Age is Just a Number Thursday Update 8 October 2020


Age is Just a Number Thursday Update 8 October 2020

Age is Just a Number Thursday Update 8 October 2020: At night, Sahil brings Vaidika blind folded to the outhouse. He removes his hands. The room had been decorated with lights. On the table, food was served. Sahil says he doesn’t need to tell Vaidika how much he loves, still he cooked her kind of pasta himself. He gets themselves seated and offers a bite to Vaidika. Vaidika’s eyes were filled in tears.

Sahil requests her to taste this. Vaidika thinks about Sahil and Pankti and turns to leave instead. Sahil holds her hands and requests her to forgive him. Vaidika says their relation will always be there, they are parents to their children and will be good friends. When a woman watches her husband with another lady, she can never forget the pain. Sahil was helpless and cries for a way out.

Ved hits Pankti In the corridor. She notices Ved carried her diary. Ved requests for a colored paper from the diary to make a card. Pankti offers to help with Ved. Prachi was spying and thinks she must find something to be made public from this diary.
Deepak comes to Puneesh to take him to jail. Puneesh thinks no one knows he has been released from jail. He wonders what Deepak wants from the jail. On the way, Puneesh deliberately hits a car with the pole. Deepak was aggressive and dials mechanic’s call. Puneesh thinks he must do something to permanently to keep Deepak away from the jail.

Prachi peeks through the window as Vaidika holds Pankti’s diary lying in front of her. She thinks this isn’t mere a diary, it’s an ignited flame that she threw into the burning issue between her and Sahil.

In the room, Pankti was looking for her diary. Vaidika comes reading the script. It reads, ‘I haven’t seen a guy as clear hearted as Sahil is, I am happy that Sahil came into my life; he helped me restore my faith over love. Today I want to gain such a love in which I can whole heartedly and soully be his. Now I am ready to marry Sahil.’ Pankti asks Vaidika where she got this diary, and she only wrote till believe in love once again. Vaidika questions how long Pankti will continue to lie. How can she be so cheap and think all this? She claims this is Pankti’s game to impress Sahil, and she is even winning. Pankti requests Vaidika to trust her, she didn’t write all this. If Vaidika comes in the trap it will be an advantage to her enemies. Vaidika wasn’t ready to believe. Pankti asks her to think about Sahil; he is heartbroken. Still who does this, but it seems Sahil’s goodwill became his enemy. He didn’t let her leave, but didn’t cease his attempts to regain Vaidika’s love. She requests Vaidika not to test his

patience to such an extent that he stops these attempts. She would have forgiven him long ago. She doesn’t stand between them, she doesn’t even love him, but she can’t see him suffer. She doesn’t want to break a house to establish her marriage with Sahil. They are women and need to understand each other. Vaidika says Pankti is right. She wants to believe in everything Pankti says. But for once, Pankti must stand at her place, as a wife whose husband gets drunk and considers another girl as his wife. He might have done everything which a wife is rightful of. Wouldn’t this have ridden her of her trust? She loves Sahil whole heartedly, she is trying hard to believe him once again. She asks Pankti to read this diary once again, and understand what she feels for Sahil. If she wants Sahil then what all this script means. Pankti explains she hasn’t written any of this, she can’t even think of all this. After Vaidika has left, Pankti wonders who can write such vulgar things in her diary.
The next morning, Nani scolds the Gaurav, marriage bureau guy, for bringing another proposal. Pankti comes there. Gaurav tells Pankti there is a guy whose profile matches Pankti and he is even ready to marry her. Nani now brings Gaurav inside, and gathers Vaidika and Bari Amma as well. Pankti wishes to meet that guy. Gaurav proposes Pankti. Sahil comes there. Nani was excited. Sahil inquires what Gaurav likes about Pankti that he was immediately ready to marry her. Gaurav replies he met Pankti a few days ago, and yesterday he was impressed by her brevity. Prachi thinks about telling Puneesh about this hurdle in their way. Gaurav introduces himself as the owner of marriage bureau and is the only son of his parents, he lives with his parents and know about Pankti’s father as well. Sahil thinks he seems too perfect to be true. Pankti was ready to proceed the matter with Gaurav. He says he will bring his parents soon. Pankti explains to Vaidika she doesn’t want Sahil but his alike.

Vaidika watch Sahil and Pankti in a hug. Pankti asks Sahil not to leave her ever. Pankti replies she doesn’t need to worry, he will always be there for her. Vaidika leaves the room. Later, Sahil blesses Pankti to live a happy married life with her husband. After Sahil has left, Pankti silently wish she gets Sahil in any one of her life.
Gaurav comes with the Baraat. Sahil notices Prachi greet a friend of Puneesh and goes aside with him. He tells Prachi that Gaurav is indebted to him and took a huge loan to settle his business. This may create a problems for him.

After the friend had left, Prachi thinks now Sahil will surely take a step to ignite the differences between Sahil and Vaidika. Sahil calls his lawyer to name a property after Pankti.
In the wedding hall, Sahil overhears some men speaking against Pankti’s character. He notices Pankti was being uncomfortable by the men dancing around her. He goes to slap a young man who was Gaurav’s friend. Gaurav was offensive and questions Sahil who is he to interfere and protect his wife. Bari Amma diffuses the matter. Gaurav comes to sit on the Mandap. He finds a property document there. Gaurav comes downstairs at once and calls Sahil questioning why he named a property worth ten crore after Pankti and his name. Sahil says it was a property piece of ten lac, he is sure.
Puneesh smirks that this will now be fun.
Sahil tries to clarify his position that there must be a mistake by lawyer. He only presented this gift because he heard Gaurav has a few financial problems. Soon, Pankti receives a message about joint account of Sahil and Pankti. Sahil grabs his collar but Vaidika tells Sahil to stop all this.
Pankti now defends Sahil’s character and his concern for her as a friend. Prachi interferes and tells her to stop being Sahil’s
Gaurav denies marrying a girl who would still defend a friend. Sahil replies he doesn’t deserve Pankti. The Baraat is left.
Sahil tries to explain his position to Vaidika but she wasn’t ready to listen. She says Sahil doesn’t care for her feelings at all. She requested him to let Pankti get married to Gaurav but now she understands Sahil’s intentions. Sahil explains to Vaidika that Gaurav is extremely narrow minded, they can’t let Pankti marry him. He was only trying to gift him property to solve some of his monetary problems. Doesn’t she believe him? Vaidika says there is a difference between trusting your partner and rendering a blind eye to all his actions. She will now trust only what she sees, and here she assumes Gaurav was right. Sahil doesn’t want Pankti to marry anyone as he wants her to stay with him. She says it seems he isn’t the Sahil she once loved. Sahil was taken aback.

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