Age is Just a Number Wednesday Update 29 July 2020(Bhoomi meets Sahil)


Age is Just a Number Wednesday Update 29 July 2020(Bhoomi meets Sahil)

29th July 2020 Wednesday Update on Age is Just a Number Update: Nidhi tells Puneesh it was important for her to meet him. Puneesh asks why she is staying at Karan’s. He suggests her to turn her child into a player card. She must do something that forces plead her to give her child. Nidhi hears his suggestions intently and likes it.
Vaidika enters the room and was about to hit Yash in the room. She apologizes but Yash says he always wish to get near to Vaidika. Vaidika asks Yash to give their marriage sometime. Yash grabs Vaidika’s arms and asks what’s wrong if he wants their relation to be a complete one. He forces Vaidika who was resistant. Yash warns to destroy Agarwal’s again if she breaks their marriage. He forces herself over Vaidika. Sahil opens the door of their house.

Yash warns Vaidika that if she tries to break their wedding she would again witness the destruction of Agarwal family. He was trying to force himself over Vaidika when Sahil enters the room and grabs Yash’s collar. Yash pushes Sahil away. Sahil throws everything around the house on floor shouting at Yash as a bad uncle who is beating Vaidika. Yash asks Vaidika to stop him. Everyone from the family gather inside and tries to calm Sahil. Gauri notices Vaidika was sweating badly and felt uncomfortable. Deepak takes her outside. Vaidika also walks out of the room while Nani follows her. Yash decides to teach Sahil a lesson and finish this chapter of craziness.
Sahil drank on the streets around Vaidika’s old house. He was lost in thoughts about Vaidika and got drunk sitting there on the road. He sits on the floor there and shouts at God for torturing Vaidika. First Vaidika’s husband died, then that Gautham and now this Yash whom Vaidika married. Why should Vaidika suffer so much, he would kill Yash. He breaks the bottle on floor and fell there.
Gauri speaks to Vaidika she is a strong lady, why she seems to be tensed. She doesn’t understand why she married Yash, but if she is unhappy why remain in such a relation. Vaidika says she had to save lives of many, specially the one who never thought about his own life for her. Vaidika says she had no other option. Gauri holds her hand and asks Vaidika to tell her anything she can do for her. Vaidika hugs Gauri nodding. When Gauri leaves, Vaidika thinks she wonders how long she will be able to bear all this. One day she might be fed up of Yash’s attitude but she will help Sahil and his family as much as she can.
Deepak assures Yash on phone that he will help him. He has arranged four men who would be enough to teach good lesson to Sahil. Yash wasn’t ready to spare Sahil for loving his wife.
There, goons gather around the drunk Sahil.
Vaidika prays in front of temple that the house is gathered in troubles. Sahil’s condition is worsening, Yash’s behavior hurts her. She prays for Sahil’s safety and strength for herself. She lights a flame in front temple but it goes out.
There, the goons break a bottle over Sahil’s head and beats him badly while he was badly drunk. Deepak enjoyed the scene from a corner.
Vaidika tries to light the flame again, worried of the storm.

Sahil was badly beaten.
Vaidika saves the flame. She prays for Sahil’s safety, else her believe over God would also shatter.
Deepak hear siren of police mobile and whistles to alert the goons. Sahil lay on the floor unconscious and injured. A girl draped in fancy clothes come to Sahil and notices he was badly injured. She thinks she came in the right time and asks Sahil to get up, she made the goons leave. She appreciates herself for doing so well. She first ran from her wedding in Mumbai and saved a life here in Kanpur. The goons had gathered again and hits Bhoomi’s head. She fell unconscious this time. Sahil had gotten up, got a wooden rod to beat the goons and later fell on the floor with all of them.
Bhoomi wakes up and thinks if everyone is unconscious who saved her then? She decides to take Sahil to her sister’s house as his heart is still beating.
Vaidika comes to Nani in a panic situation that Sahil isn’t home. Nani tells her to forget about Sahil. Bari Amma and others come asking about Sahil. Nani tells them to find their son by themselves, her daughter isn’t a maid for their son. Vaidika receives a call and hurries outside. Sahil lay in her old house on a couch. She notices he was unconscious. Anjana, Bari Amma and others also reach there. Anjana kiss Sahil’s forehead out of concern. Deepak also reach there. Puneesh says he already warned Bari Amma they must stalk this woman, she must have kept Sahil somewhere. Anjana asks Vaidika how he got hurt. Vaidika says she is clueless. Nani wonders who unlocked their house and brought him here. Bhoomi calls from behind that she did. Everyone turns to see a bride draped in a jacket. She says she brought this boy here.

