Age is Just a Number Tuesday Update 18 August 2020 Nidhi returns as Vedika lawyer


Age is Just a Number Tuesday Update 18 August 2020 Nidhi returns as Vedika lawyer

Vaidika apologizes them for taking Ved like this. She says she won’t kidnap Ved again, but will legally take Ved from them. Bhoomi was shocked to hear this.

Age is Just a Number Monday Update 17 August 2020

She tells Bari Amma as well that Ved is her child. She will meet Sahil in court, he may love Ved as much as he wish till them. Now, only Ved’s mother will be there in his life. She will love him to an extent that he would be used to living without his father. She and Ved will soon be together. Bhoomi was in the room when Sahil comes there. She was distressed and asks what her mistake, why is she being punished was? Sahil tells Bhoomi that he is also attached to Ved as much as Bhoomi. He won’t let Vaidika win over them. Bhoomi says she can see a new determination in Vaidika’s eyes.
Vaidika was applying ointment over her bruises in the old house. Sahil comes from behind and help her get behind. He tells Vaidika he was similarly injured five years ago but his bruises have now filled. She made his life easier and he intends to make hers easy now. He opens up a bag filled with money for Vaidika and says this is what she wants Ved for. She must keep it to demand and supply, take the money and leave Ved and his family. She must not separate him from his son. Vaidika goes into the room and locks it from inside.
The next morning, Bhoomi comes downstairs with her suitcase and calls Ved. Bari Amma stops her and questions what kind of craziness is this. Bhoomi asks what if Vaidika actually snatch her child. Bari Amma was determined not to let that woman win. Bhoomi says alright, they may call her back when they have defeated Vaidika. She turns to see Vaidika stand there with a police inspector.

She asks where Vaidika is going. She gives them a court order, she filed a case and until the proceedings are complete none of them can leave the station. She tells Bhoomi to keep the luggage back. Sahil came to the hall. Vaidika gives the bag to inspector blaming Sahil for bribery. Prachi brought Vaidika’s suitcase and pushes her out of the house, as she can’t stay in this house now. Vaidika was about to fell off but Sahil holds her hand, pulling her by waist. Ved comes running downstairs and hugs Vaidika. He apologizes to make Vaidika lose the game yesterday, he was terrified and missed his Papa. He asks to play the game again. Vaidika goes to his room with Ved. Bhoomi curtly watch this. Bari Amma goes behind Vaidika but Sahil requests them to keep Ved away from all this.
Puneesh murmurs to Bari Amma that if Vaidika wish to fight against them she will need a lawyer. None of the lawyer from the city will take her case. Bari Amma smirks.
Vaidika was shocked to hear that her lawyer had left the case. She tries a few more lawyers but everyone denies calling her a kidnapper.
Puneesh brings a bouquet for Nisha. She was angry at him and slaps shut the door at his face. Nisha smirks that Puneesh would soon witness her enmity. She is using Puneesh Tiwari to reach her enemy. It’s the beginning of a storm in whole Kanpur.
Bhoomi and Sahil speak to the lawyer about Ved’s case. Bari Amma was happy with Sahil. Puneesh and Prachi come inside. They also assures their support to Sahil. A lady reach the door of Agarwal House. It was Nisha, in a lawyer’s uniform. Puneesh straightens his back. Vaidika appears from behind and says they could have bribed all the lawyers of the city not to take her case but there is still some people like Nisha. Nisha introduces herself as Nisha Mehta, LLB with her private practice. She would fight Vaidika’s child custody case against them all. Puneesh was shocked to know that Nisha was a lawyer. Vaidika says until Nisha is fighting her case she will live here so that no one can harm her for taking up her case. Nisha walks inside thinking that the house has the same fragrance, it feels as if she had never left the house. Vaidika points towards the room in the corner of corridor. Nisha says she knew already that it was the guest room. Vaidika questions how does she know about it?

Nisha explains to Vaidika that guest rooms are often in the corner of mansions. Vaidika calls her smart and was sure Nisha will win the case.
Nisha comes to the room, flashes of past from Nidhi’s life flash in front of her eyes. She says Sahil, Bari Amma and Vaidika used her, then threw her out of the house as trash. Nidhi Agarwal has returned to teach them a lesson. Her face might have changed, but her heart and intention remains same. She would end her enemies one by one. She won’t return until her mission is accomplished. None will recognize her and her powers, she has the power of black magic now that she learnt in past four years. They must welcome the Black Magic expert, Nisha Mehta known nicknamed as Nidhi Agarwal.
Vaidika gives the servant tea for Nisha but Bhoomi comes to throw it on floor.

The servant leaves. Bhoomi questions Vaidika why she is doing this. Vaidika asks Bhoomi to look from her view. Bhoomi says she always respected Vaidika, but she left five years ago and proved herself as selfish. Today she has no respect and worth for Vaidika, and she will now confront Vaidika. It’s now a war of two mothers, Yashoda and Devki’s fight. Vaidika asks Bhoomi why is she so furious. They tried their level best that she doesn’t get a lawyer still she was able to hire one. She doesn’t care what Bhoomi or Sahil think about her.
In the room, Puneesh stood in front of Nidhi and says he didn’t know what she was up to. Nisha was determined to make Puneesh a puppet through her new power.
Bari Amma drags Bhoomi upstairs with a bundle of money in hand. Bhoomi was not sure she would be able to bribe that lawyer since she has now broke into the house. Puneesh was placing Nisha’s suitcase over the cupboard. Bari Amma enters the room. He hurriedly leaves the suitcase out of the room and says he was just helping Bari Amma’s intentions. Bari Amma throws the bundle of money on bed while Bhoomi gives her jewelry requesting Nisha to drop the case, and not snatch her Ved from her. Nisha smiles and says Bari Amma weigh everything through money. But she can file a case against them for bribing her. Bari Amma takes the challenge of confrontation in the court.
Sadika and Ved were fighting with each other. Vaidika and Sahil come to part them. Bhoomi scolds Sadika for pulling Ved’s hair, Vaidika says she is just a child. Nisha stood upstairs and thinks about fueling the fight between the sisters. She use her black magic power and moves a bowl on the table. The bowl breaks and some glass pieces hurts Bhoomi’s foot. Bhoomi blames Vaidika for deliberately breaking the bowl to hurt her. Sahil sends everyone to their rooms. Nisha comes to Vaidika and reminds her about their case, they had to go to hospital.
In the hospital, Vaidika was with Maya and Nisha in the doctor’s office. She says the CCTV footage has a proof that she was her doctor during her delivery five years ago. She will be called to court tomorrow as a witness that she gave birth to a son.

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