi who hid the pen drive. Sahil now scolds Bhoomi for keeping him in dark. Bhoomi cries that she was afraid of losing Sahil and loved him. Nani was also angry over her. Sahil forbids Bhoomi to even mention love, today she not only lost a husband but a friend as well. Sahil calls Aarya to bring Ved outside. Bhoomi announces Ved won’t leave but Sahil says Ved will live with his true parents.

Sahil takes Ved in his arms. Bhoomi continues pleading Sahil not to take Ved. Prachi questions if Sahil has gone crazy, it was a mistake. Vaidika also stops Sahil from leaving home on the day of Diwali. Bhoomi fell on the floor begging Sahil and holds his legs. Sahil drags Vaidika outside the house. Puneesh was happy about the development. Bhoomi breaks the vase in the hall out of rage.

Bari Amma stood in the room alone, thinking about Sahil who had broken every relation with her. There in the hall, Puneesh was cheerful that Sahil had left home and Deepak has been sent to jail. Now only he is left in Agarwal house to control everything with his wife and Bari Amma.
Sahil and Vaidika walk to Vaidika’s old house hand in hand. Aarya hugs them and says she is in still a disbelief that they are here as a family. Sahil asks them not to fight anymore, he is fed up fighting now. Sahil brings a name plate from his bag and says what was impossible earlier will now be possible – ‘Vaidika, Sahil aur Unki Dunya’ (Vaidika, Sahil and their world). Vaidika tries to stop Sahil as people might gossip. Sahil says it’s time to fight for themselves now. Aarya and Nani go inside. Sahil tries to pick Vaidika in his arms, she resists as neighbors were there around. He then forwards his hand. They walk hand in hand with each other.
Puneesh comes to Bhoomi determined to ruin Vaidika’s life and get Sahil and Ved back.

The next morning, Puneesh was furious and shouts at a servant who leaves. The lawyer was with Puneesh and tells him that Sahil got his work from another lawyer and got the property named after his kids earlier. They can no more get the property named after Puneesh. Puneesh was frustrated and decides to finish each one of the family now.
There, Vaidika and Sahil stood in front of their temple corner. Vaidika was relieved as the older burdens had shed off her shoulders. She now wish that her family stay calm and peaceful in this house. Bhoomi also gets some patients amongst the disconcerting situations. Ved comes out of his room then and was upset. Sahil tries to cheer him up by crackers and gifts. Ved was upset and insists upon going home to mama. Sahil holds Ved in his arms and says he lives in this house now. Ved says he loves his mamma as well. Vaidika brings sweet for Ved. He doesn’t take it saying he is angry with her as well. Vaidika makes Ved up that he must not be angry with the sweet. And this year this sweet is special, she and Sahil made it together. Ved asks why Vaidika doesn’t let him eat chocolates then. Vaidika apologies and says she asked the doctor and he is allowed one chocolate a day. Ved was excited and runs to blow the crackers.
Sahil holds Vaidika’s dress for some romance. He assures Vaidika that this chapter of their life will not be ruined by anyone else, in his lives to come he will live and die only for Vaidika.

Nani and Aarya come to the hall. Ved was excited to wear the new kurta Vaidika got for him. He runs outside to show his dress to everyone. Sahil also came to the hall. They hear Vaidika walk out in blue saree. Vaidika heads to start the pooja of Diwali. Sahil says they need to do something before that. He says Radha Krishna witnessed their story, but not the world. He wants to name their new life through this mangal sooter and sindoor. He promises to protect her each day and walk beside her. He asks if she will marry him. If her heart agrees upon this relation then forget about everything in life, and only think about herself. Aarya and Nani compels Vaidika to agree. Aarya says only a mother and wife could do what she has done for Ved’s life. Nani says it was Bari Amma who kept them away for years, else they could have married five years ago. Vaidika was thinking about Bhoomi. Sahil promises not to do anything wrong with Bhoomi. Bhoomi cries saying she is really afraid to say a yes. Sahil holds her hands and assures he is with her at every step of life. They have lost five years of their life, he doesn’t want to lose a single minute now. He fills Vaidika’s hairline and ties a mangal sooter around her neck, both hug each other.
There, Bhoomi cries receive the divorce from Sahil. Sahil had written a letter with it for Bhoomi. He expressed he is saddened to have lost years of their lives but it’s wrong to stay together after what has been revealed. She might as well move forward in her life now, while he cannot live without Vaidika anymore and would never be able to love Bhoomi.

 Sahil promised that he would never take Ved away from her, he will live with her for a few days in a week while for others he will stay with them. Bhoomi tears the letter and cries shouting in agony. Puneesh comes to Bhoomi’s room and being sympathetic she says there is a single chance left and that is to kill Vaidika. Bhoomi asks if Puneesh has gone insane, Vaidika is her sister after all. Puneesh shows false sympathy with Bhoomi and blames Vaidika for snatching Sahil and Ved from him. Bhoomi says Vaidika bears the child through which her Ved would recover. Puneesh says he has spoken to a doctor in America. Ved has two to three years and will recover soon. Bhoomi allows Puneesh to do whatever he deems rights. Puneesh smirks and thinks love is crazy; he wants to kill Vaidika and her kids so that Sahil finally goes mad.
Puneesh watch from outside as his goon replaces a toy cracker with real gun powder bomb. Aarya and Ved come outside. Aarya makes Ved up that they will wait aside while Vaidika will burn this cracker. Puneesh watch Vaidika’s mangal sooter and hairline filled in sindoor. Sahil brings Vaidika to a corner and thanks her for making this Diwali beautiful. He demands Vaidika to say I love you to him. Vaidika felt shy and runs away instead.
Sadika comes to Vaidika’s house running cheerfully. Gauri and Manish greet Sahil. Sadika hugged Vaidika and happily says she missed her. Sadika then runs to hug Ved. Gauri tells Sahil its Vaidika who invited them. Gauri notices the mangal sooter and sindoor and asks if they married? She hugs Vaidika and congratulates her. Ved was excited to blow the crackers. Gauri takes the children aside. Vaidika takes the box with the real gun powder. Puneesh watch this, eager to see blood-shed.

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