Age is Just a Number Saturday Update 29 August 2020 Sahil marries Vedika


Age is Just a Number Saturday Update 29 August 2020 Sahil marries Vedika

The next morning, Bari Amma was angry over the doctor as the artificial insemination wasn’t possible. The doctor says it’s a difficult and complicated procedure, there are a lot of abnormalities observed in such children and here they are concerned about Ved’s life. The doctor says there might be a problem in a pregnancy at such an age. Bhoomi and Bari Amma insisted that they were ready to pay any amount of money. The doctor asks them to decide as it’s a personal matter. Sahil announces that he will do anything for Ved, he is ready to give birth to a normal child with the consent of Vaidika herself only. Bhoomi was shocked to hear this and pressurize Vaidika to disagree on this. Bari Amma questions Vaidika what’s she now thinking.

Gauri wonders why Vaidika must put her life at stake when there is another way. Sahil tells Vaidika to take a decision only by herself, without anyone else’s pressure. They all want to stop them because of their limited mentality but they as parents must think for Ved. Vaidika was only confused. Prachi asks Sahil if he has lost his mind. He is a married man. Sahil says he has now got a way, and can’t put Vaidika’s life at stake. Gauri decides to be with Sahil.
Puneesh brings a bag of money for the doctor and appreciates his choice of words. Everyone is convinced that Vaidika’s life is at stake. The doctor says though they suggest women of Vaidika’s age to go for artificial insemination. Puneesh was relieved that the game is going to be interesting, before Vaidika bears a child she and Sahil would be ruined, only once she is ready to sleep with Sahil.
Vaidika sat on the floor of her room crying about Ved, Bhoomi’s accusations and doctor’s suggestion. She wonders what she must do, Ved is her child and it’s her right to do something for his life. She can sacrifice her life to save Ved. A shadow appears in front of Vaidika and suggests her to be selfish, at least when it’s about life and death. The shadow asks if she ever wondered what will happen to her and Sahil when they have got intimate. Bhoomi was about to suicide, how they will compel her.

Does she even realize why Sahil wants this, because there is still love in his heart for him? He controls his love now, but he won’t later be able to control his love. She must think well that she won’t be saved with over whelming love of Sahil. Vaidika was confused, and indecisive. She gets a flash of future, where Ved was 10 years old.
Later, Vaidika stood in the hall and announce her decision. She was ready to sleep with Sahil in order to save Ved’s life. Everyone in the family was shocked at the decision. Nani calls Vaidika mindless. If she has a relation with Vaidika? To what extent can she go for Ved? Sahil is a male, but the world would never accept this. She tells Vaidika to first fill her hairline with sindoor, else this Bari Amma would be the first one to announce in this world that Vaidika ruined her grace and slept with Sahil. Bari Amma was about to accuse Vaidika again but Sahil interferes. Nani says it’s about her own son and grandchild, her family is silent. She goes to the temple and brings sindoor box to Sahil, demands Sahil to marry Vaidika then bear a child. Vaidika asks what kind of a drama is this. Would she trade for her son’s life, and after ruining her sister’s life? Nani argues that Bari Amma, Prachi, Puneesh or Bhoomi never thought about Vaidika. Vaidika was decisive and announces she has taken her decision. Nani questions if Vaidika realizes the consequences of sleeping with Sahil without a relation? Vaidika replies she is ready because this will save her Ved’s life. She cares for nothing else.
Bhoomi was packing her bags. Bari Amma comes to stop her. Bhoomi replies she can’t watch Vaidika sleep with her husband. Bari Amma suggests Bari Amma to do something that gains her respect in eyes of Sahil like Vaidika did.
Manish and Gauri were together. Manish was happy that Gauri had taken the decision. He assures Gauri that soon Deepak would be out of her life. Deepak heard the conversation from a corner and says he won’t leave his wife so easily. He calls some goons. Deepak tells Gauri’s condition and dress color to them. He thinks to take the news to women socialists now, he will publish Gauri’s extramarital affair news and they will blacken Gauri’s face now.
Sahil brings Bhoomi to the temple and asks if she really meant what she just said. Bhoomi says she might feel pain, but right now she is thinking about Ved’s life only. She stands with Sahil and allows him to make baby with Vaidika normally. Sahil was thankful to Bhoomi. When he has left, Bari Amma sends Bhoomi to take her next decision. She was sure Sahil would agree to her demand.
Sahil had brought Vaidika to a temple. Sahil says he understands how difficult this all is for Vaidika. He wants to make this all easy for Vaidika. She is ready to go against her rules, only a mother can do this. God put them in this strange situation. He holds Vaidika’s hand and proposes Vaidika for marriage. He wish to connect their souls. This truth will remain between the two of them, but at least their relation would be legitimate in the eyes of God. He held the bottle of sindoor and asks if she will marry him? Sahil compels Vaidika to marry him, it seems to be the fate of their strange story as God has somehow connected them; and Vaidika ultimately became the mother to his son.

At Agarwal house, Bari Amma was worried that even Vaidika wasn’t home since Sahil had left. She asks Bhoomi to call Sahil. Sahil doesn’t take the call. Puneesh comes to the hall and assures Bari Amma that his men are spread across the city, they won’t let Vaidika take any unwanted step.
Sahil and Vaidika prayed in the temple. Vaidika prays to God for Sahil, as he is taking care for everyone at the moment. No action here must hurt the sentiments of any relation enjoined to them.
Puneesh gets the news of Sahil and Vaidika being in Radha Krishna temple outside Kanpur and wonders what they are up to. He asks his men to take him there, as the two can’t interfere with his set plan.
Sahil and Vaidika were performing wedding rituals. Their souls were elated and cheerfully enjoyed the wedding vows taken in advance. Tears filled their faces when Pandit asks Sahil to fill Vaidika’s hairline with sindoor.
Puneesh reached the temple and was shocked to see them marrying happily. Sahil rubs the sindoor in Vaidika’s hairline, to the relief of both souls. Puneesh thinks both of them reached ahead of his planning. He clicks a photo of them together through his cell phone. Sahil promises Vaidika to keep their marriage a secret. Puneesh thinks Agarwal family will now be scattered.
Manish brings Gauri home who had covered her face. Bari Amma and Prachi were concerned. Deepak comes from behind and thinks her face is as black as his character. He runs inside showing off concern and pulls the cloth off Gauri’s face. Her face was fine and clean. Bari Amma asks Gauri why had she taken this scarf, and what’s Manish doing here? Vaidika and Sahil return home. Gauri cries hugging Sahil and Vaidika. Manish says some women attacked Gauri and spoke ill of her, they wanted to blacken Gauri’s face as well. Someone had deliberately sent them. Sahil says he will speak to police, but Deepak defends that he will look into the matter. Manish qualifies that Gauri was terrified. They insult Manish for interfering in their personal matter. Gauri was about to reply Bari Amma but Manish forbids her and takes a leave. Vaidika was worried that Gauri may get attacked once again. Bari Amma questions who she is, to interfere in the matter of Gauri. Sahil thinks no matter anyone ever accept or even know about it, but Vaidika is the daughter in law of the house. He will always consider her as his wife now.
Later, Bhoomi comes to Vaidika and apologizes for over reacting on the matter. She had forgotten that whatever Sahil and Vaidika are doing is for her son, Ved. Vaidika understands Bhoomi’s situation, she assures that she won’t take Bhoomi’s place. Bhoomi demands Vaidika that she wants to get every right in her marriage, she must sleep with Sahil before Vaidika.

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