Age is Just a Number Wednesday Update 12 August 2020 Vedika disciplines Ved


Age is Just a Number Wednesday Update 12 August 2020 Vedika disciplines Ved

Sahil says Sadika can’t be her daughter because…. Bhoomi signals him not to speak further. Bari Amma and Prachi claim that Vaidika brought someone else’s daughter as Agarwal. Vaidika insists that Sadika is as much of Agarwal as anyone else here. Deepak carries Sadika into his arms. Vaidika takes her inside. Gauri asks Deepak how he brought a girl into his arms.

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Did the sun rise from west today?
In the room, Bari Amma tells Sahil and Bhoomi that Vaidika was a liar since eternity. Bhoomi was worried and says she can’t lose her Ved. Bari Amma insists that Ved is her and Sahil’s son. She insists that the daughter she calls as hers isn’t Yash’s daughter.

Age is Just a Number Tuesday Update 11 August 2020

Sahil must never believe in her, no matter what she says. Sahil forbids Bari Amma to disrespect a woman, he won’t jump into his trap again. Bari Amma says Sahil takes care of Vaidika’s daughter and mother, she must be considering Sahil into her grip still. She gets a call and leaves. Bhoomi murmurs that Ved is asleep right now, if he meets Vaidika… She decides to live in Ved’s room. Sahil wonders what Vaidika Agarwal wants from this house? Vaidika stood in front of temple and asks for God’s help in capturing anyone who wish to hurt Aarya. Aarya comes there dragging Sadika, she scolds Sadika for following her across the house. Sadika says Aarya is her elder sister, and she found her the best in this whole house. Aarya leaves angrily.
Deepak was tensed and thinks he wanted to get rid of this daughter, and here she stands in front of him after years. Gauri comes to the room, assuring Manish on call that she will speak to Deepak.
Bari Amma asks Puneesh if he made sure the letter reached Vaidika. Puneesh says he always completed each task assigned to him.


Bhoomi looked terrified watching Vaidika and Sahil speak to each other. Bhoomi was worried how her marriage would continue in this storm of Vaidika-Sahil love. What will happen to my son?
The next morning, Gauri thinks about Deepak having vanished early morning. She wonders what’s going on in his mind. Sadika comes to her and asks what’s on her arm? She looks towards the arm band and thinks Deepak crossed all his limits this time. Sadika says her mother thinks she release tensions of everyone. She asks Gauri to hug her, even her tension might be released. Gauri hugs Sadika. Deepak had come home and watch this. He thinks a mother has hugged her daughter today, even this child doesn’t know her true mother is Gauri. Sadika asks Gauri if her tension is released? Gauri says her mother is right, she is really a magic bag. Vaidika comes to the hall. Gauri was happy and calls Sadika really cute. She appreciates Vaidika’s brought up. She asks for Vaidika’s permission to keep Sadika with her, her own child must have… Vaidika happily allows. Gauri and Sadika play with each other.
Bhoomi runs behind Ved making him up. She promises his chocolate will be delivered from Delhi by tomorrow. Vaidika deters to throw and break Bhoomi’s mobile. Vaidika grabs the phone from Ved’s hand and asks if five year old behaves like this? Bhoomi tries to stop Vaidika but Vaidika doesn’t listen. Vaidika deters to give away Ved’s gifts to someone else if he doesn’t gather them. She does the count down. Ved collects all his toys while Bhoomi looks on in shock. Vaidika appreciates Ved and says if he doesn’t accept Bhoomi’s words again, she won’t let him go out to play. Bari Amma comes questioning how dare she scolded him? Vaidika says she is unaware of her courage, its necessary to bring up children well. She scolded him out of love for him. After Bari Amma has left, Vaidika appreciates Bhoomi’s efforts. Bhoomi replies that she has brought her son up for last five years, she knows well when to train and when to lend leniency to her son. She takes Ved inside.
Bari Amma and Puneesh were going in the car. A girl hits their bonut. Puneesh recognizes her the same girl he always brought gifts for. The girl confronts Bari Amma deterring to file a case against her, they were driving rashly. Bari Amma signals Puneesh to handle her. Puneesh speaks to Nisha, she demands Puneesh to bring the necklace Bari Amma wore within 24 hours. Puneesh wonders how he would steal this necklace now.
Sahil wakes up in the midst of night. Vaidika opens the door of his room and stood in a blue saree. He asks what she is doing here. If she got the saree back from Bhoomi? Vaidika reminds Sahil that it belonged to her, he had gifted her. He married Bhoomi still he loves her. She also knows that Ved is her son. Sahil was astonished. He asks how Vaidika knows. Vaidika says she came here to get everything she is rightful of, this saree and her son. Sahil stops Vaidika but she doesn’t. Sahil wakes up from the nightmare. He pants and decides that he can’t let Vaidika take Ved from him, he can’t lose Ved at all. He hates Vaidika

