Age is Just a Number Thursday Update 29 October 2020


Age is Just a Number Thursday Update 29 October 2020

Age is Just a Number Thursday Update 29 October 2020: Vaidika was travelling on a Tonga. Some stall men were protesting but a few goons come to beat the protestors riots were set. Sahil had reached from the other side. Vaidika’s dress was stuck on a stall. A goon attacked her but Sahil jumps in as a savior. Both turn to face each other and share a long eye lock. Sahil feels his heartbeat. Vaidika notices some men attack them, and gets down. Sahil drives her Tonga amidst the riots.

They reach outside the market in a safe place, but the Tonga gets dis-balanced. Sahil slips and Vaidika fells over him. Sahil introduces himself as Sahil. Vaidika turns around in a state of shock. Sahil claims her to be selfish, she didn’t help him get up. Vaidika holds his hand. Both feel the old connection with each other. Sahil notices the nervousness, then says he is a normal human being then why she behaves so strange. Sahil came over to Vaidika’s house with his parents. Avantika was excited and ready to meet them. Avantika’s friend asks what about Sorab. Avantika replies he is only a boyfriend, and her parents found him a rich man now. She must go and meet him. She comes to greet the guests. Sahil thinks about Vaidika whom he was unable to get over. Avantika’s mother introduces her to Sahil. Sahil stands up to shake hands with her. Sahil’s mother asks him to go to veranda with Avantika and spend some time. Sahil points towards his mother but his father insists on him to go.

Sahil’s mother sat with Pandit ji. She asks about a date for Sahil’s wedding. The Pandit ji asks if the girl is whom Sahil likes. He says Sahil’s birth chart says Sahil would marry the girl of his choice and only she would be his wife. Sahil’s father comes downstairs and clarifies he has fixed Sahil’s marriage with his friend’s daughter, it’s his final decision. Pandit ji says he would leave his work if Sahil marries someone other than his love. The girl is Sahil’s love and even older than him in age. He takes a leave. Sahil’s parents were left worried. Sahil’s mother, Rekha was worried at home about whatever Pandit said. Her husband finds her tensed and inquires about the matter. She replies she was only thinking about whatever Pandit said. He tells Rekha these Pandit make such predictions to get money. She has seen Prem Pratab’s daughter is extremely civilized, they will be lucky to bring her as a daughter in law. Dheeraj and Mina, (Sahil’s paternal uncle and aunt) come home after Mina’s sister’s engagement. Rekha tells them about Avantika, Prem’s daughter. Mina says she will take a gold chain as gift now.

Sahil comes home all wet from rain. Rekha was concerned that he might get cold. She brings a towel to wipe the water off. Mina congratulates Sahil. Sahil’s father strictly tells him to get responsible now on. Sahil thinks about Vaidika and says he isn’t ready for this marriage.

In the veranda, Sahil asks Avantika why she is over enthusiastic, it’s only their first meeting. Avantika asks if he never liked a girl at first sight. Sahil was lost in Vaidika’s thought. Avantika asks if he didn’t like her. Sahil explains he doesn’t believe in arrange marriages, and he isn’t serious about marriage as well. Avantika challenges he won’t find anyone better than her, she gives him 24 hours; else he must marry her. Sahil shakes hand with her, but was worried how he can find out about that girl.

Vaidika was in the restaurant with her Mausi. An aged man comes there. Mausi introduces her with the man Kashab. He clarifies he needs a mother for his two children, and she is a divorcee. She must not have a problem with the marriage. Vaidika shows reservation to her Mausi. Kashab tells Vaidika he won’t leave her like her prior husband. Vaidika clearly states she was unaware of this meeting and its purpose, she can’t marry someone who already has two children. Kashab was furious, and asks if some bachelor would ever marry her. Any man might leave her for her attitude. He holds Vaidika by her arms. Sahil comes to intervene, and says this is a misbehavior on his part. Vaidika forbids Sahil to interfere. Sahil gives way. Vaidika says she is a respectable lady who has all rights to take her decisions. Her marriage couldn’t work but marriage is a matter of two people. A divorce is a tough decision after seven years of marriage, especially in their society. Her mother and Mausi want her to marry a man like him because of societal pressure. She clarifies to her Mausi she doesn’t want to marry, and rejects the proposal. Sahil claps for Vaidika.

Vaidika walks outside the restaurant while it rained heavily. She cries beside a car. Sahil comes with an umbrella in hand. Sahil says tears flow to get over the bitterness inside them. Vaidika asks who is he, and why he is always there to help. Sahil replies there is surely something, may be a connection from their past life. They share a prolonged eye lock. Sahil appreciates Vaidika’s thinking that she holds a complete right to decide whom she must marry. She turns to leave. Sahil convince her to take the umbrella along. Sahil was left asking her name. He wonders why she always touch his heart and his heart races much after meeting her.

An old Manjolika come there and tells Sahil she is his lover. It’s their next birth, as in the previous one they couldn’t live together. But they have been reconnected, no one can part them now. Sahil was quizzical.

Vaidika’s mother asks what she did today. Vaidika doesn’t stop by and respond. Her mother says Chetna found a man for her proposal, and Vaidika said a lot to him. Vaidika says that man is a father of two daughters, still he didn’t respect women. Chetna must have supported her instead of complaining. She says she doesn’t want to marry at all and can spend her life all alone. Her mother asks what about Avantika, her father started a proposal with Shashi Kashab’s son for Avantika; what about that. Vaidika says she won’t be a hurdle in Avantika’s life. She doesn’t need to marry herself. She tells her mother to go and sleep, she has to prepare for exhibition tomorrow. They will need huge amount of money for Avantika’s wedding.

The next morning, Vaidika was busy in her exhibition. Rekha comes to the exhibition with her friends. She was tensed because Sahil wasn’t ready for marriage. They arrive at Vaidika’s stall. A lady comes there and slaps Vaidika, she was the sister of the man Vaidika had met yesterday. She insults Vaidika as she was a rejected one. She advices Vaidika one must not go to buy diamonds when you have no money. Vaidika now questions if it’s a sin to be a divorcee. The lady recognizes Rekha and asks if she would marry her young son to this divorcee. Rekha says never, her son is young and can get one in a million. The lady continue her insult. Sahil comes from the other side and says he will marry her. Everyone was shocked to hear this. Rekha was furious and asks if Sahil knows she is a divorcee. Sahil says she married but it couldn’t work, she took a divorce; what’s the problem. It could be man’s mistake as well, then why only point a woman. Did they try to know what the real problem was? Instead, they all came over to blame her. They must stop interfering in someone else’s life, instead focus on their own. Rekha’s friend asks what Sahil has to do with this girl. Vaidika leaves. Rekha stops Sahil and says this girl is a shrewd lady. Sahil was in a disbelief about his mother’s thinking. He says girl’s suicide only because of societal pressures, they must be given enough freedom to choose their life partner.
A crying Vaidika hurries into the male washroom of the exhibition hall.

There, Rekha forbids Sahil to even go close to that unlucky lady. He must only focus on Avantika. Avantika come there and greets Rekha. Rekha asks Sahil to go for a cup of coffee with Avantika. Sahil makes up his phone is ringing. His mother stops him anyway. Sahil takes Avantika for coffee. Rekha was worried if that Pandit’s future prediction comes out right, what face they will take into the society.

In the coffee shop, Avantika asks if he met his love. She asks about the name. Sahil says he met one, he doesn’t know the name but it feels he has a relation of ages. Avantika says he must trust, she is the one worth him. She tries to place her hand over Sahil’s, he resists and the coffee spills over his clothes. Sahil runs towards the washroom

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