Age is Just a Number Update 4 August 2020 Yash dies during Sahil’s engagement


Age is Just a Number Update 4 August 2020 Yash dies during Sahil’s engagement

Deepak comes to stage to congratulate Sahil and Bhoomi, he brings them to cut the cake and calls everyone forward. Bhoomi stares at Sahil who nods in approval. Bhoomi calls Vaidika down the stage to stand beside her. Sahil and Bhoomi hold hands while they cut the cake. Sahil gives a bite into Bhoomi’s mouth. Bhoomi gives a bite to Sahil then turns to offer Vaidika but she denies.
The lady in black dress stood in a corner of the hall.

Age is Just a Number Update 3 August 2020

Vaidika leaves the hall to get her cell phone. She walks upstairs.
On the stage, Bhoomi tells Sahil that Vaidika is breaking; they must continue their drama.
Puneesh instructs the lady in black dress that Vaidika has gone upstairs, she must follow her. Yash hears this and goes behind Vaidika wondering who wants to kill Vaidika.
Upstairs, Vaidika thinks whatever is happening is right for Sahil. Downstairs ladies had begun to dance.
The lady in black saree had reached right behind Vaidika.
There, Aarya had returned from her uncle’s house and complains to Sahil and Bhoomi for doing all this drama. She goes upstairs annoyed, Sahil follows her.
Yash had come upstairs and watch the lady following Vaidika and about to hit her with her swirling arm. Yash came to save Vaidika right from the front, he pulls Vaidika into a corner but himself loses his balance and goes hanging from the gallery wall. Sahil also reached and pulls Yash’s hand up along with Vaidika. He loses his grip from

Vaidika’s hand repeatedly and finally fells off. Everyone in the family was left in a state of shock. Vaidika screams and hurries downstairs. She and Sahil tries to wake Yash, Vaidika calls for someone to call the doctor. Sahil’s head bled badly. Yash, in a broken voice takes Sahil’s promise to take care of his child; he is an Agarwal’s heir and must get his right. Sahil assures nothing will happen to Yash. Yash utters a few broken words then closes his eyes. Sahil checks the nerves. Vaidika calls his name devastated. Everyone in the family cried.

It was morning. Vaidika made her bed in Agarwal house of Yash’s death. Aarya brings food for Vaidika as she hasn’t yet eaten. She says its past one month that Yash died. Nani comes into the room, snatches the tray from Aarya’s hand. She was upset that the world would curse them if they go out even today, her daughter always eats up her husbands. Aarya argues that Yash had an accident. Nani was furious and was about to slap Aarya but Sahil comes to stop her. He asks if she as a mother would behave this way with her daughter. He would protect her, Aarya and Suomya. Nani says wherever they will go, people will connect Vaidika’s name with him. How will he save her? After Nani has left Vaidika tells Sahil to leave, he doesn’t always have to fight her wars. Sahil wasn’t ready to leave until she eats, he clarifies he doesn’t want her and her unborn child to remain silent. He sits to feed her with his own hands.
In the room, Bari Amma tells Anjana to be grateful to her, she didn’t let Vaidika marry Sahil else Sahil must have been in place of Yash today. Gauri asks if she has seen Sahil’s condition. He doesn’t care for anyone else but Vaidika even after forty days. Bari Amma says she can’t let Bhoomi lose Sahil. Anjana asks if they are mistaken once again by bringing someone else in Sahil’s life. Bari Amma calls Anjana a bad mother already; its because of her ill brought up that they had to send Shruti to America. Now she must stay away from Sahil and Bhoomi. Puneesh had come at the door. Bari Amma sends Anjana and Gauri outside. Puneesh smiles at Bari Amma and asks if he brought a solution, or came otherwise? Puneesh says he has arranged a Pooja for Yash. Bari Amma argues she wanted to celebrate Yash’s death; and here he wants a pooja for him. Puneesh calms her down and shows her what would happen in the pooja. Bari Amma was convinced watching a video in Puneesh’s cell phone. Puneesh thinks the Pandit will be fake but Vaidika’s disgrace in the pooja will be real.

