Age is Just a Number Sunday Update 20 September 2020 Sahil looses his memory


Age is Just a Number Sunday Update 20 September 2020 Sahil looses his memory

As Sahil gets faint and fell on the floor everyone’s attention goes towards him. Later at night, Vaidika sat beside him on bed where he lay unconscious, supported on oxygen. She requests the doctor to do something. There was a lot happening in the house, it must have stressed his mind. The doctor says the next twenty four hour are very important. Vaidika was sure Sahil will wake up in next twenty four hours.

She and Bari Amma speak to Sahil, and requests Vaidika to do anything and bring Sahil back. Vaidika goes outside with an idea. Guddu and Mandagini stood outside the room and agrees their mother was rightly sent to jail. They join hands to apologize Vaidika. Vaidika allows them to stay in the house as Jackie was Sahil’s twin, and they are his siblings. Vaidika says she thinks one day they will find their brother Jackie someday.
Vaidika was dressed up in Sahil’s favorite blue dress and reminds him he gifted this. She hides her tears and brings Ved’s reports to Sahil and says Ved has recovered, doctors claim it a miracle that Ved is fine. Bari Amma tells Prachi that Vaidika wants to fill Sahil’s heart with a hope to live once again. Aarya also says that she and Nani are also happy in the Agarwal family. Bari Amma says she also holds no hatred for his and Vaidika’s love story. Nani jokes that even she got hopes and wants to marry some old man. She breaks into tears. Deepak promises to help Sahil in Agarwal Jeweler’s business. Vaidika says everyone and everything here is incomplete without him. Sahil lay still, his eyes half opened. The family still sat beside Sahil and cries. Vaidika forbids anyone to be hopeless. Doctor gave them 24 hours and she won’t lose hope for a minute.

Vaidika reached the radio station and speaks in public about their love story, his concerns for her. She accepts that it was Sahil who taught her to love herself and him. She might never be able to love him as much as he does, but she also wish to express her love today. The whole Kanpur hears Vaidika’s I love You; she vows to continue loving him till she breathes. Vaidika continues that she will wait for him; he is the biggest blessing ever bestowed in her life. She requests him to return to her and cries.
Prachi was tensed that only a few hours are left in completion of 24 hours. There, Vaidika announces a song dedicated to Sahil, ‘Awaargi’. Bari Amma notices a weak movement in Sahil’s fingers. He finally opens his eyes. Nani goes to call Vaidika while Deepak dials doctor’s number. Sahil calls Bari Amma, they were relieved that Sahil recognized them. Aarya tells Vaidika that Sahil is conscious now. Sahil sits up and asks Bari Amma how he came here? They give him a glass of water. Sahil insists on getting up at once as he is tired of sleeping here.
Vaidika and Aarya return home. Nani gives them the news about his Sahil’s well-being. Vaidika runs to Sahil’s room. She composes herself and finds Sahil in his headphones enjoying the music. Sahil was shocked to see Vaidika and asks how she came over his home and hugged him so intimately.

The doctor warns them that Sahil’s condition is fragile, they must refrain from stressing him. Bari Amma and Nani were worried what about his loss of memory. He has forgotten her as his wife, Ved and their unborn child as well. Vaidika wasn’t ready to stake Sahil’s life as she is sure their love is true.
Bari Amma and Vaidika bring food to Sahil’s room. He wasn’t hungry. Bari Amma tells Sahil that he had an accident, so his land lady brought him here. Vaidika explains that she spotted his family and brought him here. He asks about Ved, why he called him Papa. Vaidika cautiously says that Sahil doesn’t remember much, he used to call himself Guardian angel of her kids. Sahil had no problem with kids calling him Papa then. He casually asks about Anjana. Vaidika tells Sahil that after his accident, Anjana fell ill and died. Sahil was in a state of shock then hugs Vaidika and cries hard.

Aarya was crying and comes to the room. Guddu came to the corridor speaking on phone, she hears him offer a resignation to his job if he had to stay away from a girl, and she needed him more at this time. He turns around to see Aarya stand behind. Guddu tells Aarya there are good people in the world as well, he is sorry that her mother is in trouble because of his mother but he wants to save her from every trouble. He wipes her tears. Aarya says she always thought there is none like her Sahil Papa in the world, but Guddu is like him. She walks away.
In the room, Vaidika follows Sahil across the hall with a glass of milk. He didn’t want to eat anything, and cheerfully leaves to meet his friends. Vaidika happily bids his farewell. After Sahil has left, Bari Amma asks how Vaidika will spend the rest of her life with this 24 year old Sahil. Prachi was fearful what if Sahil fell in love with some young girl.
Sahil drove his bike across the roads of Kanpur.
Nani was also fearful of Sahil falling for some girl. He loved her wholeheartedly, but today he has forgotten that love. Any girl of his age may trap him in such a situation.
There, a girl hits Sahil’s bike while she ran from the opposite side of the road. Sahil shouts at her to watch out but, as the girl slips, carries her in his arms.

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