Age is Just a Number Tuesday Update 15 September 2020 Sahil claim to be Jacky


Age is Just a Number Tuesday Update 15 September 2020 Sahil claim to be Jacky

She considers Vaidika a reason for all of Vaidika’s sufferings. Vaidika asks Bhoomi not to be insane. Sahil says Bhoomi always knew he loved Vaidika and he will continue to do. But he is now happy, Bhoomi isn’t worth bringing up his child. Today Bhoomi has proven she never loved him.

Bhoomi orders her goons to beat him until he is completely silent. Vaidika pleads and cries for the goons to stop. Bhoomi clutches Vaidika that she is crazy, first in love and now in hate. After today, her life would be turned into a dark night that will never witness a dawn. Usha stops her goons and says Sahil must be hurt even more.

The goons position Sahil towards an iron machine. Sahil weakly asks Vaidika to smile, if it’s the last moment of his life he wants her to be strong and smiley. His heads fall as he was already badly hurt. The goons run to push Sahil’s head with the wall of iron machine. Sahil fell on the floor. After the goons hit Sahil, he faals down injured. The next morning, Vedika sees Sahil and he tells her he is Jacky. Sahil/Jacky had just bent down when Guddu comes there with his suitcases. Bari Amma observes closely a young girl heavily embellished joining Guddu. She complains to Bhoomi for leaving her back at the door.

Usha introduces them as her son and daughter. She brought up Jackie for years, and her children even have a right over this house. Vaidika thinks she must bring Sahil out of this state, else Usha will begin to own this house. Sahil walks inside, Bhoomi following her. Usha tells Mandabini to live well here.
In the room, Ved was happy to find all the toys, then hugs Bhoomi calling her the best mother. Bhoomi says she missed him a lot. Ved was excited to goes to tell the family about her return. Vaidika comes to the room and finds the toys scattered over the bed. She warns Bhoomi to stay away from Ved, as she isn’t Ved’s mother. Bhoomi asks why is Vaidika fearful if she has such confidence. If she realizes she can part Ved from her like she parted Sahil. Vaidika says she is aware what she and Usha did to Sahil, but she is sure Sahil would never forgive her by heart.

In the room, Guddu turns to change his clothes. Aarya just came in busy with her cell phone and was about to hit Guddu. Both fell down on the bed. They stand up abruptly. Aarya says this is her room. Guddu says her brother Jackie told him to get to second room on first floor. Aarya argues if he is illiterate and doesn’t know counting, this is first room. She tells him to go and find refuge somewhere else.
Bhoomi boasts that like they made Sahil believe himself to be Jackie, they will convince Sahil that Bhoomi is his love of life and his companion. Vaidika clarifies to Bhoomi that Sahil will surely return to her. No matter how much Bhoomi tried, even death couldn’t part them. And this truth will never change that Vaidika, not Bhoomi, is Ved’s mother or Sahil’s wife. This time, God wants to rewrite their love story. No matter Bhoomi tries to gift this bundle of gifts, the truth will remain the same.

It was night. Vaidika asks Ved to get to sleep. Ved asks Vaidika for a lullaby when the goons had kidnapped him. Vaidika smiles and lay with Ved to sing “Do Nainaan”. There, Sahil was disturbed during his sleep. He wakes him in his room disturbed, then comes into the corridor tracing the voice. He wonders how he can come into her room without any hesitation, why he is attracted to her with such intensity. Ved had fallen asleep. Vaidika at once realizes Sahil stood at her room’s door and straightens up. Sahil at once apologizes as he must not have come to her room. Vaidika stops Sahil. He withdraws his hand from her grip. He clarifies to Vaidika that he isn’t Sahil, his mummy told her he is Sahil’s twin brother. He is extremely sorry for not being able to control himself, but he never intended to come to her room. Sahil turns to see Vaidika crying but walks away. Vaidika thinks she can’t fell weak and must get her Sahil back anyway.
Usha watch the jewelry, she says she knew Bimla was extremely ruthless and couldn’t be trusted at all; now this whole treasure belongs to her son Jackie now. Nani comes there and hushes Usha out of the room with her broomstick. She and Bari Amma hold hands against Usha.
Vaidika dresses up Ved for school. Ved insists to wear it from his Papa. Sahil comes to the room while Vaidika was convincing Ved that Papa is busy. Ved runs into Sahil’s arms. Vaidika watch Sahil dressing up Ved for school. He says Ved is now ready for school, and tells him to go downstairs; today Aarya will drop him to school. Ved runs downstairs. Sahil backs up and was about to step over Vaidika when she supports him with her arm. They share an eye lock, Vaidika was hopeful while Sahil was at once apologetic. He says he wants to speak to her, he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. He is completely attracted to her and wonders why he feels so helpless in front of her. He was unable to sleep last night and continued thinking about her only. Vaidika says his heart knows what their relation is. When the emotions are so intense it doesn’t matter if a man is attracted to any woman. There is a difference between their age, but does it matter to him?

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