Vaidika tells Anjana she is unaware how Sahil was hurt. Nani wonders who brought him into their house. Bhoomi stood at the door and says she unlocked the house and brought him here. Nani was angry at Bhoomi for being here. Bhoomi hurries to hug Vaidika. Vaidika asks Bhoomi where she found Sahil. She notices Bhoomi’s bridal dress. Bari Amma sends Puneesh to call police. Prachi held her suspicion over Bhoomi. Bhoomi shuts Prachi up and says they are concerned about police and not doctor. Anjana asks someone call the doctor. Bhoomi tells them she already called the doctor, Sahil has been given injections already. She boasts about being a psychologist and can really read their minds. Anjana prays for Bhoomi as she helped Sahil. Bhoomi forbids her to bless her much, what if God gets her marriage fixed again? She apologizes for not sharing with them about her marriage. It was a stupidity, he was her boyfriend and insisted on her to run from home and marry him; she only found today that he had affairs with two other girls a and married them similarly. He left his goons behind her. She fled from train straight towards Kanpur.
Vaidika asks where she found Sahil. Bhoomi says right outside their house, some goons were beating him. She saved him, then someone blew over her head. But till she woke up everyone had fainted again. She wonders who saved her. Sahil speaks from the couch, he did. Vaidika says Sahil can’t leave anyone in trouble, no matter what’s his own condition. Bhoomi was excited to meet Sahil and says she has read everything about their love story, from social media to radio shows and is aware Sahil is Vaidika’s lover. She kneels in front of Sahil and says there can be no lover like Sahil, she is a fan of him. Sahil thinks at least Vaidika’s sister realizes this. Sahil asks Bhoomi to be friends with him. Bhoomi was shocked to see his mental condition. Vaidika takes Bhoomi inside. Prachi was irked where she came from? Sahil thinks at least Bhoomi would push the stuck on the way cart of his love story.

In the room, Bhoomi absorbs all the information. She asks if Sahil loves Vaidika and Vaidika doesn’t, still they save each other’s life. She lives in Agarwal house although Agarwal’s hate her. Agarwal house belongs to Yash whom Vaidika married, his niece Suomya calls her as Mami but Aarya calls Sahil as Papa. Sahil went into coma because of Yash and turned childish. She feels pity over Sahil for being in such a condition. She assures Vaidika to help Sahil. Aarya comes to the room excited. Bhoomi complements that Aarya has really grown up and isn’t even fat anymore. Nani comes inside and was annoyed with Bhoomi to have come here permanently. Bhoomi teases it’s exactly how Nani used to fight with her mother in law and come to her mother’s house to stay. Nani was irked. Vaidika stops Nani. Bhoomi hugs Nani tightly and says she has written her college thesis over her only, two people who love each other from inside but never show it. Nani tells Bhoomi to stay away from her daughter, she is married now. After Nani has left, Aarya tells Bhoomi that Vaidika rejected Sahil’s proposal and married Yash. Bhoomi says Vaidika was always like this, she only cares for the world and won’t ever confess even if she loves Sahil.
At Agarwal house, Bari Amma instructs the inspector to find out who is behind all this. Deepak stood on the staircase and was worried hearing this. Yash comes to Deepak and blames him for not being able to handle a situation. Deepak tells Yash he won’t be trapped alone and plays a recording of Yash’s calls. He says it’s an insurance, and Bari Amma won’t spare him if she knows about it. He demands a fifty thousand per week pocket money to keep his mouth shut. Yash walks downstairs and thinks Sahil is a trouble in his life.
Aarya comes to Vaidika next morning. She asks she doesn’t understand why Vaidika married Yash, but wants a confirmation if Vaidika is happy? Vaidika asks why she is asking so. Aarya says Sahil told her that Yash beat Vaidika. She asks Vaidika if Yash really beats her. Vaidika was speechless. Aarya says Vaidika is strong and never let any wrong around her, then why not fight for herself. Vaidika assures Aarya she will stay strong and fight for herself as well. She cries placing her forehead over Aarya’s. She then sends Aarya home where Bhoomi is waiting for her. Yash comes to the room busy on a call. He looks around and wonders where hospital file was? Vaidika asks Yash if he is finding this. She held the file in her hand. Yash walks to her. Vaidika thinks about his inhumane attitude towards her and slaps him on face. She says it was his problem and he poured the frustration over her. He can’t punish her for any reason. Any marriage can’t be successful without trust and self-respect. She would compromise for none. She is silent only because of Sahil’s family and can go to any extent to help him. Yash can’t ever understand how much Sahil has done for her. Yash throws the file in air when Vaidika has left the room.
Vaidika was shocked to hear what Bhoomi said. Bhoomi convinces Vaidika that this is a great idea and would surely work on Sahil. Anjana heard this from outside and comes inside requesting Vaidika to agree. She was worried about Sahil’s condition last night.

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