Age is Just a Number Wednesday Update 22 July 2020


Age is Just a Number Wednesday Update 22 July 2020

22nd July 2020 Wednesday update on Age is Just a Number Update: Panday held a gun over Vaidika but she moves on. Sahil was in the same hall praying. Vaidika runs across the hall for life. Panday follows her. Sahil could sense Vaidika was somewhere around. He walked through the same corridor and stands holding a boundary.
Nidhi was enraged over Panday for not being able to accomplish a single task. Pandit comes inside the house. Nidhi stuffs a bundle of money in her pocket and tells him to hurry the wedding process and the vows. The wedding much finish within 10 minutes. Nani comes to insult Nidhi for interfering in her daughter’s matters. She tells Pandit ji to get the wedding accomplished ritually. Bari Amma comes out of the room. Nidhi walks inside. Nani comes to insult Bari Amma for being poor now, and gifts her an empty bowl so that she can beg.

Age is Just a Number Tues Update 21 July 2020

Her daughter and Yash would soon take over whole of her business and property.
There, Sahil showed Vaidika’s photo on his cell phone to people asking about her. Vaidika cries with the boundary. She was shocked to see Sahil standing at a small distance from her with the same boundary. Her past with Sahil flashes in front of her eyes. She hurries towards him and was about to place her hand over his shoulder for help when she looks outside. Panday held her fellow lock up mate with a knife over her neck and signals her to come outside. Vaidika leaves silently. Panday takes hold of her in the corridor.
Nidhi warns Chambeli to get all the shares named after her after she married him. Chambeli wasn’t ready to listen to her orders and says she doesn’t own a magic wand. It might take some time. They hear Suomya telling Yash that this lady isn’t her Mami (Aunt). Yash insists she is the same and even saved her life. Suomya asks Yash to come and see by himself, she isn’t the one. Chambeli and Nidhi were cautious.
Sahil looks outside the gallery to see the same dumb girl. He asks about Vaidika’s whereabouts. The girl points behind him. Panday came from behind clapping and asks if finally found Vaidika. Sahil holds Panday by collar and beats Panday badly. Panday points towards a tree where Vaidika was hung through a rope. Sahil hurries towards the tree. There was a ring of fire just beneath where Vaidika hung. His men had tied the young girls with the tree trunk. Panday warns to kill Vaidika and threw oil to ignite the already burning fire. He says Sahil would witness his lover die burning in fire in front of his eyes.
Suomya tells Yash that this lady doesn’t remember any of her choices, her favorite color, her favorite food or anything. Yash asks Chambeli to satisfy Suomya with a few things she can remember. Suomya insists she isn’t the one, she can’t remember anything. Yash convinces Suomya that she got hurt on head and might have forgotten everything. Chambeli thinks Sahil didn’t teach her anything about Suomya, what if she speaks wrong in front of her. Nidhi watches this from the window and comes to her help with a note written on the banner. Chambeli says favorite food is Cheese and burger, favorite color is blue and favorite story is sleeping beauty. Suomya cheers and hugs her. Yash goes to get ready for the wedding. Nidhi comes to the room, they laugh together.

 Nidhi says when Suomya took tuitions from Vaidika she used to live with them as Sahil’s wife. She shows how much Chambeli would need her to stay in the house. Chambeli enjoys how devilish Nidhi was. Nidhi says she took pleasure with Karan and made Sahil a father of her baby, she wonders what Nidhi is capable of. No one can stop them when the witch and a dyan work together. Chambeli tells Nidhi to leave now, she has to get ready for wedding.
Panday begins the cut the rope Vaidika was tied with. Sahil fights the goons and was beaten badly by them. Vaidika pleads Panday to stop this. Panday stops his goons and warns Sahil to save his love if he can. Sahil was able to get rid of goon’s grip, he holds a nearby rod and hits the men. He now comes to Panday and saves the rope from falling off and keeps it pulled. Panday drags him behind. Sahil finds the knife fallen right under her foot and marks a cut on Panday’s arm. He runs to save Vaidika. Both fell over on the other side of the fire ring. Vaidika holds a rod to hit Panday. Panday resists but himself fell into the fire ring. He was burnt alive. Sahil tells Vaidika this is Karma. He kiss her forehead. They free the other two girls.
Sahil tells Vaidika it seems there was a day after long hours of night. He has gained his oxygen back. Vaidika tells Sahil she wanted to tell him something very important before accident.

