Age is Just a Number Saturday Update 5 September 2020 Vedika is arrested for Sahil accident


Age is Just a Number Saturday Update 5 September 2020 Vedika is arrested for Sahil accident

Sahil looks towards Bhoomi was lay her head on the steering wheel unconscious, she straightens up. The car begins to move down towards the valley.

Sahil helps Bhoomi get out of the car. She climbs up the rocky area up towards the road. Sahil was still in the car and watch Bhoomi fell down on the road. The car slipped down the valley. Vaidika reached the cliff where Sahil hug from the corner. Vaidika holds his hand and asks him to make an effort, he can’t die right now and needs to live for all of them. Sahil feels his hand losing that of Vaidika. He asks Vaidika to confess her love for him, can’t she fulfil the last wish of a dying man. Vaidika was afraid that if she fulfil her love, Sahil would leave her forever. Sahil promises to be with her in the next birth if not this. He insists on Vaidika to say I love you. Vaidika cries and accepts I love you. Sahil was relieved, and advices Vaidika not to let their love die. She must promise that she won’t let their love fail. Vaidika continue to scream while her hand loses that of Sahil. Sahil fell down the clip, promising Vaidika to return soon in their love story. Vaidika was in a state of shock.
Bhoomi was conscious and calls Vaidika asking where Sahil has gone? Vaidika shouts at Bhoomi that she made Sahil fell down the cliff, how badly he must be hurt.
Puneesh watched this and thinks after Sahil his family will be finished. Bhoomi will blame herself for the accident while he will make Vaidika suffer. Now is the time for his rise.

Sahil’s photo fell off the wall in Bari Amma’s room. She runs outside in the hall and asks Prachi about Sahil crying. Prachi tells Bari Amma that Sahil won’t return in their lives until that Vaidika is there with him. She must accept that he is dead for them. Bari Amma slaps Prachi and forbids him say so again, her Sahil can’t die.
Vaidika was with police on the site of accident. She makes a call. Sahil speaks from the other side. Vaidika was excited to hear his voice. She soon realizes it was only a recorded message from Sahil. She asks the inspector to look for Sahil, he is somewhere around. She aggressively screams over the police. The inspector asks Vaidika to share some details about the accident. Vaidika tells them to question Bhoomi, she was driving the car and was with Sahil in his last moments. The police conducts the search operation. Vaidika thinks about Sahil’s last words and decides she can’t let Sahil go away so easily. Nani finds their new neighbor getting the passage of her house painted. They have a fight all over again. Aarya comes to Nani bringing the good news of Sahil and Vaidika’s hit radio show. She got a photo framed for them. The neighbor watch the photo and asks if her father is younger than Vaidika? Aarya says the story of their love is strange, Sahil is much younger than her mother and she loves him as much as she loves her real father. After they had gone, the lady thinks she came to this neighborhood only to know the reality of Sahil and Vaidika’s love story.
It was night. The police inspector tells Vaidika it’s impossible they will ever find the dead body of Sahil. They have been looking since afternoon and its night now. The cliff was very high, the body must have broken down. Vaidika wasn’t ready to accept Sahil was dead. Bhoomi fell on the floor behind and cries in agony. The inspector asks Vaidika to give them contact number of someone else at home. Vaidika asks the inspector to inquire this Bhoomi why she did this. She must be punished. She herself decides to call Maya’s husband, he will call the search operation.

Aarya and Nani had arranged drummers for celebrations. Aarya found Vaidika return home and thinks Sahil must be there behind her. Vaidika walks home alone, crying for Sahil. Aarya and Nani ask where Sahil is. Vaidika says he had an accident, she looks towards Aarya blankly. Aarya begins to cry. Vaidika says her heart verdicts that Sahil will return as he promised her. Nani looks towards Vaidika who was still traumatic.

The police comes to arrest Vaidika. The family and neighbors defend Vaidika and says Sahil hasn’t died, he is alive and she is innocent. She is being blamed pointlessly. Now, this can’t happen. What’s the proof and what’s the court’s warrant of arrest?
At Agarwal house, Bari Amma questions Puneesh how dare he even spoke about such an event. Puneesh was crying and says this is the truth, Sahil has died in a car accident. He then asks Bhoomi to tell them. Bhoomi had reached home devastatingly, and cries that this is truth. Bari Amma was in a disbelief, she cries in front of the temple. Prachi curses Vaidika for always eating up her husbands. Puneesh smirks victoriously. Prachi goes to console Bari Amma.
Puneesh warns Bhoomi that Sahil has died. If he hadn’t blamed Vaidika, Bhoomi must have been in jail. As soon as he removes Vaidika from the way, Bhoomi will get her son back. Bhoomi says there is no proof against Vaidika. Puneesh says police will only do as he guides them.
Puneesh had taken Bhoomi and the goon to police station. Bhoomi blamed that Vaidika wanted to kill her as she didn’t agree to divorce him. Vaidika wished to be the only wife of Sahil Agarwal and got the brakes of her car failed. Vaidika was shocked to hear this story from the lady police inspector. Nani says Bhoomi is a liar. But the police arrests Vaidika for Sahil’s murder in spite of all resistance.
In the jail, someone taps at Vaidika’s back. He tells Vaidika that there is someone gaining by removing Sahil, Deepak and now Vaidika from her way. He was sent into the lockup again. Vaidika wonders whom Deepak was pointing towards.

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