Age is Just a Number Sunday Update 21 June 2020


Age is Just a Number Sunday Update 21 June 2020

Sunday Update 21 June 2020 on Age is Just a Number Update:

Age is Just a Number Saturday Update 20 June 2020


Sahil was restlessly calling Vaidika, he was worried that Vaidika didn’t take his call. Aarya was sure Vaidika must be fine. Gauri assures Nani that she must be fine. Deepak asks if she doesn’t know her mother. Vaidika arrives at the temple in bridal attire. Everyone was relieved to see her. Maya asks where she got ready. Aarya complements her? Vaidika says she went to meet Sunil and wife. Sahil was excited to begin the marriage. They all take Sahil towards the mandap. Vaidika says the bride must be covered in veil. Maya says it words these days. Sahil agrees, he doesn’t want to annoy his bride. Vaidika goes to wear the veil. Sahil tells her to come soon, he can’t wait anymore. They all laugh at this. Vaidika steps down the temple.
Sahil was excited about marrying fast. They all

turn around to see Vaidika arrive with a veil on. Nani tries to look at the face. Sahil says he wish to see her face after the wedding as first person. Nani agrees. The wedding rituals begin, they were now taking wedding rounds.
Bari Amma, Anjana and Prachi arrive at the temple. They watch Sahil getting married and smile. Bari Amma says Prachi has proven to be her daughter today, Sahil couldn’t marry Vaidika. She says this is why she stopped Bari Amma. Bari Amma gets a flashback where Prachi had forbidden her goons to take a single step out. She convinced Bari Amma that Sahil’s love must have crossed its limit after the way Vaidika saved him. Bari Amma was afraid that Vaidika won’t deny marrying Sahil this time. Prachi was sure this won’t happen, she has already arranged for the matter. Bari Amma smiles looking towards Prachi. Anjana now recalls Prachi took her straight to Vaidika’s house. Prachi had introduced herself to Vaidika as she joined them into the car. Anjana requests Vaidika to return Sahil to them, she won’t be able to bear an heir to Sahil. He is their lone son in the family. Prachi insisted upon Vaidika to speak to Sahil and help them marry Sahil to Nidhi. Vaidika said she can’t force Sahil. Prachi suggested her to use some false way. Vaidika said it would be wrong with Sahil but Anjana requested her with joint hands.
There, Nidhi was happy she will now be an owner of Agarwal Family as she took the wedding rounds with Sahil. Vaidika watched this marriage from a distance. She cries thinking she had no other way, this decision was for his own betterment. She will always regret to lie to him. Nidhi has assured her that she loves him dearly and will keep him happy, she will pray for the best for them.

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