During the pooja, Pandit asks for Ganges water. Puneesh and Bari Amma stood upstairs and discuss Vaidika will be in huge pressure today and will surely lose her child. Vaidika brings the water. The Pandit curses Vaidika for touching the water being a widow, this will be a bad omen and a curse for the whole family. The Pandit says the pooja would get useless if they use the water touched by Vaidika. She isn’t even permitted to live this simple life, her hair must be cut. The ladies there agree to Pandit and everyone come to grab Vaidika. Vaidika resists crying and pleading the Pandit who instead present a razor. Bari Amma and Puneesh enjoy watching this from upstairs. Bari Amma thinks she wanted to see Vaidika suffer just like this, the society will now take its revenge. Someone comes to stop

Pandit’s arm and pushes him down to fell on the floor. It was Sahil. Bhoomi hugs Vaidika while Sahil warns Pandit he would cut his hands if he dare touches Vaidika. He questions the Pandit which century he resides in, is it written anywhere in any book that snatches a widow’s right to live. The Pandit curses Vaidika’s birth chart. Sahil counts that Pandit married thrice, one died, the other underwent an accident and the third one is in hospital. What he knows right now is that Vaidika is the nicest person he has ever known. Only she and people like her can bring a change in the society. The Pandit curses that he will suffer badly. Sahil forbids him interfere in his matter with God. Puneesh comes downstairs and stands beside Sahil. After the Pandit has left, Sahil looks towards Vaidika who was frightened and runs upstairs.

In the room, Sahil was haunted by his wish for Yash to die. He had shown this desire more than twice in front of Vaidika. He was frustration and wonders why this happens to Vaidika always. Bhoomi comes in and asks Sahil to stay strengthened, he can’t fell weak. Anyone can speak high but it takes a lot of courage to raise the voice at right time. Sahil considers himself a reason for Yash’s death, he had wanted Yash to die but he really didn’t mean it. Yash only had an accident but why is the society blaming Vaidika. He wonders how he would face Vaidika, she will have to bear even more pain because of him. Bhoomi convince Sahil that God has created their relation, and she knows well that they both belong to each other and are incomplete without one another. He must never leave Vaidika’s side, she needs him. Aarya and Suomya run into the room as Vaidika wasn’t at home and even left her cell phone here.

Aarya was tensed that Vaidika is nowhere in the house. Sahil says he knows where she can be. Bhoomi sends him there and stays back with Aarya and Suomya.
In her old house, Vaidika cries in front of temple that she never thought she would come to such a turn in her life. What was her child’s mistake? It was already because of this society that she broke Sahil’s heart who loved her so dearly and stood by him. He has always been hurt for standing by her, it hurts her as well. She prays that Sahil isn’t hurt anymore; and she is the one to hurt him the most. She committed a lot of mistakes, she shouldn’t have married Sahil with Nidhi and gone to Agarwal house with Yash, she didn’t even need to marry Yash to save Agarwal family. She did this for Sahil but all it brought to Sahil was pain. He got engaged to Bhoomi just out of anger and will again get hurt as it’s a wrong decision. She prays for some clue, what she must now do. Sahil enters the house. Vaidika turns around to see a smiling Sahil, she forbids him come close to her, and else he would also be destroyed. She blames herself for hurting him a lot. Sahil says stress isn’t right for her, it may hurt her and her child both. Sahil says she has fought for whole of his family, Gauri, Anjana, Shruti and everyone. For now she must forget everyone including him and his family. Vaidika at once feels pain in her belly and faints. Sahil was concerned and comes to hold Vaidika in his arms. It was then at a bunch of ladies break into the house and take photographs of the two shouting slogans against Vaidika. Vaidika wakes up and finds herself in arms of Sahil, wrapped in his shawl.

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