Age is Just a Number Monday Update 3 August 2020 Nidhi is arrested & Sahil gets engaged


Age is Just a Number Monday Update 3 August 2020 Nidhi is arrested & Sahil gets engaged

3rd August 2020 Monday Update on Age is Just a Number Update: In the room, Prachi searches around Puneesh’s luggage and asks for other letters. Puneesh says there is nothing, Vaidika is only lying. Prachi says she doesn’t trust Puneesh, he has already covered his mistakes many times. She knows one thing about Vaidika that she never lies, and if she has to choose today she will take Vaidika’s side. She can’t trust Puneesh again. Vaidika returns to Agarwal house. Anjana curses Vaidika for ruining her child’s life. Vaidika asks Anjana to continue cursing her, but she also knows she isn’t wrong and loves Shruti dearly. Soon everyone will realize what the truth is. She walks inside. Sahil decides to find out what’s going on in Vaidika’s mind.

Age is Just a Number Update 2 August 2020 

Karan brings Nidhi to Vaidika’s old home. He says the day she went to jail he finally told Vaidika about the whole truth, he loves her dearly and wants to live with her only. He offers her to go to America with him. Nidhi cheers up ready to leave at once. Karan makes Nidhi sit on the chair and ties her hands behind the chair. He then goes to get a can of kerosene. Nidhi resists asking if he would really kill her. Karan says everyone considers him a murderer because of her only. He can’t let her live and lights a matchstick. Nidhi confesses that she fall in love with Karan and planned to burn Shruti to death. She got nothing from Agarwals, where she should have gone otherwise. Vaidika and Sahil break in the house with police force. The police announce an arrest of Nidhi. Nidhi questions if they have a proof, she grabs a bottle filled with acid to throw on Vaidika. Sahil comes in front of Vaidika. Nidhi blames Vaidika responsible for all her sufferings, what damaged was caused to her if Shruti died or Karan went to jail. She even did fake signatures of Vaidika on her bail papers to ignite hatred for her among Agarwals. Sahil was shocked to hear this. She charges over Vaidika but Sahil grabs the bottle. A little acid fell over Sahil but Nidhi slips and the rest spills over Nidhi’s face. She screams while Vaidika sends her to hospital. Karan tells Sahil Vaidika still cares for him. Vaidika at once feels pain in her stomach and cries for her child. Bhoomi hurries to bring water while Sahil holds Vaidika.
In the hospital, Bari Amma cursed Vaidika for ruining Shruti’s life by marrying her to Karan. Karan walks towards Shruti into her ICU cabin. Shruti smiles towards him. Bari Amma advances towards Karan but Anjana holds her hand as she watch Shruti smiling towards Karan. Karan promises Shruti that her happiness matters the most to him, he will take her far away from this place now.
The next morning, Vaidika wakes up in her bed and thinks about Sahil. She thinks she is married to Yash now and though through artificial donor but she is pregnant with a child for Yash. Then why Sahil’s memories continue haunting her. She comes out of her bed. Yash comes there and forbids Vaidika to leave the house again. The servants and he will take care of her and can’t put his child’s life in danger. Vaidika explains she also cares for the child and isn’t a child herself; she can’t stay at home all day long and be his slave. Yash was rude and says he didn’t at all liked how Sahil carried her in his arms yesterday. Bhoomi overhear the conversation. Yash warns Vaidika he only cares for his child, he will do anything to keep his safe no matter Vaidika likes it or not. He doesn’t care.

 Yash gets a cough and leaves. Vaidika was concerned for him but Bhoomi stops Vaidika there and asks who speaks to a pregnant wife like this? Vaidika calls it her over reaction. Bhoomi says there is surely something Vaidika is hiding. Vaidika assures there is nothing, she goes to see Yash. Bhoomi thinks there is something surely wrong between them.
Maya brings sweet for Sahil to thank him making everything possible. Vaidika comes to greet Maya and congratulate her upon being pregnant. Sahil asks Maya if she didn’t congratulate Vaidika for being pregnant with Yash’s child. He leaves. Maya says she always feel Vaidika must have married Sahil and bear his child. Vaidika shuts Maya up as she believes whatever happened was for better. Maya was sure that God will unite her and Sahil surely.
Puneesh speaks to Bari Amma in her room. He was happy that Nidhi has reached her right place in jail, but she wasn’t a tension for them. Vaidika Mathur is a problem right now. It seems Sahil isn’t anymore interested in Vaidika but she still bears the heir of Agarwal’s family. Her child will own the whole property and business of Agarwals. Only Sahil’s wife must bear the heir of this family and Bari Amma shouldn’t let Vaidika Mathur bear the heir at any costs. There are many accidents in the country that result in abortions, why not another accident.
Vaidika steps upstairs when Bhoomi comes to her. She asks Bhoomi what’s going on between them. Bhoomi asks why Vaidika is concerned about it. Vaidika tries to explain to Bhoomi that Sahil can’t love her, he loves Vaidika dearly and won’t ever love anyone else at all. Bhoomi says Vaidika did the same as Sahil, she loved Sahil and married and conceived with someone else. Sahil is heartbroken and wanted a shoulder to cry. She likes it about Sahil that he loves whole-heartedly. Sahil hears the conversation from down the stairs. He comes towards Bhoomi and asks if she will break all the surprises soon. He then tells Vaidika they are together and are getting engaged tomorrow. Bhoomi looks towards him shocked, he winks towards her; then asks Bhoomi to go shopping as he needs to buy her a diamond ring. As they turn to leave Sahil thinks now Vaidika would realize how it feels when your love is spot with someone else. Vaidika thinks she should have been happy that Sahil is trying to move on, then why she isn’t happy.
In the car, Sahil apologizes Bhoomi to make her a part of it. He offers her to move out of all this situation if she wills. Bhoomi promises to be his friend in all times. Sahil says he feels like hurting Vaidika. Bhoomi warns he might himself be hurt. She discuss with Sahil that she heart Vaidika and Yash speak to each other, it seems something is wrong between them and everything is fake. Sahil asks if this really matters now. Bhoomi assures Sahil that tomorrow Vaidika will surely be jealous, and confess her love for Sahil.

At Agarwal house, Bhoomi and Sahil announce their engagement in front of the family. Everyone was shocked at the sudden decision. Gauri asks why he wants to get engaged so urgently, but Bari Amma appreciates his decision and promises to make the best arrangement for engagement. Vaidika comes to take Bhoomi inside to speak to her. When everyone has left, Puneesh and Bari Amma discuss about planning an accident today in the hustle of engagement preparations and abort Vaidika’s child.
In the room, Vaidika warns Bhoomi that Sahil will break her heart. Bhoomi asks why Vaidika is so tensed since she got the news, is there something wrong. Bhoomi tells Vaidika she is sure what she wants, but if Vaidika is sure what she wants? If she wants to meet to corners of the river; child with one and love with other. Vaidika scolds Bhoomi for even thinking about it. Sahil comes to the room and asks why Vaidika is worried for them. They are really happy together. He then reminds Vaidika of a blue saree he once gifted to her. It was for someone who will love him dearly, Vaidika never valued his love then how can she value his gift. He requests it to give it to Bhoomi. Bhoomi was excited as no one ever gifted her a saree. Vaidika turns around in tears and brings the saree from her wardrobe. Sahil turns his face away out of agony. His hand touches Vaidika’s as he takes the saree from her.
Sahil asks Bhoomi if she liked the saree. Bhoomi promises to wear it on the engagement only for him. Sahil asks if Vaidika would come to the engagement. He won’t get engaged without Vaidika. Vaidika cries in the room as they leave.

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