Age Is Just a Number Update Sunday 31 May 2020


Age Is Just a Number Update Sunday 31 May 2020

Vaidika had climbed a stool outside the main gate of the house. Nani held the stool for Vaidika. She recalls leaving the milk outside and goes to boil it. Sahil had arrived in the street and finds Vaidika slip the stool and holds her in the arms.

Age Is Just a Number Update Saturday 30 May 2020

He tells her to appoint him as her bodyguard. Panday ji had gathered the neighbors saying she has fallen over this young man in the midst of street. The ladies also agree to Panday ji, why she kept a young guy as tenant. Sahil charges over Panday. Vaidika stops him saying she will find a way for herself. Panday tauntingly laughs they are no short of guys from his neighborhood. While everyone had turned to leave Sahil stops them to visit their shop. He does marketing for Vaidika and selects three dresses. She bids them for five hundred but Sahil insists to sell them for no less than thousand. He minds Vaidika he was her first customer.

Sahil hands the gifts to Anjana. Anjana was concerned about Sahil’s health, and where he got money fro. Sahil says he works somewhere. Anjana was happy with the gifts, and insists on Sail to come home. Sahil denies going home until Bari Amma is stubborn. Anjana cries asking what about her? Sahil wipes her tears saying he is in the same city. He will return home but now he has to teach that stubborn lady a lesson.
Shruti was confused if she should tell Bari Amma or not. Bari Amma comes to ask if she found outs something or not?
Sahil tells Anjana he is happy where he is, he must be let to live here and promises to return soon. Anjana hugs him before leaving. It was night when Anjana cautiously enters the house. She finds her room emptied, and goes out calling Ram Prasad in a tensed manner. Raam Prasad signals towards a room downstairs. Anjana goes to knock Bari Amma’s room. She was allowed inside and finds her bags packed there. She points towards the luggage as hers. Bari Amma says from today she is going to stay in this room. She is changing everything from today, she is giving everything to her and her son. She be the owner and Sahil, the heir of this house.

Bari Amma hands the responsibility of the house to Anjana. She blames that Anjana wants to prove that she hasn’t been able to keep the family intact, and that Anjana is the mother of the heir of this family. Anjana apologizes Bari Amma. Deepak and others had gathered, Deepak asks how they would be able to run the house without Bari Amma. Bari Amma says Anjana supported Sahil monetarily just to boost his courage of revolt. Deepak says Sahil came to her for money as well, but he didn’t help him at all against her wish. Bari Amma leaves Anjana crying helplessly.
It was night, Sahil jumps into sight while Vaidika was arranging the clothes. Vaidika tells Sahil that people liked her work, and she got some five to six orders. Sahil suggest her to appoint him as his salesman, he will do the

right kind of marketing for her. As she turns to leave Sahil asks if he can kiss her, hug her or take her to room. Vaidika was shocked. Sahil asks if he demanded anything as difficult. Vaidika tells him to stop interfering in their personal matters and shuts the door. Sahil thinks it might not be possible anymore.
The next morning, a lady tried to bargain with Vaidika. Sahil tells the lady that her driver is waiting outside, she should leave the bargain. He gets the full amount from the lady. Maya appreciates Sahil’s ability. Vaidika says Sahil must have got a job in this age. Sahil replies that he considers himself appointed as a salesman in her shop.
Anjana again apologizes Bari Amma. Bari Amma says Anjana is ruining her son’s life and turning him to useless by herself. He won’t be able to do anything for a lifetime now.

Deepak thinks he wish Sahil can never do anything, and he gets the advantage of this family’s business. Deepak doesn’t let Shruti interfere in Bari Amma and Anjana’s matter. He tries to defend Anjana but Bari Amma doesn’t agree. Shruti holds herself guilty for all this.
There, Sahil and Maya helps Vaidika in all her sales. It was night. Sahil asks Vaidika if she is happy with his work, but he won’t take all the credit as her special Sunday smile also holds some importance. Vaidika goes towards the customers. Some neighboring men tease Panday, as Sahil and Vaidika have fallen in love with each other. Sahil gets a call from his friend Karan. He tells Karan that he is falling in love.
Maya was happy about the sale. Sahil comes there, Maya invites him inside.

Vaidika offers him some money as his income as a charming salesman. Sahil was happy and accepts the money. He gets a call from his mother and leaves towards his home, worried. Vaidika hopes everything is fine at his house.
Sahil comes to the house and calls everyone around. He finds Anjana in the room. The maid says she only had low blood pressure. Bari Amma comes from behind and holds Sahil responsible for his mother’s condition. He had left by throwing his wallet over her face then why demand any money from his mother. She has handed the keys and all the rights to his mother now; even today Sahil is eating from Agarwal family.

Sahil tells Bari Amma he came here concerned that something happened to Bari Amma, but she is a very stubborn person. He returns the 8 thousand he had taken from Anjana, and demands Bari Amma to return the peace of his mother. He will stand against whatever is wrong. He kiss Anjana’s forehead and leaves. Deepak says Sahil’s attitude is very wrong, he shouldn’t misbehave with the elders no matter he is an heir of the family. Bari Amma leaves the money on the bed. Deepak was happy Sahil didn’t discuss about the money he lend him.

Vaidika comes to Sahil upstairs where he was crying badly. He tells Vaidika to leave as he doesn’t want her to see him cry. Vaidika says she has seen already now, and asks about the matter.

Sahil was upset that he hurt his family badly. Vaidika suggest him to apologize. Sahil asks why he should say a sorry each time. Panday ji watches Vaidika and Sahil together from his balcony and thinks he must teach Vaidika a lesson. The light goes off at once. Sahil stops her as her dress was tucked with his wrist watch and lights a lighter for her. He hands Vaidika the lighter to help her watch the path. Vaidika thinks the fuse must be out of order. Panday had cut the main electric supply of Vaidika’s house. Sahil opens the fuse box and notices the wire had been cut. He finds a can over the fuse box and gets it was done by Panday.

Sahil asks Karan for some suggestion to fix the wire. Karan suggests him to get an illegal connection. Sahil was able to fix the electricity back. The ladies were happy inside. Sahil comes in boastfully. Aarya was impressed by Sahil. Panday watches Vaidika and family work over the sarees.

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