Age is Just a Number Update Saturday 6 June 2020


Age is Just a Number Update Saturday 6 June 2020

Nidhi calls the gift as inexpensive and common and shows him her designer watch she bought for him.
The next morning, Aarya tells Sahil about everything the ladies said to Vaidika. She tells him to scold every lady who teased Vaidika. Vaidika cried whole night.

Age is Just a Number Update Friday 5 June 2020

Sahil sends Aarya to school and says he couldn’t sleep whole night in his house, and sleeps so well in her house each night. He hears Nani speaking to Gautham and complaining what happened last night at Sahil’s house. Gautham taunts if that Sahil didn’t say anything to the guests; he says Sahil is immature and no one would have listened to him. Sahil leaves. Gautham promises Nani to stay with Vaidika from now on. He speaks to Nani after much hesitation about marrying Vaidika. Nani was shocked, then cheers up and kisses Gautham’s forehead. She brings him some sweet and advices him to propose her today.

In the school, Vaidika sat in the staffroom lost with some thoughts. Someone comes to the staffroom to meet her. She questions why he came here, this is school. Sahil says she had forbidden him to come to her home, not school. He says he will make everything better now; calms himself down and keeps a hand over the button that turned on each microphone of the school. He says I love you. Vaidika was worried about mic. Sahil says even the universe wants them to be together as one. Gautham had come to school with a bouquet but leaves. The teachers had gathered in the staffroom and calls the security to send him out of the school. Vaidika stops the security personnel and drags Sahil outside the school by herself and slaps him hard on face.

She questions if he isn’t ashamed of even thinking about it, she is eighteen years older than him. Sahil says he loves her dearly, loves her smile, her anger, her cry and everything about her. He is helpless about this love. He was always selfish about himself was moved by her love. He only cares what Vaidika thinks about it. Vaidika says she is angry about her own self. Sahil says she is only concerned about the world. Vaidika interrupts Sahil and says his craziness means nothing to him. She has no importance of his feelings in her life. Sahil says she is running away from her feelings. Vaidika asks if she is responsible for all the misunderstandings.

If he wants to prove what the ladies at party blamed her for? She joins her hands to Sahil and requests him to go away from her. She wants to save a little of her self-respect, ego and pride; else she even might be unable to face herself. Sahil was devastated while Vaidika walks into the school again.
Later, Vaidika walks back to school and notices the nearby men staring at her; the taunts of ladies haunting her. She hurries into her house and cries under an open shower in the washroom.
Karan tells Sahil he already warned Sahil about such circumstances. Sahil isn’t any special person in this world to do all this, he must move on in his life. Sahil says he can’t let go of his love so easily.

Vaidika finds a bouquet of flowers lying on the chair at home. Gautham comes from behind and decides not to stay silent and share her heart out with Vaidika.

Vaidika asks Gautham what this all is. Gautham says he doesn’t know how to say what’s in his heart, it’s an attempt to speak without saying anything. Nani comes out of the kitchen and urges Gautham to say it. Gautham says Vaidika is nice, caring; he respects her a lot and likes her as well. Nani pushes him to speak about it. Gautham brings out a ring from his pocket and kneels in front of Vaidika and demands a chance to be her husband and a father to Aarya. Vaidika steps backward. Nani comes to Vaidika and asks how long she will live alone? Aarya will also get married one day. Vaidika forbids her to interfere. She apologizes Gautham

for not being able to reply and requests for some time to think about it. Gautham doesn’t let Nani go behind her. He says he doesn’t want any pressure over her, he will wait for her. He thinks he is the right partner for Vaidika, not that Sahil who insulted her in front of the whole house.
Sahil reaches Vaidika’s house. Panday tells Sahil that these women are like butterflies, his has flown. Panday disgraces Vaidika’s character in front of Sahil. Sahil thinks about everyone considering Sahil a reason for Vaidika’s insult. He beats Panday hard and questions who is he to blame someone’s character? A crowd gathered there. Maya and Karan come to take Sahil away.