Chambeli sat with Yash in the mandap. Nidhi wish this marriage drama ends sooner. She was happy that Sahil brought a fake Vaidika. The Pandit asks the couple to stand for wedding circles. Nani tells Aarya to distribute flowers, everyone would sprinkle them over the new couple. Chambeli smiles thinking her life will soon change. Sahil calls from outside to stop. He enters the house with a bleeding face, Vaidika walks behind him. Everyone was shocked to see Vaidika. Bari Amma questions who is the girl in mandap then? Nani hurries to hug Vaidika. Aarya also breaks into a cry. Vaidika cries hugging them. Yash questions Chambeli who is she. Nidhi comes to question who she, the look alike of Vaidika is. She orders her to leave the house. Bari Amma silence Nidhi and questions Sahil what’s this, and who is the girl in mandap


. Sahil says this girl is Chambeli, he brought her into the house. Bari Amma asks why? Sahil says he wanted to know the truth. He knew someone from the house was involved in Vaidika’s kidnap. He stood in front of Nidhi and asks if they want to know who that person is. Bari Amma asks for the name. Vaidika says its Nidhi. Sahil blames Nidhi tried to kill Vaidika.
Vaidika slaps Nidhi and warns she has no way to save herself. Bari Amma says she could never believe a daughter in law of Agarwals can fall so cheap. Sahil questions Nidhi why she wanted to kill Vaidika. Nidhi instead begins to clap. Chambeli smiles that this is a new drama of Nidhi, or she has fallen crazy. Bari Amma moves forward to slap Nidhi but she resists holding her hand in midair. Sahil tries to drag Nidhi outside the house. Nidhi forbids him touch her, else they would have to regret. She calls her mother to bring the gift she has brought for them. Vaidika asks what this new drama is, no one can save her. Nidhi removes the veil, it was Gauri with a bomb tied to her belly. Everyone was shocked. Nidhi warns them to stay behind. Deepak says Gauri bears his child, he can’t sacrifice his child for Sahil and Nidhi. Nidhi tells Deepak that it seems he can never be a father. Nidhi says it’s all Sahil’s mistake, he always want to save Vaidika and this time she already knew they had left safely. Chambeli thinks about leaving but Nidhi warns her not to move. Vaidika doesn’t let Sahil move towards Nidhi. Nidhi confess doing everything intentionally. She says it all began with Vaidika. Vaidika came between her childhood love and friendship and snatched Sahil from her. She confess that her sins don’t end here, Sahil isn’t the father to the child she bears. Karan is the father of her child. She blames Vaidika for all this. She couldn’t bear that Sahil didn’t own her after marriage, she was drunk and fell into Karan’s arms. She asks how Vaidika could have known this, she belongs to the generation who must have spent their wedding night in dark as well. Sahil shouts at Nidhi, but she says Karan is also equally responsible. She also confesses she sold the company’s shares to Yash and forcefully got Bari Amma’s finger prints on the papers when she was paralyzed. She accepts being responsible of pushing her down the stairs. Vaidika doesn’t let Sahil move on. Nidhi says she enjoyed the most when Sahil brought Chambeli to Agarwal house but she gained her side. She says if Sahil hadn’t still left to save his lover, his family must not be in such a problem.


The timer on the bomb of Gauri ran short of time. Vaidika regretted marrying Sahil to her. She questions what Nidhi wants? Nidhi demands they name all the property after her. She presents the papers that were ready, they state that Nidhi won’t be accused at all and will own the property. She wants the signatures of Bari Amma, Sahil and Yash over them. Vaidika requests power from Devi Maa. Nidhi says if Vaidika hadn’t come into her life things must not have reached to such a point. Vaidika takes the file and speaks to Bari Amma that this is all wrong, she is being snatched of her right. She convinces Bari Amma that she can face anything if her family is with her, money can be earned again. Yash says he won’t let Nidhi snatch his right, he won’t sign. Nidhi warns everyone would die because of him then. Vaidika requests Yash to save everyone. Gauri was badly crying. Yash agrees. Nidhi places a timer of thirty seconds. Vaidika brings a pen and get the papers signed. Nidhi snatches the papers, turns the timer off then leaves Agarwal house locking the door from outside. Nidhi and mother get into the car cheerfully planning to buy Europe tickets. Vaidika and Sahil stood in front of her car. Nidhi walks out and questions if they want some more disgrace to themselves. Vaidika slaps Nidhi hard on face. Nidhi calls her false name and asks if she would be fearful of a slap, she deters to file a complaint against them? Sahil questions how she will do it? It seems he lost his mind after losing his money. Yash questions which money, they have lost nothing. Nidhi asks her mother to remind them about the signatures. They were shocked to see the papers still unsigned. She was worried and asks where the signatures are. Vaidika says the pen has a special ink, it vanishes in a while. Everyone used the pen with invisible ink, they had planned it already.

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