In the room, Bari Amma asks Ved if he wants her to punish Vaidika. Ved was afraid that she would still scold him. Bari Amma assures this won’t happen. Bari Amma takes Ved to the corridor, Vaidika was speaking on a phone call. She urges Ved to push her from behind. Ved was reluctant but pushes Vaidika. She fell off the stairs. Sahil comes running to Vaidika who was hurt at forehead. He calls Aarya and Nani. Nani brings a glass of water. Bhoomi and Aarya also come there. Sahil carries Vaidika to room.
Ved comes to the room and apologizes Vaidika for pushing her. Sahil shouts at Ved and was about to hit him. Vaidika stops Sahil’s hand. Bhoomi just entered the room and was shocked to see Vaidika holding Sahil’s hand. Sahil withdraws his hand from Vaidika’s grip. She says children are spoken to. Sahil questions Bhoomi’s brought up and warns Ved to do this again. Vaidika requests to speak to Ved for a few minutes of they don’t have a problem. Bhoomi replies No! Sahil asks why no? He gives Ved’s hand into Vaidika’s, and himself drag Bhoomi out of the room shutting the door behind.
Ved was concerned about Vaidika’s injury. Vaidika says it hurts as well. Ved says I am sorry. She scolded Ved and is a bad woman, she must be punished. Vaidika asks who said this to him? Ved runs away from the room. Vaidika thinks she knows who can do so?
In her room, Bari Amma boasted about her trick. Ved did what Sahil couldn’t do in years. Vaidika comes to her room and questions how she could make a young child push her down the stairs. Bari Amma warns Vaidika to stay away from Sahil and Ved’s life. Vaidika says she isn’t interested in Sahil or Ved. She is a teacher and it’s her duty to principle children. Bari Amma boasts that Vaidika along with her daughters and mother will have to leave Agarwal house soon. She already hates Aarya. They can’t gulp Agarwal’s property and won’t even be left alive. Vaidika was determined to find a proof against Bari Amma. She boasts being a mother. No matter its saving Aarya’s life, or her sister’s son Ved’s brought up or about Sadika; she will go to any extent to protect them.
Bari Amma thinks she can’t let all her efforts be ruined.

Bari Amma and Puneesh stood upstair. Down in the hall, Ved insists on Bhoomi to be Krishna this time. Sahil comes to take Ved’s promise that he won’t be mischievous again. Sadika says there was a Janmashtmi festival in her school. Sahil says even they can celebrate Janmashtmi festival if Ved and Sadika wish. Puneesh asks Bari Amma to let the festival happen, he got the trick to get rid of Aarya.
During the festival, Aarya confirms if Ved and Sadika have completed their dance practice. She asks Sadika where she got the new dress. Gauri says she gifted it, must have given similar if she had a daughter. Vaidika thanks Gauri for the dress she made for Sadika. Sadika thanks Gauri by hugging her. Deepak comes to take Gauri outside.
Bari Amma and Puneesh watch Aarya decorate the idol swing. Puneesh says Aarya is unaware what will happen to her, as a bomb has been connected to this very swing. He gets a message from Nisha about not forgetting her gift.
Sadika and Ved perform a tableau. Everyone enjoy the performance. Bari Amma thinks where Puneesh has gone, what if his plan is failed again.
Puneesh comes to Bari Amma’s room and looks around for the necklace. Puneesh receives the call from Nisha that she has reached his house.
Ved and Sadika finalize their tableau. Nani asks the kids about further planning. Ved says they will now call anyone from the audience and they will dance. Sadika comes to Vaidika while Ved insists on Sahil to come forward. Both were reluctant. Maya sends the song to DJ as Vaidika and Sahil come to stage.

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