At home, Sahil says he could have killed that rascal. Bari Amma asks where he had been, if he had a fight. Sahil says he is fine. They asks Karan where he had been. Sahil says he went to Vaidika’s neighborhood. Bari Amma was curt over Sahil.
Vaidika was lost and thinks about proposals from Sahil and Gautham. Aarya comes in and questions how Vaidika can marry Gautham. She can’t get her a new father. She complains that Vaidika doesn’t care about her at all. Nani tells Vaidika to only think about her own self. Vaidika says Aarya can’t even consider someone in place of a father; she has lived alone for past fifteen years. Nani says if Vaidika continue thinking about others she will be left alone. Vaidika says she doesn’t want to live happy by upsetting her daughter. No woman dies if a man isn’t there in life. Nani says she also spent a life of widow but no one ever blamed her, people points her character; how long she will face them?
Sahil lay in his bed frustrated about Vaidika’s requests to stay away from him. His phone bell rings, it was Aarya. She was crying and asks Sahil for some help. She says Vaidika has decided to marry Gautham. Sahil hurries to meet Aarya and consoles her, he asks what Vaidika has said to Gautham. He wants to know it word to word. Aarya says Vaidika has taken time to think. Sahil was relieved. Aarya complains why he is relieved. Sahil says she can say a no after giving it a thought. Aarya says she doesn’t want her mother to marry again, she is only hers. Sahil tells Aarya that not every film can be flop; she might not like the hero in this film. He tells Aarya that marriages are never bad, its husbands who are bad. That American wants to take them away from Kanpur. Sahil promises Aarya to help her with her situations and cheers her up. He decides to never let that Gautham win over him.
The next morning in school, Maya tells Vaidika that if her profile is created at a matrimonial site Gautham must be the perfect partner for her. Vaidika says she didn’t want a match-making from Maya. Maya asks why Vaidika demanded time to think then, she has always denied marrying again after Anurag. She tells Vaidika that she is worried about Sahil only. Vaidika tells Maya to stop discussing about him in school. Maya tells Vaidika to at least be true to herself, if Sahil isn’t there in her heart?
Karan was working out in his room next morning. He was curt over Gautham and warns Karan to say another word about forgetting Vaidika. Bari amma come there and asks if there is some problem. Sahil makes up that Karan created some mess at his law college again. Upon inquiry, Sahil tells Bari Amma that he is happy after his return home and hurries out with Karan. Bari Amma wonders if he is dodging her. on their way back, Maya tells Vaidika that Sahil has atleast some effect over her. Sahil reaches in front of their tonga and smiles watching Vaidika. Vaidika watch a lorry man carrying some iron rods towards Sahil. She jumps off the tonga but the iron rods hit Sahil’s head. He fell straight over his stomach over a huge stone.

Vaidika was worried for Sahil and bandages over his wounds. Sahil wakes up and insists that its her love for him that made her bring him home and care for him. Vaidika wasn’t ready to listen to this, and says she would have brought any such one home and is only concerned. She tells Sahil to leave but he insists he won’t. Gautham and Nani come inside saying they will push him out. Sahil gives them a stare and turns to sit on the couch. Nani inquires about the bandage, then complains to him about his family’s behavior towards them. Nani sends Vaidika to bring tea for Gautham and herself leaves the room as well.
Gautham turns to face Sahil and asks if he is still here, would he only leave if pushed outside? Sahil asks who is he to push him out. Gautham will soon have to board a flight

for America as he would never let him get married to Vaidika. Gautham boasts he would only board a flight after having married Vaidika. Sahil says it will only happen when the dogs have stopped barking on roads. Vaidika brings the tea. Gautham says he asked Sahil to take his luggage from here as well, so that they can rent the room to someone else. Sahil says by rule he must be given a one month notice. Vaidika could sense the tension between them and says they will speak about it later. Sahil decides to get information about Gautham.
In the evening, Karan tells Sahil that Gautham is a successful man. He has worked in multi-national companies, his interviews are published and he speaks in conferences as well. Sahil says Vaidika doesn’t need the bio-data; only he can keep her happy not that Gautham. He mocks Gautham’s success and says he will make Vaidika say I love you to him on Valentine’s Day.
Vaidika was reluctant to offer Gautham’s request for valentine’s dinner. Gautham says she can join him as a friend only. Vaidika agrees to come for a while. Aarya heard this conversation.
In the morning, Aarya tells Sahil about the Valentine’s plan of Vaidika. Sahil consoles Aarya about taking care of everything and decides to ruin Gautham’s plan.

Vaidika was waiting for Gautham at the restaurant. Sahil arrives there with a card of I love you and presents her a bouquet. He drags a chair for her. Vaidika says she came for a dinner with Gautham and tells him to stand up. Sahil brings out a ring, kneels down and presents Vaidika with the ring. He asks if she can fight the world with him, he has fallen for her; and without the fear of world about their age difference he wants to own her. If she holds such courage? Vaidika stood silently at a corner.

Gautham reach the restaurant badly injured and asks if this is what he wanted? He walks towards Vaidika and says if he intended to propose Vaidika before him and beat him this way? Sahil calls him a liar. Gautham asks if he isn’t the one to bribe that waiter as well. Sahil was silent. Gautham asks Sahil why he holds such enmity against him. Sahil asks when he beat Gautham. Gautham complains to Vaidika that he didn’t want any fight but Sahil forced it. Sahil grabs Gautham’s collar and punches his face again. Vaidika holds his hand back and accepts Gautham’s wedding proposal. Gautham gives victorious look to Vaidika.

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